Sunday, April 3, 2011

Venues of Productivity

It's really hard to work at home.  I start cleaning or just laying down.  So when I really want to be productive, I want to head somewhere that meets the following criteria:

  • Good Wi-fi
  • Outlets
  • Cheap Drinks/Snacks
  • Open late
  • Close by home
It's taken me this long to find TWO awesome locations.

Four Leaf Tea and Crepes in Little Tokyo
 Last time I was here, I tried their Moody Cow Crepe (Korean style spicy beef, mixed cheese & kimchi salad. $6.95) NOM NOM NOM.  Their sweet crepe is pretty good too.  Close at 11PM.  Perfect.

One problem:  weird elevator new age crap playing in the background


Cafe SanJang in the southern part of Silverlake

Of course the coffee is $7, but I could stay here until 2AM in the morning.  Wi-fi is smooth and there is a fireplace that really adds to the environment.  And if we get there before 8PM there is a happy hour menu.  PERFECTO.

This is how I've been able to catch up and really extending my weekdays so that I don't feel like I just worked the entire day.

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