Friday, April 15, 2011

Kitchenware Madness!

March 20:
Brian works on graphic design for a kitchen needs company.  They had their annual Employee and Friends factory sale.  Everything - 75% off.  If we came later in the day, the left overs were 90% off!

Here we are lining up outside waiting for the clock to strike 11AM for them to blow the whistle.  You can hear and feel the excitement from homemakers.  I didn't know what to expect, but I had a list of things that I needed: toaster oven, dish sponge with bristles, pizza cutter, silverware, ice scooper, ladle, cooking chopsticks.... whatever.

When they let us in, we passed most of the inventory and was sent straight to the back.  They covered the untouchable merchandise with large walls of cardboard.

And we were left to dig through goods that looked like returns and items with missing parts.  It became a competition to find the best stuff.

Some of the boxes had other things inside, so you really had to look.  There were random DVDs, dishes, bedding, etc.  All the really good stuff was probably taken by the first shift at 7AM.

Alysia checked Amazon to confirm food mixer parts.  This is our cart, we started stacking whatever we thought was interesting.  It was as if we were in a game show, trying to grab and balance as much as possible in our cart.

We made it out alive!  Alysia got some things that she wanted for the kitchen.  Brian and Ryan got dishware, a toaster and a donut maker.

Jimmy I got some cups, pans, pizza cutter, french press, espresso maker, compost pail (for hipster Ern) and.......

A GIANT TOASTER OVEN!!!!  In which we immediately baked a pizza in when we got home.  Our gas oven at home doesn't regulate heat, so it just gets hotter and hotter and racks up the gas bill.

Pretty good for a $35 toaster oven.

We've also been using our $15 espresso machine.  I've become an addict.

Thanks Brian!!!

So far I've made pizza and an enchilada, in the oven.  Must bake more now that I can!

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thwany said...

o.m.g., so jealous. that really is an awesome discount.