Friday, December 31, 2010

Surprise Birthday

December 2

Poor Jae canceled his birthday plans to go to wine tasting because of the weather.  So we brought the wine tasting to him!  We had cheese and and wine aerator  (I know, fancy huh?). Jae has been doing a lot of the behind the scenes decorating for 321 parties so we thought it would be nice to celebrate his birthday and not let it slip by unnoticed.

We had rehearsal.  Jimmy would bring Jae into the living room and we would throw balloons at him.  Jae was stuck in traffic; we eagerly awaited.

False alarm

But then when it really happened, Michael (who missed rehearsal) came out too early!!!  Chasing Jae with a balloon leaving the rest of the group awkward. OOPS!

Success success.

But of course, we aren't that fancy, so Michael bought us all Taco Bell to go with our wine.  PER FECT!!!!!  That's my kind of wine tasting!


The best surprise was when Jae's High school friends came in.  I handed them the cake and made them sing and walk towards Jae.  This is when he burst into tears!! CRY BITCH!! CRY! It's your BIRTHDAY!

Love making friends cry.


Happy New Year!

Stop reading my blog and go drink somewhere!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Difference Between Pork and Duck

December 1.  (I know, I'm behind)

Quick adventure to Sam Woo for their famous Peking Duck.  It was here that we experienced the biggest Asian fail ever.

Dish on the bottom right was the spare ribs.  We thought that was the Peking duck and gave each other comments of reassurance.
"its good, but it's not worth 12 dollars for sure."
"... yeah, I don't know how I feel about this"

5 minutes later they brought the dish on the bottom right.  "OHHH!!"  We exclaimed to the waiter.  He was not amused by our idiocy and added 10 more forks to our tourist table because if we can't tell the difference between pork and duck, we must not be able to use chopsticks.  But in our defense, this was Chinese food and we were thankful it was not lower than a Grade B place.

Love the bun and duck.  Nom nom nom

Family Thanksgiving 2010

Some pictures of my family's Thanksgiving event that I've already blogged about here.

My apparent Asian family is pretty American.  No egg rolls during out Thanksgiving.

Grandma, one of your 8 children can attend Thanksgiving via Skype.  The East Coast isn't so far away anymore.

FUNNY!  Looks like someone looks more demonic than funny
When my Aunt passed away, my family was obsessed with these orbs that appeared in photos; saying that it was her spirit floating around.  Well, her spirit is making my camera lens appear dirty.

Hey cousin, squish Grandma's head!  Perfect!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Seeking Balance

I think I am spoiled by living with good company.  Every day I laugh for an accumulative amount of 30 minutes because of something my roommates have said or done.  I imagine that if I were to live by myself, I would actively reach out to random folks to fulfill my extrovert needs.  This would result in more varied activities and experiences; never being home because I would be so lonely there.  But though I would be doing a lot more different things, I would still be desiring some consistency.

Because.. consistency is familiarity is home is family.  To know that a group of people will always be where you expect them to be provides a sort of comfort that someone who is used to coming home to a dark apartment/loft to only be greeted by a pet/computer/tv would not have... as so I would imagine.

But being home alone as of late because of company shut down, I have found myself doing random "self love time" such as going out to buy ingredients to cook, reaching out to folks who aren't a part of my core friends to have a meal... etc.

I realize, I need life balance.  Ernesto is a master at just that - work, dance, love, cook, read, run.... nudity.  His happiness comes from multiple sources and if one part was unfulfilled, his happiness is incomplete.

Work. Work. Work.  I've decided that once I've hit my two year mark, I will search for a job that will allow me to have time on the weekdays.  Leaving work at 7 is shit, but at least I know that when I come home someone is there to make me laugh and I don't have to scroll facebook to seek some attention...  being the (attention) whore that I am.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day Off to Discover Heathy Alternatives

Weekends are packed with activities.

This week I have off and with all my friends at work, I have time to be alone.  I went on a mission to find Christmas gifts for my date tonight.  In the process of doing so, I discovered hidden stores.

I also went on a mission to buy fresh ingredients to make lunch: spinach, onions, beef, garlic, soba noodles, Asian herbs.  Done.  I made myself an amazing lunch that felt really light.  It felt good to use the kitchen and not be tired from work.  So tired that dinner would usually involve boiling boxed pasta with artificial cheese powder that would magically turn into a sauce.

Word-to-the-wise from Alysia, "anything from a box or can is not good for you."  But pasta sauce from a jar is okay.  Lean Cuisines and Smart Ones are also not great for you, they are just better than others.

Vegetable that I enjoy: Spinach, shitake mushrooms, grilled onions, garlic, basil, baby carrots.  Apparently baby carrots are just carrots cut into small pieces and not some mutated carrot family that have been altered to be miniature... like the miniature poodle.  But they taste so much better than regular carrots in my opinion.

My body is interesting.  When I gain weight is goes in two places: my gut and my ass expanding in opposite directions.  Sam said this was good because I could just buy clothes to hide it and I suppose my balance is improved.  See image on right.  Like a pregnant black woman, and my tall hair looks like devil horns.

Anyway, it makes buying pants annoying.  Please buy pants for me.

Tonight's date will be at Stout for gourmet burgers.  There goes eating healthy.

Naked Roommate

Ernesto stumbled down the stairs, I turned around to discover his goodies flopping around hitting the side of the door frame.

I pulled the snuggie over my head and screamed for 5 minutes.

My reaction

My reaction to music:

Now all the roomies have seen you nakie. *Gold Star*

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Having Too Much Fun

The baby stole the show

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dutch Oven

Jimmy, Ernesto and Erik crawled into my bed sometime in the morning.  In a couple of minutes I pulled the covers over their heads and shouted DUTCH OVEN!!!

Ernesto jumped out of the bed and jammed his hand into my power strip where a chunk of his skin was ripped off.  Dang, my farts really are dangerous.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

When Straight Guys Use Gay Guys

It's pretty obvious when I hit on a guy.  But I was a little unprepared for this one.

This new guy appeared into my life a couple of months ago and he was uber cute.  I couldn't tell if he was gay or not, but he dressed well, was my height and had a killer smile.  I did what I usually do when I hit on guys - put on my giraffe hat and my fuck-me face and make conversation.  "HOW YOU DOIN?"

He was friendly, I talked to him on AIM pretty aggressively and weaseled my way into being facebook friends where I discovered that he had ZERO friends in common and that he played volleyball.  gay.  Someone of a different circle, how interesting.  And of course, playing this twisted which-team-do-you-play-on game excited me.

I talked to him after hours when I saw him online as well and sent him random pictures of things I thought were funny.  Subtle flirtation turned to max.

He began to give off vibes.  He hollered at me when I walked by to show me random shit and made small talk.  He touched my shoulders and arms bromantically as we passed through the halls.  Sweet!

Finally, I got him in an alcoholic setting where he put his arm around my shoulder, *swoon.*
"hey!" I was thrilled that he was being really friendly.
"buy me a drink"
"excuse me?"
"dude when ever I go to gay bars, dudes always buy me a drink."

He was already two shots in.  We were not at a gay bar, but he continued raving about gay places.  Apparently his gay friends take him out all the time.  "Gay bar" is the biggest coming out topic bomb you can drop, but he talked about going gay clubbing in a different way than I had anticipated.

He continued, "I love GAY bars! Girls have their guard down, they are so easy!"
"Right, they trust you.  They just want to dance."
"exactly... anyway, do you ever notice that girl?  man, she's hot." He pointed across the bar.
"She's cute." I didn't agree, but I just said yeah.
"Yeah.. I'm not gay or anything." He dropped the, just-to-clarify bomb.
"I didn't think so."  I lied. he was compensating and he continued to talk about every girl in the room as if he was trying to provide evidence that he wasn't gay despite everything he had said/done two seconds ago.

"Which gay bar did you go to?" I asked him.
"Uhh dude, i dont know.. um.. Cherry pop?"  what a liar, he knew where he was.
"I LOVE CHERRY POP!" I exclaimed as I was just there this weekend.
"Of course you do." The way he said this made me feel uneasy.

I walked away felling weird.  He was such a dude-bro.  He talked about how the girl he was eying had a boyfriend, but "whatever."  I felt taken advantage of.  He wanted ME to buy HIM a drink knowing that I was flirting with him in the beginning.


Like any self respecting American party boy, I will buy drinks for pretty girls and then dance with them.  But if I'm buying a boy a drink it's because 1.) they're my friend or 2.) there's potential for something.  But I ain't buying you a drink so you can relive your awesome gay club experiences just because you want to capitalize on my obvious interest.

I think it's hilarious when this happens to other gay guys.  But man, when it happens to you... you feel so used.

I saw him again that night where he told me I should be his wing man.  He probably saw that I was getting groovy with the ladies.  I joked that I would be good and he agreed.  "OF COURSE YOU WOULD!"  God.  SUCH a user.  He wanted a gay friend to buy him drinks and get him into some panties.  How evil, how nasty.... how brilliant.  ugh.

I need to stop this straight/closeted fetish.

Anyway.  I shouldn't be hitting on any boys anyway and retire this giraffe hat.  My sexy HOW YOU DOIN face is too hawt to be used this often.

Christmas Shopping

Hey Ern, did you finish your Christmas shopping yet?

how to make gif

Monday, December 13, 2010

12 More Days Until Christmas!

Christmas party soon!
Upgrade from last year.

Vanity Fair

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Thought You were Just SOCIAL!

I was looking forward to this work event all month.  I had my toy ready to donate and my dollar store santa hat that fit perfectly on my big head.

Coworker + Toys + Cube
But like any work event I drank a lot.
I was happy because I haven't had an opportunity to hang out with my new team.  It's important to be able to know your coworkers outside the office even if it's a work event.

I was really happy to find out that most of them love to dance!  DJ was pretty amazing.  I did some iPhone flirting by handing him my phone asking him if he DJs anywhere else.  His apathetic responses implied that I should get off his balls. 

Get jiggy with it
One of folks I worked with told me that she knows this cute girl she could hook me up with.  I asked her why she thinks we are compatible:
"She's cute and young, you're cute and young.  Why NOT?!"
"That's great, but there's only one problem with that, IM GAY!"
"OH MY GOD!! All this time... I thought you were just SOCIAL!!!"


I was on the other side of the club full of advertising folks when Teenage Dream by Katy Perry came on.  I pushed between CEOs and Directors of Marketing, "excuse me, this is MY song!" And I headed to the dance floor.  I got some chuckles.

body rolls from the chest
Yay, work people!
What's fun about these events are the ridiculous "photo booth" photos you can take.

The photographer helped us out with our poses.  This reindeer + Santa pose is definitely NOT HR approved.

It was so hard to get the whole team together.  I was rounding them all up like a cowboy by interrupting conversations.  The photo peeps had fun props to play with.

At the end of the night, we grabbed some pizza on Melrose and I made conversation with the Valet guy.
"Who's the most famous person that has stopped by?"
"Chris Brown."
"That's cool."

I think we talked about where he lives and his family... I guess I really am just "social."
1000 Toys were collected that night.  Totally awesome!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

True or False: Once a cheater, always a cheater?


I think for gay folks in particular we experience a lot when we first come out - first love and sexual exploration. It feels so good to no longer feel alone, but it also feels amazing to get all this attention when you first come out. "New gays," are definitely highly targeted in a community that is exhausted with the same faces that continue to form links with one another. Thus with first love comes first mistake. You don't know what you're doing... understandably. You're young.

Cheating is a mistake, but like falling off a bike the first time you ride it, it's essential in making you the best bicyclist you could possibly be. You know the moves, the speed, the balance for the perfect ride/relationship, but after the fall you understand the pain and what went wrong so that you can avoid it in the future.

But I guess the question really is - do cheaters really learn? I feel that most do. Youngins cheat because they are still learning and growing, but people well integrated in the community cheat because there is a problem with the relationship that they are unable to communicate. With that said, i think a more interesting question is.. WHY do people cheat?

Just because they've cheated in the past doesn't mean that they are destined to never be commited. I give slack to new gays to make mistakes and optomistically believe they have grown from it. (Even though it seems so UNforgivable and ghastly). For folks who find themselves cheating over and over again there is a larger issue at hand. Possibly that they are sex hungry and argue that they are capable of seperating sex from emotion (which lots of gays would agree with.. its like masturbating with a friend.)

So I would say:
Once a sex hungry fiend always a sex hungry fiend. But even that you eventually grow out of.

Give the “cheater” a chance, but protect yourself at the same time (they still may be a sex fiend). Be realistic, mature and understanding. But when it comes to it I prefer being in an open relationship than being cheated on because it means being honest.  And who knows maybe you will be the one to turn that “notorious cheater” around - statisfying them emotionally and sexually.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Last Christmas

Being a bad singer, doesn't stop me from singingggggggg

Misc November

November 5
I love Wat Thai Temple in Sun Valley.   For Loi Krathong - Festival of Lights in November and Songkran Festival - Thai New Year in April the community gets together and sells amazing food.

Since it's for the community, the price is right!  $3 Pad Thai, $3 Larb, $3 Duck Noodle Soup, $3 Papaya Salad.  Nom nom nom nom nom.  Authentic, amazing.

I also went fishing for eggs.  It was mostly for children, but I donated a dollar to play the game.  Inside the eggs were various prizes.  I had a choice between a girdle or a can of pineapples (clearly donations).  I selected the girdle of course so that I can into my form fitting v-necks.  Oh and here's a monk with a 8 grand camera:

Photos c/o Jimmy
November 7 
Abbot Kinney is this cute, beach-esque neighborhood in Venice with cute stores and eclectic architecture.
Checked out some cute Japanese stores, clothing stores, coffee shops and gay bar called the Rooster Fish. Jimmy was able to take some charming photos of our friends:

The cigarette adds to the photo
Hello There
Very Charming
November 13
 I definitely prefer visiting home on random weekends.  My parents took me to this amazing Viet/French bakery called L'Amour Des Baguettes in Little Saigon San Jose.  My mom kept feeding me the baguettes because they were fresh and only a dollar. Hell yeah!

November 17
Appreciating LA-  After my visit from the bay and getting bloody MESSSSSSY, I realized that I missed it... but on this Tuesday, I was reminded of the things that I love about LA. Started with Mr.Black - a gay club with no cover and open Vodka bar until 10PM.  We danced liked hipsters and took a picture with "Mr. Black's" Ass: NSFW.

We went downtown to the Standard Rooftop Bar to enjoy the rooftop view and water beds. We then went to Seven Grand which has been on my to-do list for a while and discovered a live jazz band and an artist doing charcoal portraits.

And we crammed in Library Bar just because it was across the street.  Despite it being a Tuesday, these places were occupied with people living LA.  Girls dressed up, guys buying drinks, conversations happening under heat lamps.  It wasn't crowded, it was manageable and I loved it.  That's why I love you LA, because there is always something to discover.  I just need to be in the right mood.

November 20
WeHo and Kicking it with some lesbians at Hotel Figueroa.  We should have gone to Circus after.. it was hip hop night, but I was sooo lazzzy... another time soon!
going out photos

November 21
Holiday Party with a coworker.  She introduced to me the shake weight.
The photo on the left will be our holiday card photo for the office
November 24
Fancy Filipino Thanksgiving dinner at Salakot with roommates sans Sam.  We all looked not so fancy... so pictures of food only.  lol. Lots of dishes that reminded me of my grandma's cooking, especially sinigang which is similar to canh chua!

even the water was fried
I spent a lot of November preparing for 2011 at my work.  But I'm loosening up in December because everything is in a good spot.  Tomorrow is my day off and I just need to catch up and breath.  Lots of gift exchanges to buy things for, but I'm excited.

Lots of transitions in November, break ups everywhere and other folks getting together.  I think it's that time of year to evaluate our relationships with other people.  And it's the time of year when we realize how lonely (or not) we actually are.

Friday, December 3, 2010


When I found out that one of my coworker's car insurance was higher than mine, I felt amazing.  Full coverage on my new car means that I can no longer afford Mexican Pizzas from Taco Bell!  And being in LA doesn't help my rates.

God, it feels good to know that you did better than others.  My other coworker had a break down because she couldn't figure out an issue.  She was on the verge of tears every time she had to talk about it.  "Is it me? Just tell me it's me."  It was her, but I AINT gonna tell her that. Over a conference call she sounded frustrated and while talking to the supervisor she would wrinkle her face in complete defeat.  It was entertaining.

I stepped in to help her figure things out.  "I have to update hundreds of lines! And I don't want to do that!" she complained.
"You can use the FIND feature on excel," I said arrogantly.  My legs were crossed and I had a half smile from being very amused.

And the problem was solved.  I could have stepped in earlier, but I just pulled out my popcorn from the microwave.

It's ridiculously entertaining.  MTV knows this.  Those terrible dating shows and reality shows they keep dishing out that make millions of dollars?  Yeah.  We love watching you fail.  We LOVE watching you act ridiculous assuming immediately that we would never do the same.


I follow some blogs/tumblrs because the writers are complete messes.  They are hypocrites, speak so highly of things when they don't really know what they're talking about (what's the word for that?).   Complain about the medium that they are a part of.  "[Tumblr] is seriously lacking in a substantial amount of genuine, well thought out content." WELL DUH.  But instead of complaining about it, change it.  But when there are a lot of words on your tumblr dashboard, do you read it?  NO!  Tumblr = A.D.D. microblogging.

It's like saying... oh this smoothie is too cold.  Your idiocy is entertaining.  And makes me feel good to know I am better than you (when I'm actually not.)

And I'm sure that's why some of you like my blog... same reasons.  You loveeee my messy posts.  Don't you?  I accept it. 


And according to my boss I need more messy moments.  Well his exact words are, "you need vacation otherwise your creativity will suffer.  When you work too much you get tunnel vision and your mind functions on check lists."

OMG.. And that's why you're the director.  Yes, sir.  I'll take this up coming Monday off to go Christmas shopping!

Please skip to 2:00 for slow motion amusement.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Whatever

My supervisor demanded I take my floating holiday that I would lose it if I don't take it this month.  She was gone for Thanksgiving week and told me that I was her "new favorite person" because when she came back all issues were in a good spot.

It feels good to be on top of my shit.  But I have no plans for vacation and I feel like I'm reaching that point of complacency (again).  I am very whatever.

Even when I was talking on the phone with Michelle she noticed my whatever attitude.

I haven't been blogging much... whatever
My tummy is getting as big as my ass... whatever
Folks are getting together, breaking up and I am still single... whatever

Where is that passion????


I found this interesting, "research reveals that, on average, having a new romantic partner pushes out two close friends from your inner circle."  Well Fucking Shit, REALLY?

If I had known this, I wouldn't have made such a big deal out of losing friends because they were neglecting me.  If I had KNOWN that it was just nature, I would have chilled the fuck out and not given my friends such a hard time.


Anyway. Point is - it happens.  Whatever.


My HS friends were able to come together for some wine and Pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.

Caitlin, Smyr, Me, Anthony, Aaron

I was close to dying in the bay with the weather too cold to go out and everyone busy with other things.  Ooo, and lots of compliments from this "new" leather jacket that was from my ex Chris Christmas 2005 or 2006 that I decided to pull out of my closet.

Thanks buddy. 


Maybe being whatever is actually being "grown up" because you accept and understand the reality around you that you don't feel a need to complain or analyze it.  Actually, no, that's not being a grown up.. that's being... passive? simple?  dead inside?

Hmm, we must fix this.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Dumpling Making

November 11: Dumpling Making

Sam, the China-man of 321, taught us how to make dumplings, potstickers, gyoza, jiǎozi, momocha.  And then we ate them soon after.  Nom nom nom nom.

Yes, that's Robyn's Body Talk album playing in the background.  We're hipster gayasians.  There's about 10 of us in the world.  The door-table is in good use.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Most Expensive Purchase Ever

Probably would be more interesting if I posed like an import model

I survived 3 months in LA without a car, but I'm ready to reclaim my independence.

It's definitely possibly, but I was tired to depending on my friends.  I was done shivering waiting for a bus that would never come.  I was done being cheap and picky.  And I was done with slimy car dealers and shady private sellers.

I've been so frustrated with the situation that I just threw my cash at a whole seller and bought a sexy 2009 Toyota Corolla that was 2K above my budget.  It helped that the dude who sold it to me was really really cute.  He had a charming subtle Jerseyan accent and his smooth slick tongue sold me.   He sounded honest, but that's just a sign that he was a good car salesman.

He was smart, he knew I liked it,  played it cool.  Did NOT pressure me and left it as, "if you don't buy it someone else will."  And of course, I called back that fucker up after visiting one other dealership.

Wow,  a grown up car.  Not a toy jeep?  After realizing that I was basically risking my life if I purchased something for the mere image, I decided to be practical.  And I'm going to use this car to the ground.

Insurance upgrade: FULL COVERAGE

As I sit in my 321 home, I'm paranoid about the hoodlums that think it's hilarious to those bricks at shiny things. I WISH I HAD A GARAGE!  I'm terrified of scratches.  I'm dreading opening my door next to high curbs.  I'm putting post-its all over my dash board that read, "DRIVE SLOWER" and hanging my rosary on my review mirror.  The Catholic in me believes it was the reason I walked out of the accident only only an air bag burn and more swag in my walk.

Woo.  Now that I can check that off my list, I can concentrate on Christmas and planning a Ski trip.

I need to buy a Christmas tree for the house.  I want 321 to smell Christmas-y.  A truck would have been perfect to pick it up.... damn it.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving is Optional

Thanksgiving High

Annual All American Thanksgiving Feast at My Aunt's

"What did you do at Berkeley then!?"
"um... Culture?"
"this is culture."

I started to cough and hack and walked down the street away from my two cousins.

"could you guys be any more obvious?"
"want some?"
"no, I have a sore throat."

When I walked back inside I realized that this Thanksgiving is going to be the most delicious I've ever had.  My cousin pulled me aside, "you're good, but I have some Visine if you need it."  I think I had an obnoxious grin the whole evening.  And shit, everything was so funny.  I think I was the only one laughing at one point, rolling on my side on the couch.  My cousin thanked me, "I needed that, thanks for joining me... there's a lot of people here."  Things made sense... my cousin made more sense.

I felt bad for reprimanding my brother last year.  How is this different from the sangria vodka I just pour him?  Oh that's right.. the legality... wait my brother is 18... same thing!

Except what I ate was the equal to the amount I wanted to eat

I over ate.  My gut was extremely painful.  Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pasta, bread, soup, cake, cake, cake... I kept eating.

People stopped talking to me, they were distracted with newborns.  I realized what an attention whore I was at these things and when family stopped talking to me, I retreated to the couch.  I laid down in pain.  I felt good and bad at the same time and when my parents took me home I just slept into the night.

It was nice to see family, but I'm bummed that my high school potluck event is no more.  I'm concerned that our Christmas event will suffer the same fate.  It would be our 8th Annual this year!


 Thanksgiving is Optional

For folks who live far from home it's either Thanksgiving OR Christmas.  Since the latter includes gifts Thanksgiving becomes very optional.

This is a new idea for me as Thanksgiving has always been mandatory.

I'm realizing this now as a good chunk of my high school friends decided not to return home because moving away and escaping home was the whole point of leaving and visiting once (during gift exchange) is the only need.

I think as we get older and have more control on our whereabouts, these holidays have become an opportunity for us to recognize who we consider our other family- a separate family that deserves equal celebration.   For obligatory celebration with those of consanguinity, it seems that substances help relieve anxiety from expectation.  Anyway, I've found myself taking shots with my cousin of the same age and watch others down their wine; and now a new form of.... relaxant has been introduced to me as an option at these family functions.

I'm missing a potluck at 321. In this passed year, they have become my family.  Ern said he will send me pictures, but we all know... I'm the only one that takes pictures.  I wish I could be two places at once... maybe I should call up my cousin and we can make that happen.

It's cold.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010