Monday, April 4, 2011

More Skiers!

March 6: Mt. Baldy
I was hopping to plan a gay ski trip like Szeto does that involved a cabin and sleeping over, but it was just really hard to organize.  Plus, I was scared to drive in snow.  But I did manage to get some folks together with a Groupon for a quick Mt. Baldy day trip.

We discovered that Mt.Baldy is terrible for beginners, but offers great lessons.

I was able to convert Jimmy to skiing.  When he was done with the bunny slope, I set him up with a blue square trail.

This is where he ate it.  He told me he was terrified.  Apparently his "good lesson" did not involve carving, just pizza - ing.   But we made it down. .. very slowly.

I was able to get a good one on one session.  The instructor basically told me I've been doing it wrong, but I was able to correct my form and actually parallel.  Alysia also took lessons in which the instructor informed her that she was better than his wife.

Mt.Baldy prides itself in being LA's closest ski resort (1 hour away), but consequentially the snow was melted and I found myself skiing on dirt rather than snow.  The ski lifts are also terrifying.  They look like they've never been updated since the 70's.  The wood was rotting, the whole lift  was falling apart!

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