Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baking with Cheese!

Can you tell me what the following three nights have in common?

I'll give you a hint. Starts with 'C' and rhymes with Disease!

Enchilada Night

1. Season the ground beef with pico de gallo and onions
2. Roll the meat and cheese in tortilla and pour entire can of tomato sauce.  Top with CHEESE.
3. Bake at 450



Baked Mac and Cheese Night

1. Make CHEESE sauce - add Cajun seasoning
2. Pour into tray of elbow pasta
3. Sprinkle with CHEESE
4. Bake at 350


Chicken Parm Night

1. Tenderize chicken, add bread crumbs
2. Fry in lots of artery clogging oils
3. Put on tray with large piece of Mozzarella CHEESE

4. Heat Mushroom pasta sauce and add left over CHEESE
5. Bake at 350

6. Serve and plate on bed of pasta



So thankful for this oven.  Any other suggestions?


Wrinkles of the City - Hunt for JR's Award Winning Street Art

When I first watched this video I was astounded.  The images and the purpose behind his art is so powerful.  Driving down Glendale in Silverlake, I realized that Parisian artist and activist JR came to LA.

"Conceptually, he believes his work gives the people in his photos a voice not normally recognized in the world or city in which they live." - LA Weekly

The images scattered around LA "depict older folks, mostly ethnic Angelenos.  The irony of brown wrinkled faces ... will be inescapable."  As Jimmy and I discussed, the (ethnic) elderly is not the first thing that comes to mind when you say Los Angeles - a town based upon youth culture and age preservation.

20 secret Los Angeles locations!  I gotta catch them all.

We found two while in Venice this afternoon:
1305 Abbot Kinney Blvd

1429 Abbot Kinney Blvd

And then cruising Venice Street in a random neighborhood.
8663 Venice Blvd

Though unfortunately, we were too late for the one on Melrose.  The owner of the building explained it was pulled one month ago as a part of a street art rotation.
7769 Melrose Ave
This is what it is supposed to look like:
Damn, it was one of the more exciting ones!  Good thing Graffart.Eu recorded it.

5 down, 15 left.  With this trusty map, I should be able to do a clean sweep of 6 downtown in no time.
But apparently more was added, "LA Weekly's map is missing two of the best ones on Spring Street, between 6th and 7th, in the Old Bank District." -Judy L.  Duly noted.

And recently two more were added - one by Short Stop (where I had my bday last year) and West Hollywood on Sushi Roku.

In Rio - A part of his "Women are Heroes" project
Love this.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Internal monologue

God. So fucking hard to understand someone's point of view. Especially when you believe you're 100% right.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thai New Year

It's always good to go to the Thai Temple for Thai new years to get the real culture and food.  But this year we decided to check out the large festival that consumed Thai Town in Hollywood.

Blocks worth of tents and people that blocked traffic on LA's mainstreet.

Thanks to Steve who actually lives there, we were able to borrow his parking spot.  Otherwise it would have been impossible.  Lots of food, Singha beer, a pagent and Thai Boxing (Muay Thai).  They had design-your-own-umbrella workshops!

I'm a giraffe creepster.

Happy Birthday Sam - A Video

I forgot to post this. But here are my gaysian friends a black one. Can anyone find Sam?

100 Things To Try in L.A. Before You Die (Checklist)

Caroline on Crack put out this great list of "100 Things to Try in LA Before you Die," but she asked not to re-post the list in its entirety, so I removed the items that I've done before or didn't find very interesting.  (Let me know if that doesn't work Caroline!)

Between my adventures through pleasure and events through work, I thought I completed a good amount of these points.... but there is just so much left.  I added some commentary as well.

Also, I inadvertently completed 96 (kept it in) during my last work event.

Singing George Michael's Careless Whispers in front of drunk strangers got me a free tequila shot. The crowd seemed to like it when I blurted, "GUILTY FEET HAVE GOT NO RHYTHM" with conviction.

Though when I tried to do Don't Stop Believe, this drunk bitch jumped on stage and made me sing with her because it was her favorite song.  She was screaming into the mic with her ass to the audience. Oh god, top 10 strangest/awkwardest moments of my lyfe.  I mouth the words "help me" to my co-workers.

*In red - I want to accomplish soon!


1) Cocktail punch at the Radio Room in the Edison
  • Been here, but didn't get the cocktail punch.  Wouldn't mind just kicking it in the Radio Room
5) Great Los Angeles Walk
  • I take Wilshire every day at work.  It would interesting to walk it for once
6) Ajo Garlic Ramen at Ramenya
  • I've eaten a lot of Ramen, but not here
7) Sour Kraut Cocktail from Copa d’Oro
9) Singing Elvis at Palms Thai
  • Almost ate here, but parking was impossible 
12) Dessert tasting menu at Providence
14) Roasted bone marrow at Church & State
15) Pedal boat at Echo Park Lake
  • I don't think they offer this anymore since the lake emits poisonous gases
16) Bowling and $4 cocktails at Shatto 39 Lanes
  • Hate bowling, but $4 cocktails, sounds good
17) Kobe-style beef at Park’s BBQ
18) Mulholland Drive from 405 to 101
19) Medicina Latina at Malo
22) Mashti Malone‘s lavender ice cream
23) Red Line Metro barhop
  •  Sounds amazing
24) Live music at Spaceland
  • meh... may if I care for the bands, one day
25) Magic Mojito at Bar Centro at the Bazaar by Jose Andres
26) Wine tour through San Antonio Winery
28) Bike from Santa Monica to Hermosa Beach and back
  • Erik fixed my bike!  No excuses
29) Mochi from Mikawaya Little Tokyo
30) Broiled San Francisco stuffed French toast at Starling Diner
31) Mojito sampler jelly shots at Bar Nineteen12
34) Carne asada burrito from Tacos Tumbras A Tomas at Grand Central Market 
  • This market in downtown is overwhelming!  Last time we stopped by for a smoothie because I swallowed too many feathers from the LA Pillow Fight
36) Ride the mechanical bull at Saddle Ranch and have a premium SR AMF
  •  Didn't ride, but did sing Karaoke?  Does that count?
37) Greyhound Proper at Hungry Cat
38) Blue cheese fries at Pete’s Cafe and Bar
40) 21+ screenings at the ArcLight
  • Sounds naughty
41) Secret beef feast at Totoraku
44) Tomato, mozzarella, sausage, salami, bacon & guanciale pizza at Pizzeria Mozza
45) Ride the Pacific Ferris Wheel at Santa Monica Pier
  • Sounds romantic!
47) Bet on a horse at Santa Anita racetrack
48) Loco Moco (foie gras loco moco, quail egg, spam, hamburger) at Animal
49) Blood & Sand cocktail at Tiki Ti
50) Tea and a stroll through Huntington Gardens
52) Double chocolate croissant pudding with Jack Daniels sauce at Milk
53) Hike from Fern Dell Drive to Mt. Hollywood, stopping at Griffith Observatory
54) Meatball sandwich from Bay Cities Deli
55) Scorpion cocktail at Hop Louie
  • In Chinatown, looks sketch 
61) Remember the Maine at the Varnish
62) Omakase dinner at Urasawa
  • One of the most pricey restaurants apparently
63) LA Phil concert at Walt Disney Concert Hall
64) Pool party at Standard Rooftop Bar
  • Been here, but not for a pool party
68) Turkey dinner at Clifton’s Cafeteria, don’t forget the green jello
70) Marty and Elayne at Dresden Room
71) Coleslaw and sourdough toast at Original Pantry
73) Ninotchka at Bar Lubitsch
74) Stay in a bungalow at Chateau Marmont
  • Had dinner here, but didn't stay in a bungalow
76) Sunday wine tastings at Silverlake Wine
77) Grilled cheese night at Campanile
  • Someone told me about this, must do, must do! 
78) Power lunch at the Polo Lounge
79) Cadillac Margarita at El Cholo
81) Angel City Derby Girls Tournament
82) Box seats at Hollywood Bowl summer concert
83) Dodger Dog at Dodger Stadium
84) Ride the Good Year blimp
85) Sip mojitos poolside at the Hotel Roosevelt’s Tropicana Bar
86) Ringside at Lucha VaVoom
  • Trying to get work to take me to this
87) Summer movie at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery
  • We had a more intimate movie screening at Atwater Village.  Hollywood is hectic
88) History Walk from Mission San Gabriel to Olvera Street
89) Taro ice cream at Fosselman’s
91) Apricot and Honey 75 at the Penthouse during sunset
94) Bonfire at Dockweiler Beach
95) Bingo at Hamburger Mary’s
  • Gay and fabulous!
96) Karaoke at Brass Monkey
  • DONE!!!
97) Yee-Mee-Lu “blue drink” at Good Luck Bar
100) Hike to the top of Sandstone Peak and sign the register

Added from a Comment:
101) Tuna truffle oil at Wa (crack!)
102) Papas breakfast burrito from Tacos Villa Corona
103) Bet on a horse at Hollywood Park racetrack
105) Pig candy at Lou on Vine
106) Pasta Mama for brunch at Hugo’s
107) Anything at The Greek Theatre
  • Walked by it
108) Bacon wrapped matzoh balls at Gorbal’s
110) Onigiri (japanese rice and seaweed snack) at Sunny Blue


I prefer this list over anything I find in a magazine or high profile website because this is a list created by someone's blog.  It is more personal, interesting and credible.  Good job Caroline.

My Personal List
Burger Adventure with Jimmy
Chinese Food off Valley with the boys
Discover JR's "Wrinkles of the City" Street Art
Hikes with Alysia

I hope to repost this list, but with more accomplishments!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Attempt to get your Good Catholic Certificate

My mom texted me since I haven't called her in a while to say that she loves me.

I called her on my ride home from work, but Dad picked up instead.  We made small talk.

Dad: Did you go to church on Easter?
Letopho: Nope
Dad: why not?
Letopho: Because I didn't want to
Dad: you should try to go to church, you don't have to attend the mass, just walk in for a couple of minutes.

I thought to myself how sad this was.  "Just walk in. You don't have to attend mass."  I feel like my dad is trying as much as possible to get my body in a religious facility so that he can get the credit from Jesus and get his Good Catholic certificate to graduate into heaven.  We had a similar conversation last Easter. Sorry dad.

I'm going to blame my A.D.D. on this. Church is like driving.  I pray that I was already at my destination during the entire processes.

I proceeded to tell him that there are 5 churches on my street and one new one that just erected:

"The  $7.6 million chapel replaced the existing church on the same site in the southern edge of Echo Park."  According to The Eastsider.

Jimmy and I got a little tour when they had their little welcoming.  They told us about a youth program that is target towards the age range of "18 to unmarried."

Utterly brilliant.

Huge church.  Huge "Baptism Pool" - I guess if I ever want a dip in holy water

Ern told me that this church chain(?)  Church of Christ is notorious for being anti-gay.   Man, I don't know what better way to spend my Sunday - Eggs Benedict (thanks Ryan) or taking a stroll backwards from progression.

Yes yes.  Not all Catholic/Christian churches are like this, but I'd like to generalize so that I can focus my worship on Fierce Leotard Dance and Sunday Brunch. Hallelujah!

I hope this tour counts towards my dad's Catholic credit.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Musique Boutique

Browsing the LA Weekly Calendar, Jimmy stumble upon Musique Boutique, the first monthly night at a salon in Silverlake.

By day - a posh salon.
By night - a lounge with a bar, DJ and art gallery.

Looks like we have some residual hipsters leftover from our themed party.

We were doing laps around the venue as if it was our cat walk. Charles was visiting and led the way. Walk walk fashion baby.

And yes, they were doing haircuts, manicures and eyebrow threading. Tommy got a bit too buzzed and forgot that he got his eyebrows threaded. I'm quite unsure how you can forget this. Ern was able to check threading his eyebrows off his list (never going back he says). As for me.. bushy all the way except for the center baby.

What did they do with all the salon equipment? Push it to the side!

Right when we left, Tommy got hit on AGAIN. No phone number, the dude merely said, "I'm sure I'll see you again..." Well Daym Tommy. Dayyyym

Dance Remixing

Dun Dun DUN DUN dun DUN DUn.

Please enjoy this dance butchering of Adele:

I apologize to the house community for comparing this to you.

Erik Ruins First Fridays at USC

The first Friday of every month, USC's National History Museum has DJs and live bands.  Very original huh?   We were prepared to have a great educational time, but Erik decides to ruin everything:

Here we are getting our learn on in the mammal section.

Over it.

This was an epic dino costume.  The movements were very convincing.  It had me chased down the halls.

Dance time!

Here I would like to also ruin pictures, look at minerals, jump and ask you to cough into my hand.  One more time please.

Oh and here is Erik, ruining more moments.  Nice one.

Non stop
This is what I think of your nonsense

OO.  The bug room.  Ewwwwwwwwww

On to my favorite section of the museum!!!  Hands on toyssss.. Weeee

Bear Hug
We are pro-fur

We so Honay!

We sort of molested this brass turtle.


OOO, the ocean

Good Job Erik, you survived the second half without ruining any more moments.

Spoke to soon.  We need to leave now.


Cafe Mak

Like hanging out in your living room and having coffee, except paying for it.

This guy came to our table.

"Excuse me, I think I left my keys here."  The gentleman was a stout Korean middle aged man who looked stressed because it was around midnight and he couldn't find his keys
"Are these your keys?!" Ern blurted.
"what? where?"  The man looked over to Ern's seat.
"Oh Just kidding."
"Oh... April Fools? heh."  He chuckled awkwardly and left.  Though it sounded more like whimpering.

Good one Ern.
We're not welcome back at either venues.