About Me

Thanks for reading my blog.

Here you will find a collection of personal photos and stories from my life starting July 2007.  I hope to continue to post well into my adulthood.

I don't consider myself very artistic or eloquent, but I do like to post memories so that I will never forget about things that I have experienced.  Please excuse my spelling mistakes and poor grammar, often my thoughts are quicker than my figures.

A couple more things...

My name is ChrisTOPHO. My grandma nick named me Pho (like the noodles) because she couldn't pronounce my name. I am a Vietnamese American, Gay, 20 Something Year old trying hard to move forward without holding anyone's hand.

I am a San Francisco Bay Area boy who recently moved to Los Angeles to work in advertising.

I LOVE: to dance, cultures and festivals, to explore new things and talk to boys who have cute voices over the phone. I love to be efficient with time and low maintenance with life. I'm not artistic, but I take pictures because I feel like by logging my life I am accomplished.

I DEVOUR: nachos, seafood pasta, enchiladas, baja fish tacos, escargot, pizza rolls, white cheddar & shells, yakisoba, bun bo hue, baklava, naan & curry, pad see ew, unagi, egg's benedict, biscuits and gravy, Madeline's Cheese Buns, eggplant, okonomiyaki, Roti canai, street foods found in markets and bazaars

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