Saturday, February 28, 2009


Quest Crew - orQUESTstra

I get teary eyed when I watch this. And Fuck yeah, Ryan jams on the piano!
Notice the headspin on the piano speeds up and slows down with the music.

I had a dream that I was in my Asian American Studies class and the professor asked, "how are Asians portrayed on television?"

As students raised their hand, their answers knocked the professor to the ground because the answers he was expecting were clearly from another generation.

Asians in the media are portrayed as...

...BAD ASS Dancers! Did you guys see ABDC?! All three seasons?!
...Sexy and strategic, Yul Kwon totally kicked ass on Survivor cook island
...great Chefs! Man Hung deserved to win!
...brilliant singers! My favorite singers on Youtube are all Asian! <-- we are working on this.
...hilarious! I can't get enough of KevJumba, HappySlip, nigahiga

And the professor responds, "oh I was actually looking for nerdy, submissive, desexualized men, hypersexualized women, passive, karate experts, bad drivers, nail saloon, laundry mats, convenience stores... but I guess times have changed."

That's right they have MOTHA FUCKING CHANGED... well, we still have a ways to go.. but at least we are FIGHTING to get there.

It's a good time to Asian.

Can I be your first Asian boy?
A video that doesn't make me embarrassed.


And here is me and my friends trying to do the Table Trick. LOL

For You...

It's me singing Adele.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Scarred but Not Defeated

Today I put on actual street clothes like jeans. I did more research on this heinous ailment that I had this past week.

"There have been quality-of-life studies showing that a bad case of shingles is worse than a heart attack in terms of how long the pain lasts." -Beutner, Professor of Dermatology at USF.

I'll say... maybe.

I was also victim of Allodynia- a painful response to usually a non-painful stimulus (like light, wind or ugly people). For me, it was clothing. I couldn't wear t-shirts because it hurt so badly. Also sounds- At one point, I was yelling at the TV because the fucking infomercial was substantially louder than the volume level I had set.

This is what it looks like behind my ear. The blisters continue on my shoulder, neck and chest. Thankfully, none on my face. At first I was thinking- cool tattoo if this were to scar, but now looking at these photos, I'm thinking disfigured sea monster. But nothing a little scarf won't fix right?


No, I'm not contagious unless you haven't had chickenpox.


My mom has me drinking Chinese Medicine which taste like dirt. To this mom responds, no, it's Chinese roots and herbs (basically dirt).


I'm currently in good spirits. I'm tempted to make youtube videos especially when I learned that the #1 viewed Director in Canada was this addictive Vietnamese girl named Natalie! She's a natural. (Thanks MoAn)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Worst Toothpaste

And the award for the worst tooth paste goes to Crest Pro-heath. More like Crest ProMess. Not only does it taste funny, but the shit can't even stay in it's own tube. Keep the cap on? Not with this poor design, the lid barely stays on and over night at the right angle you get a little surprise in the morning. WHO thought of this?! A Toothpaste that leaks!? You're Fired.

Thanks for buying the costco pack mom.


Thoughts on being a little damaged.

I've been a little delirious: hot cold flashes, fever, my tail bone is sore from sleeping on it etc etc. this old person disease needs to stop.

Nothing seems to be the cure other than random phone calls from a boy in San Diego, a call from my boys to remind me they still love me and a get well card from Damien. Damien who took one look at me and took 10 steps back, "well, I hope you get better, I have to go." And dashed away. I'm a monster.

I've come to realize that no matter HOW sick you are a "hope you get better" and a sprinkle of sympathy goes a long way... and maybe that's why it's so robotic. "You're sick, aww.. get better soon." Like a stale Hallmark card, it never gets old to me.


Im trying to figure out the source of my dangerous stress.
The economy? Feeling stagnant? Lonely? Unaccomplished? Unloved?


Probably all of the above. . but seriously, WHO GETS SHINGLES?!

Once again, I will over come this with no one holding my hand. NO ONE!!!!

Now where are my giraffes. Oh, they've run away from me too. whomp whomp.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I thought I could just suck up the pain, but this is ridiculous.
"Sharp tingly feeling" sounded like child's play. But OH MY FUCKING GOD, I feel like I'm being tortured.

I feel like my shoulder and neck are on fire. It's 5:48am and I've woken up every hour since midnight. Tylenol does nothing.

If you're wondering, it feels like needles are puncturing my body and fire aunts running rampant.

My heath insurance doesn't start until March. Can I wait five more days to get prescription pain killers? I found a lump on my neck which seems to be a tight nerve. Probably one of the nerves infected. This nerve I suspect is the cause of my stiff neck and shooting head aches.

Click the picture if you dare. Macro mode so that you can see all of the inflammation.
Not for the weak.

At least my hair looks good.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

When You Think You're Superman

I take pride in having a "strong immune system." I haven't been sick in ages and if I do, I usually get over it in less than a week.

Yesterday, I was diagnosed with Shingles.

It's the same virus as chicken pox. It lays dormant in your spine until you're stressed out and when your immune system is down. I have blisters/hives along the the main nerve in my right shoulder.

That one nerve also makes my neck stiff and my head hurt only on the right side.


Take care of your body.


It's funny because I didn't realize how stressed out I was. I guess, I dismissed that stress as a "normal everyday feeling." That could also explain the sudden break out of acne.

This keeps me entertained:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ryan Speaks Vietnamese

My husband Ryan Conferido is trying to learn Vietnamese to impress me!
Don't worry Ryan, I will always love you.

Gosh, my cultural language is so beautiful.

My Valentines Day in San Diego

Sexy Anthony invited me to go on a San Diego with him and Aaron. And I'm thinking- me a third wheel on Valentines Day? that sounds fucking fantastic!

So I invited Carl to make it nice and even and we headed to San Diego Friday night. The theme: "We Don't Plan, we just do." Apparently that's how folks in Diego do it.

Friday Night: WeHo

We prayed and some gods answered- Carl and I got dropped off in WeHo with out any traffic problems and did our thing at the Abbey, The Cantina and Rage. Highlight: Lance Bass was at The Abbey and no one cared, he must have been a regular. Too embarrassed to get a picture, we left. I didn't contact any of my LA friends because I wanted to keep the trip clean. Sorry guys, I didn't do any of the planning. :[

I met a dude from Berkeley '07 and I was shocked cuz I thought I collected all the Berkeley Gaysians from my class. This one slipped my fingers, but I soon understood why.

"Did you like Berkeley?"
"Not really"
"Because there was nothing to do."

Are you shitting me?! It started to make sense, he had problems making eye contact during conversation and what he was saying was a bit strange. Hmmm. Yeah Berkeley has a few of those.

Oh look! Virginia, June, and Jon!

While walking to thru the street, I felt like I got a couple of looks. I think they could smell the bay from my body. "What's that strange, yet familiar smell?" Heh.

I crashed with JR in his cute Loft. I fell in love with his decorations, his life style, his artistic eye. I loved it. I am inspired to paint my room.

Saturday- San Diego Bound
In the morn, Carl and I took the Amtrak to San Diego. I was amazed that the train road along the beach. Wow. I wondered if they ever had problems with the tide.

I was particularly sensitive on Saturday for some reason... probably something to do with my pride. I felt like I was being criticized for being inquisitive. But that was quickly mended with a bottle of Southern Comfort... and toilet couture.

After Persian food and wine, we checked out Numbers in Hillcrest and I LOVED it. They played GHETTO GHETTO hip hop and I fell in love. My booty was popping so much; I think I popped others' buttons. AND they played the Cupid Shuffle! OMG! That's how ghetto it was. Finally, My dream of doing the cupid shuffle with a whole bunch of black people has come true! I felt welcomed, I felt, Fantastic.

We asked this white guy to take a picture for us and he asked if we were Filipino and I we're like ew... you have a Filipino fetish, just take the picture! But he kept trying to talk to us. Ughs.

And this girl was dancing all nasty and I'm like, "yeah munch that carpet!" And she goes, "EW! I'm shaven!" I think I offended her... And then she rubbed her cooch on my friend and I'm like "ooOo! Sour!" And she goes, "EW! I'm CLEAN!"

I LOVE offending girls' vaginies.

We ended the night with some fries. It didn't seem like Valentines Day because I was among friends. I think it's how it should be. Why try? Just collect your single mates and party.


God I pigged out so much.

Persian Food. Ramen. Okonomiyaki. Korean BBQ. Yogurt Soju. Garlic Sauce. Carne Asade Fries and Cheese. Hawaiian Burrito. Brownies. YUM YUM YUM.


Sunday- Chill
Sunday was nice, we chilled with Diana and played a card game that I lost over and over again. I get to wear the slave wig while queen Carl commanded me to blow kisses and massage his calves. LOL.

Sunday Night - Karaoke
We all watched White Chicks before hand so "1000 Miles" was a highlight!

This is Carl's posse. They really have a good time with each other. I loved watching them interact... made me miss my boys. Ugh.

We ended the night at a bar where I talked to this boy. I fell in love with his voice and I thought he was cute the first time I met him. He seemed to be a little interested, if not friendly, but it was nothing to pursue. After all, he's from San Diego. But it was nice to flirt a little. When he put his hand on my shoulder it felt nice.

And that was the extent of my romance on this trip- innocent, unregretful, sexless. And I'm happy that I wasn't in the bay during this time.

It's nice to sample other boys... a little tired of the BayGays. The DayGays were a little more laid back, chill and might I add, cuter.

Therapy by Indie Arie is a must download.
Road Trip Playlist:

Friday, February 13, 2009

Letting My Skin Breathe


I broke out a lot. NO, NOT BECAUSE OF THE NACHOS... =.=

But I am retiring the products for confident black women and switching to Biore.

I HATE throwing away products. (I use toothpaste to the very last drop!) So I posted the left over, 1 year old products on craistlist saying: Free Acne stuff that didn't work for me, maybe it'll work for you - Use at Own Risk. I got responses for 8 different folks in one hour!

I know, right!?!


It feels good to let my skin breath- buy NEW products and continue to start the year fresh.
And I'm glad I just didn't throw it away... I may be helping out someone else!



But first, this is why you're fat.
From Ben.

I'm trying to bulk up... I don't like being "classified" as a twink. So.. I'm eating eating and working out with Neil so that when Halloween rolls around I can wear my giraffe print button up open with my giraffe print speedos.

I just want to fill my sleeves man!

And NACHOS is the answer. Carbs in the morning!? How about Carbs and protein all the time!

Casa De Carl - Sunnyvale
Category: Homemade Nachos

Carl made me some "healthy nachos" with fresh tomatoes and turkey meat! Still in the works, but I'd have to say he's on the right track. More cheese Carl more cheese! The zesty touch of pepper and lime make this dish that much more fresca! And of course the ingredient of.. .home made makes for a good "after feeling."


BJ's Brewery - Oakridge Mall South San Jose
Category: Chain Nachos for Dinner

According to Chris: Delicious and LOTS of cheese! Love it! The Jalapeno on the side added that something something, but the salsa took away that something something. These nachos stayed true to the Taqueria style nachos but with out the diarrhea! Love it! And the fabulous waitress who was on top of her game was also a nice touch, or was it the pizookie that really sealed the deal?

Either way, they were good! Definitely clean and never over powering. I give it a 7!

According to Carl: The nachos are usually better, but this one wasn't layered very well. Usually, id say about a 6.5

Taste: 7
Presentation: 6
Lasting appeal: 7
Functionality: 6

Holy Nacho Batman! An almost agreement!

What Do Your Clothes Say About Your Life?

My Aunt passed away late 2007 , and my cousin has been investing 150 monthly to store her things.

During the last two years of her life she was queen of Santana Row. "You're Tami's Nephew? Tami was Fabulous!" Most workers in Santana Row remember her because she would bring them Vietnamese Sandwiches and would be their best customer.

This was quite evident when I helped my cousin sell her mom's clothes at the monthly De Anza Flea market. (For 30 bucks a spot you can sell anything you want!)

GOOD LORD it took four cars to shuttle everything over! How does one person accumulate so much clothing!?! She had about 30 pairs of Jeans and a tub full of work out clothes as if she bought a new outfit every time she went to the gym!

That's right ONE PERSON!

These shoes were the main attraction. So many women came drooling and many were disappointed when they learned that their feet were gargantuan compared to my aunt's.

Jessica and I found some treasures.

My cousin was able to make... 2k and it still didn't seem like a dent was made so back to the flea market in March!

My cousin didn't sell cheap- except for a Leather Jacket for 40 and some designer jeans for 5. She stood her ground when she sold mint condition $100+ clothes for a good price.

I was impressed when someone would ask for a price and my cousin would say $50. Instead of giving her the stink eye (because we were at a flea market, who carries that much money?!) They would respond, "oohh.. it's very cute!" As if they understood the value of the clothes.

BTW: Don't put babies in Tupperware.


My Aunt's clothes attracted young and old and many commented, "I could tell she was a very exciting, fun-loving, eccentric person" based on all of her clothing and it makes me wonder what my clothes say about me.

People would say... Christopher was very... cheap, wow had a weird obsession with Giraffes and did he surf cuz there are 8 pairs of board shorts. I feel like I need to go the show: what not to wear so that I could be taught the value to dressing in clothing that fits and of high quality.


It was a feel-good day. Even though we were selling my Aunt's clothes we were also celebrating the quality of her life and relieving my cousin of a lot of heaviness that came with the passing of her mom.


"That BITCH"

Thursday, February 12, 2009



These two songs use the exact same chords and no one cares!
Rascal Flatts- What Hurts the Most & Raffaela - Right Now, Right here.

Am I crazy for caring?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Asians ARE Marketable...


My favorite is Kinh NooYin. hEh.

Wondering what your Indian Engineer coworkers do during lunch and don't invite you? The video explains it all...

I showed it my friends. They didn't laugh, they called me racist.

Thanks Jessssssica!

Wait, really?


So I'm watching American Idol while making comments to my friend online and he observed that there were no Asian or Pacific Islanders featured this season. Why?

He argues, it's cuz Asians aren't marketable.
Which upsets me because the singers who are getting the most hits on youtube are.. ASIAN!!
Asian asian asian asian!



More insight from a friend
People on youtube arent the ones who buy music and thats why country singers are more "marketable" cause people buy their cds.

Oh... Cuz Asians who listen to Asians wouldn't actually buy their CDs cuz they can just get them bootlegged. It makes sense now. Our own downfall... that's "SOOO ASIAN!"


Pharrell thinks Asians are Marketable!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ask a Blogger, #7

A fun little blogging game made up by AJ @ AJ's Ramblings. Here are the rules:

1. Blogger 1 posts a question on their blog.
2. The first person to comment on said Blogger's post needs to direct readers to their blog, and then becomes Blogger 2.
3. Blogger 2 answers Blogger 1's question on his/her own blog (so Blogger 2's blog).
4. Blogger 2 posts a question on his/her blog.
5. And then the new Blogger repeats step 1-4.

MR.HCI asked:
If you could do over losing your virginity, would you? If so, why?

I would not do it over because the moment my cherry was popped, I asked the guy I was dating to be my boyfriend. Literally, I lifted my head and said, "I guess now that you have fucked me, I think we should be boyfriends." Something like that. This was a good thing because he was going to ask ME on February 14, which would have been terribly cliche.

My cherry was popped in my dorm room with my poor roommate sleeping on the bunk on top. So you can say there was a witness! I would not have it any other way.

The first time I topped a guy, I would do it over. It was with someone I didn't really care about. At least it was in the shower so that I could quickly wash away shame.

Next question:
What is the best physical feature of a guy and why? Please add an anecdote.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Just For A Moment...

Out of sight, out of mind does not apply because an image of you is planted in my mind/heart. For a moment, I am missing you.

For a moment, I am missing you...

Have you ever showered for a long time (not because you were masturbating) but because you were enjoying the hot warm water against your bare skin, the lather of body wash, the touch of your own hands that wont/can't leave you. You dread turning off the water because it's cold outside the comfort of the tub/shower. As if cleansing your body is like cleansing your thoughts...

...and I wonder if folks who take 45-60 minute showers... folks that take, 2 even 3 showers a day have a lot of physical as well as emotional/mental cleansing to do... or they just enjoy that comfort of feeling vulnerable yet paradoxically safe. Very safe.

..or maybe they are just masturbating.


Good Friend.

So I was bitching and moaning about missing someone and Carl goes:
You need to learn to stand on your own feet better. You're stronger than that, i dont want to see you lingering over someone who isnt worth it.

K... done.
Thank you for reminding me what I'm trying to accomplish.


I Love Boyce Avenue. Please listen:

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Carl and I are on an adventure to find the BEST Nachos in da bay! Here are the criteria:

1. Taste: Self Explanatory
2. Presentation: Is it pretty? Or a blob?
3. Lasting appeal: How you feel after- Like shit? or satisfied
4. Functionality: How it's layered. How "NACHO!" it is!

Category: Purpose of the Nachos

Adalberto's Mexican Food - Somewhere between the East Bay and Tahoe

On our way to the ski trip, others had KFC. Carl and I ventured across the street for some Carne Asada NACHOS!

According to Carl: good presentation, bad functionality with layers and beans, too messy to eat with fingers and made you feel like shit and regretted it almost after. Rating: 5

According to Chris: I'd have to agree with Carl, but I emphasize the taste was amazing. I wanted to die afterward though, my stomach was not happy. So good though! Rating: 8

Taqueria El Larolito - San Francisco Mission District

After a night of drinking and dancing in the Castro on a Thursday, the group traveled the city to fill our drunk tummies. We were directed to a place called Farolito. I was confused and kept thinking it was Florintine's. Wow, an Italian Taqueria! When we got there, there was a hefty diverse line. This was the place to be at 1AM.

According to Carl: not as heavy at Tahoe but too many refried beans! Rating: 4

According to Chris: You know.. I was drunk so I felt really good before during and after! But the chips weren't authentic... too "movie nachos" Rating: 6

My Own Nacho Adventure:

Chevy's off Almaden in San Jose
Category: Happy Hour Nachos

Definitely terrible. Lots of cheese, but bad cheese, not very NACHO-Y. But it was 3 bucks. You get what you pay for: 12 chips and mediocre cheese.

2/10 - 3 dollars gets you a rating 2... minus a dollar cuz I round down.

Fly Bar - In San Francisco
Category: Recommendation Nachos!

My girl Michelle LOVES these nachos!
These nachos were baked and had lots and lots of sour cream and gauc. But not enough cheese! Michelle! You know I love cheese! Presentation was great and the bar was hip, but the rule of thumb, the DIRTIER the restraunt the more flavorful the food!!!!!!!! Rating: 5

To Do:
Denny's on Blossom
Taco Bell
Taqueria Caribe
Bagdad's in the Castro
Pete's tavern in SF

Please COMMENT and Send Us what you think is the BEST NACHO place in da BAY!!!!

This is Me When I was 18

I think I act the same.


"Tell me what you Don't Like About yourself" -Nip/Tuck

For me, well... it's this HORSE face I make when I laugh. My big forehead is manageable and my receding chin is okay.. but together with my HUGE set of gums makes me look like Cheslie Clinton.

I guess, it's not really insecurity when I can joke and post about it. I just wish that my laugh didn't make me look so terrible, especially when I laugh very often. OH Well. DURRRRRRR.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some Non- Filipino Singers!

I like this for some reason:

Got this from Matt! OMG, his voice tripped me out.
And he's a cute.. dangerous 19 year old. Watch out.

Hehe, and just because it made me laugh:

Monday, February 2, 2009

Love. My Boys.

Damien said that I was emo.
Not Emo like I listen to sad songs and sit in a corner.
Not Emo like I wear skinny jeans and have long sweeping bangs.

But Emo like I think a lot about things. I've notice that lately, when I think a lot I stop taking pictures. I silence myself and smile less. But not because I'm sad, but rather because I am thinking about something that really doesn't need to be analyzed further.

I take a lot of pictures to remind myself that I have a good life. I curse 2008 for being so mean to me, but 2008 was actually wonderful. I made a yearbook for My Boys to commemorate the good times that we had and to sort of accept a new chapter.

2008- we had each other because well... we didn't have anyone else. And we became good friends for it. But it looks like we are falling a part because one by one we are focusing on ourselves to find love. Love that would come first and friends and fun to come second.


But I refuse to "look" for love. And I refuse to let myself become depressed and desperate because I am not interested in anyone and equally, no one is interested in me. And I realize that I am scouring for more friends to distract me because my boys have love, are flying to love, or are testing love. It's a bit poetic that I'm thinking about this today.

Szeto is off to Japan for 3 months and MoAny's in SoCal until April when he goes to Asia. Sadness...

These are my boys and I love them.