Monday, November 29, 2010

Dumpling Making

November 11: Dumpling Making

Sam, the China-man of 321, taught us how to make dumplings, potstickers, gyoza, jiǎozi, momocha.  And then we ate them soon after.  Nom nom nom nom.

Yes, that's Robyn's Body Talk album playing in the background.  We're hipster gayasians.  There's about 10 of us in the world.  The door-table is in good use.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Most Expensive Purchase Ever

Probably would be more interesting if I posed like an import model

I survived 3 months in LA without a car, but I'm ready to reclaim my independence.

It's definitely possibly, but I was tired to depending on my friends.  I was done shivering waiting for a bus that would never come.  I was done being cheap and picky.  And I was done with slimy car dealers and shady private sellers.

I've been so frustrated with the situation that I just threw my cash at a whole seller and bought a sexy 2009 Toyota Corolla that was 2K above my budget.  It helped that the dude who sold it to me was really really cute.  He had a charming subtle Jerseyan accent and his smooth slick tongue sold me.   He sounded honest, but that's just a sign that he was a good car salesman.

He was smart, he knew I liked it,  played it cool.  Did NOT pressure me and left it as, "if you don't buy it someone else will."  And of course, I called back that fucker up after visiting one other dealership.

Wow,  a grown up car.  Not a toy jeep?  After realizing that I was basically risking my life if I purchased something for the mere image, I decided to be practical.  And I'm going to use this car to the ground.

Insurance upgrade: FULL COVERAGE

As I sit in my 321 home, I'm paranoid about the hoodlums that think it's hilarious to those bricks at shiny things. I WISH I HAD A GARAGE!  I'm terrified of scratches.  I'm dreading opening my door next to high curbs.  I'm putting post-its all over my dash board that read, "DRIVE SLOWER" and hanging my rosary on my review mirror.  The Catholic in me believes it was the reason I walked out of the accident only only an air bag burn and more swag in my walk.

Woo.  Now that I can check that off my list, I can concentrate on Christmas and planning a Ski trip.

I need to buy a Christmas tree for the house.  I want 321 to smell Christmas-y.  A truck would have been perfect to pick it up.... damn it.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving is Optional

Thanksgiving High

Annual All American Thanksgiving Feast at My Aunt's

"What did you do at Berkeley then!?"
"um... Culture?"
"this is culture."

I started to cough and hack and walked down the street away from my two cousins.

"could you guys be any more obvious?"
"want some?"
"no, I have a sore throat."

When I walked back inside I realized that this Thanksgiving is going to be the most delicious I've ever had.  My cousin pulled me aside, "you're good, but I have some Visine if you need it."  I think I had an obnoxious grin the whole evening.  And shit, everything was so funny.  I think I was the only one laughing at one point, rolling on my side on the couch.  My cousin thanked me, "I needed that, thanks for joining me... there's a lot of people here."  Things made sense... my cousin made more sense.

I felt bad for reprimanding my brother last year.  How is this different from the sangria vodka I just pour him?  Oh that's right.. the legality... wait my brother is 18... same thing!

Except what I ate was the equal to the amount I wanted to eat

I over ate.  My gut was extremely painful.  Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pasta, bread, soup, cake, cake, cake... I kept eating.

People stopped talking to me, they were distracted with newborns.  I realized what an attention whore I was at these things and when family stopped talking to me, I retreated to the couch.  I laid down in pain.  I felt good and bad at the same time and when my parents took me home I just slept into the night.

It was nice to see family, but I'm bummed that my high school potluck event is no more.  I'm concerned that our Christmas event will suffer the same fate.  It would be our 8th Annual this year!


 Thanksgiving is Optional

For folks who live far from home it's either Thanksgiving OR Christmas.  Since the latter includes gifts Thanksgiving becomes very optional.

This is a new idea for me as Thanksgiving has always been mandatory.

I'm realizing this now as a good chunk of my high school friends decided not to return home because moving away and escaping home was the whole point of leaving and visiting once (during gift exchange) is the only need.

I think as we get older and have more control on our whereabouts, these holidays have become an opportunity for us to recognize who we consider our other family- a separate family that deserves equal celebration.   For obligatory celebration with those of consanguinity, it seems that substances help relieve anxiety from expectation.  Anyway, I've found myself taking shots with my cousin of the same age and watch others down their wine; and now a new form of.... relaxant has been introduced to me as an option at these family functions.

I'm missing a potluck at 321. In this passed year, they have become my family.  Ern said he will send me pictures, but we all know... I'm the only one that takes pictures.  I wish I could be two places at once... maybe I should call up my cousin and we can make that happen.

It's cold.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

American Music Awards

Work got me tickets to the American Music Awards in downtown LA. Woo Hoo.

I'm not really into concerts, but this was cool because I got to see a bunch of artist perform like Usher, NKOTBSB and Black Eyed Peas and famous people read terrible jokes off the teleprompter.

It was cool to see an awards show live, but I was pretty far from seeing any celebs that I might as well have watched it on TV in the background while I did the dishes.

My coworker was shouting "BOO" at Justin Bieber all night. LOL. But I like that Constant Craving song... hmm wait, wrong lesbian.

View from my seat. Is that Taylor? Beyonceeee what up girl!? Usher, can I borrow your shades?

Rihanna in a Tree
Blurry group photo because I was still in night mode.

Just Jared has some pretty good pictures/videos of the night.

It is interesting to see how singers perform live. Oh poor Katy Perry that was heinous:

You should have just shot fireworks from your boobs, that's all we want really.

If you haven't seen her Fireworks music video, it's pretty epic. Love fireworks coming out of the fat chick from the pool and the lady giving birth like her baby was on fire. The gay kiss was pretty hot... too hot for Britain apparently.

I think fireworks appear when I kiss at clubs. Except when I kiss in clubs like this, I get a dirty look or a cold sore.

Speaking of gay, I never liked Teenage Dream until I heard the glee version

WHOA there Asian Guy. That's like 4 packets of uncooked ramen I could shove in there.
And more speaking of gay I fell to the floor laughing at this scene of the Substitute episode of GLEE:
"Gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay"
"I open my mouth and a little purse falls out!"

HAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Amazing. I've decided that all the writers of Glee are gay.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Checking In

photo c/o Jimmy
Have I grown up yet?


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Start Your Evening with Four Loko in a Coconut

November 13

MoAny and AnHimals rented out Xinh Bistro in Soma for their birthday in San Francisco.  It was a simple birthday - everyone put in 30 and it was all you can eat Asian fusion.  Skewers, noodles, spring rolls, wings... very fusion.  The place was very elegant with chandlers and a staff that MoAny seemed to know personally.

photos c/o Anhimals

I decided I needed a drink.  I left the party and took an empty coconut (MoAny and his bf Joey have a coconut fetish and provide one for each guest) back to the car and filled it with a controversial Mango Four Loko  that I bought earlier from 711.  I walked back to the party, sat back down and grinned as if I just bought the winning lottery ticket.  I was happy to be there.  I was happy to find a ride to San Francisco because I just needed to leave LA for a quick minute.  Though I was sad that I was missing out on another friend's birthday in LA.

Oh You Fancy, Huh?

I figured that since both MoAny and AnHimals actively reached out for my attendance to their shindig, I should take the ride that had fallen into my lap.  I decided to also actually spend time with my mom and dad (at Walmart and for Viet food) and crashed in San Jose instead of SF.

I added more social lubricant grease with house Lychee martini.  I was bouncing off the walls.  I put tables together, made random conversation.  My high school friend Aaron was stressing about things I've already experienced so I bought him a drink to calm his nerves and told him to be optimistic.  I really wasn't sympathetic... or rather, I didn't care because what he was stressing about was just reality to me.


That Four Loko did me good and I pounded another third can with Aaron before stepping into Blackbird in the Castro.   I will give Blackbird credit for only one thing- a drink that tasted exactly like watermelon juice.  Otherwise, this place is very LA - trendy, crowded, a lot of nothing.  And MoAny is sneaky - when he offers folks to try his drink- he squeezes the straw so they don't take too much.  RIIIIIDICULOUS.  And brilliant, 'I must say.'

JV came by to say hello.  I broke his Castro cherry by telling him to swing by.  It was lovely to play with him.  It was also nice to see Aram who coaches a gay swim team.  NICE.

Hugs kisses Hugs kisses

"We're gonna go ghetto tonight and do BOC," proclaimed MoAny.  I LOVE GHETTO.  But I couldn't find rhythm that night.  I also didn't swing on the ropes this time; I found myself preoccupied with other things.


This guy came up to me and told me that we've met before, I pretended to know what he was talking about.  He was cute.  We danced a little, he said he was going to the bathroom so I instinctively went in for a peck on the cheek.  He looked at me funny with some sort of half smile and went away.

I found the boys and took a picture.

XCIX back again
Joe threw up somewhere and came back for a smile.  I started dancing with the birthday folks and everyone was making fun of the way i was dancing with my head down and my hand on their shoulder.  I was grooving... sort of.  Just drunk.  I told Anhimals that we are going have very Vietnamese babies.

I went to the bartender to grab a drink.  He smiled at me.  I was convinced he remembered me. I love him.  Maybe he read my eyes.. .my glossed over eyes.  His strong drink confirmed it.  When I asked for tap water, he put it in a giant container. 

...blurry blurry...  the guy I gave the peck to came back and came close to my face.  I greeted him hello with a peck on the right cheek... again on the left... and then all of a sudden we were making out.

I always ask my friends how they initiate kissing at clubs.  This is how.  Four Loko, Lychee martini, Watermelon flavored something and a strong ass drink to top it off from my favorite bartender. Got it.  This is the second time I've made out with someone in front of all of my friends.  The first time was back in May.

He was a biter.  His kisses were aggressive with teeth, but it didn't hurt.  I've never been kissed like that before.  Aggressive, but painless.  Sharp and rhythmic... I get it..  this is what it's like to kiss a bay area Filipino. I looked over.  My eX was giggling with MoAny.  FUCK... "let's go outside."

The boy dragged me into alleys.  *Face consumption*  People walked by.  We ran down the street some more. He shoved me into the shadows.  Kissed me the same way.  "You're so cute," he told me.

"What's that?" I pointed to the tattoo on his arm.  He ignored me and cleaned the condensation building on his glasses.  Probably some Filipino sun located in a unique place like the elbow.

"It hurts," he says... "I'm getting blue balls."

I wasn't as excited, just amused at how messy I was getting- how carefree and relaxed I was.  I don't give a fuck.   "That's what you get for wearing skinny jeans.... oh there's my car!"  He got excited and asked if I had keys.  OH HELL NO.  And it was actually Aaron's car.

He dragged me down the street.  I asked him where he was going.  He hushed me and said, "my friends' place... but we have to be quiet, I don't live there."  We got to the steps.  "FUCK it's locked, they are still at BOC."  We make out some more on the steps.  I stopped because I noticed blood on his nose and realized it was from me.

My nose started to bleed.
This is how long it's been since I've let loose.

Somehow I had tissue and used my lifeguard skills to stop the madness.  I haven't had a bloody nose in months, he was unfazed. His friends arrived right when I stopped bleeding.

I knew them.

I said hi and they opened the front door.  Before closing their bed room door I went up to the girl and told her she was beautiful.  She smiled and turned to her bed to meet her boyfriend.  She was gonna get FUCKED tonight.

I entered the long skinny SF hallway, the lights were on. We passed each doorway.  I saw another one of my friends on the bed knocked out, I poked him.  At the end was a doorless "living room" that had a small tv and couch.   He told me to keep my shirt on in case someone came in and turned off the lights.  We made out... touched... dirty talked.  I'm still not as excited as him, but I'm having fun.  Lights turned on.

"ooooo what's this...."  his other friends who looked like they just came back from BOC rolled in.  I picked up the laptop that was sitting on the floor and made some retarded remarks about looking something up on youtube.  "oh oh, let me close this imaginary curtain."  Everyone laughed and they turned the lights back off.

I got up.  Fixed the buttons on my shirt in front of the mirror in the hallway and headed out of the house.  His friends were chilling on the stairway.  I told him I had to head to back to the club.  "Uh... do I get your phone number Christopher L..." He said my full name.

"Sure... EEeeeee um...."
"You don't remember my name, do you?"
"Yes i do!  It's EEEEEEEE"
"It's okay.  It's Ian."  He smiles and kisses me good bye.

I skipped back to club to find that most people had already left.  I texted Ian:

 I found MoAny and his crew eating pizza a block away.  Aaron was crying and being lectured or something.  I shrugged it off and bought some slices.

Aaron drove me home while I dirty texted Ian.  Aaron started to scream "FUCK YOU" by CEE-LO playing from his iPhone.  "Stop stressing about it Aaron."  I started scream singing with him until we got back to San Jose in 45 minutes while helping him watch the road. "YOU. MAKE. ME. feel like I'm living A... watch your Speed... dream."

photo c/o Eric Yum yum

mmm.  I'm going to start all my evenings with Four Loko in a coconut.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Grindr Fail

Oh speaking of Grindr, I have a couple of more screenshots to share:

I haven't hooked up with anyone from Grindr, but I do find great amusement.

This dude asked me what was my type and he can recommend a club.  I never thought of going to clubs because they attract my certain type of guys that I like.... hmmm... but that does make sense, I love the boys at the BOC.  Or is it really just the "music."

Oh HI San Jose - Chinese Food and Grindr

"Christopher, try not to eat Dim Sum too much. It comes from China. China is dirty."

My parents are convinced that all things Chinese will kill you. "I watched a documentary where the Chinese workers would use their teeth to bite off chicken feet then ship it to the US." My mom expressed genuine concern.

My parents continued, "you don't know the chemicals they put in China, there is no regulation."

I tried to argue that American fast food has just as much chemicals that are bad for you.

"But American food has to be passed by FDA, you know know what they do to those Chinese products before they ship it over."

But of course, Vietnamese food is another story. Here's my mom enjoying Bun Bo Hue from Com Tam Thanh. Nom nom.

My parents' China paranoia is not gonna stop me from ordering my flaky taro balls. I love flaky taro balls.

Though Sam did take us to get Taiwanese breakfast in Alhambra on 11/7 which involves Chinese donuts and some sandwich things... I can't really explain. The place was a grade C and I insisted on trying it anyway. OH man my body hated me... Jimmy explained what it means to get a grade C after we had already ordered. WHY DIDNT YOU SAY ANYTHING?!?!?! It's like saying there's no air on Mars AFTER you stepped off the ship.

We also experienced some Chinese customer service when Sam asked the waitress if there were any more plates coming out. In Chinese she responds, "I don't know! You tell me!" Or something. Sam was unprepared, but it felt like we were having some authentic Chinese food.

Man I had such the shits. I had keys in my hand and almost knocked over Ern when I shoved the front door open while grasping my ass cheeks heading to the bathroom. My body wanted that food out!!!! Sam apologized profusely. I thought it was a good experience.

Silver Gold Amazing wasn't the place we ate at, but just wanted to share.

Maybe I should listen to my parents.


After Viet food today I had an adventure at Walmart with the folks.

While my mom finds a good concealers for dad's skin, I hop on Grindr where I'm buzzed by some random folks... who I find very attractive.

I found my self esteem sky rocketing.

But probably because I'm just a new face on their module. Like a new zebra in a safari full of lions.

Check out this stud:
This is how our conversation went:

David: Swimmer?
Me: Santa Claus?
David: I have some gifts for you

Man, I just keep bringing them hotties in.

I also run into these Asians that are only attracted to white guys. I like to question why.

I guess it's just about preference, but I still find it interesting when folks don't find their own ethnicity attractive. What do they see in the mirror? Do they wish they were something else because what they see isn't what they define at attractive?

It definitely is a limitation, but also a question of what you think about your identity if you don't include yourself in what you feel is worthy of being dateable/fuckable/whateverable.

Tonight is the Castro for MoAny's bday and I pulled out some dollahs for a nice evening. Woo Hoo Blackbird.

I wanted to keep it simple and didn't arrange my time to see anyone, but my family and MoAny/AnHimals for their birthday and Aaron because he's across the street from me, I mean... my best friend from HS.. So I didn't tell anyone I'd be in the bay.

I'm a really considerate person.

Another time. Please don't hate me.

Speaking of Text messages check out Great time killer.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Closing October

This is my, I haven't been blogging as much, face.  It's okay if you've stopped reading. I've become uninteresting. *fishes for compliments*  A couple of other things that happened in October.

October 8: Royal T

I was very fascinated at this table of white girls enjoying desserts and tea with soccer moms watching over them at an adjacent table.  I wonder at what age they would begin to reflect on their life and appreciate how effortless it was to be a child - getting everything they ever wanted at their finger tips...  or would they never realize this and grow up with a continued sense of entitlement?

October 16: Inland Empire Adventure

Well not really an adventure.  Just went to check out Carmax and I brought some friends who were in sales to get me a good price.  Apprently Carmax has a no negotiation policy.  One of the Jeeps they had had mold on the ceiling. which they reasoned to be "wear and tear."  The Jeep was terribly overpriced. Michael was so upset and told the dealer that they prey on the innocence. 

I found out the women who told us that she loves her job because she didn't have to deal with negotiations called in sick the next day when I tried to apologize for Michael's accusation.

Oh well.  Car shopping is fun.
Chicken time at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Nom nom.

October 24: A Hike

Another hike to catch up with Alysia in Pasadena.  I'm wearing one of MoAny's old shirts with some lame phrase.  "I've Got my Eye on You."  It's a pirate with an eye-patch. Har har.  No wonder he wanted to get rid of it.

October 30: Dia De Los Muertos

Checked out Ern's dance performance at the Hollywood Cemetery.  Hollywood Forever Cemetery was decked out.  Lots to see and performances all day. I should have gotten my face painted to participate.  These "personal altars" were so elaborate and colorful.  Last year Sandy was trying to create sugar skulls, but we didn't have all the ingredients.  Looks like she was able to do it in Portland! Very lovely.

We left the performance before seeing Ern eat it on stage.  The dew made the stage slippery.  *chuckle*

Monday, November 8, 2010

Discovering Weekday Night Coffee Shops

Jimmy has been sweet enough to pick me up from work.  While in the neighborhood we've been checking out some random coffee shops and restaurants in K-Town.

Loft Cafe is located on a 6th and S. Oxford.  This charming place has high ceilings and tall mirrors.  They are known for serving Sweet Lady Jane desserts.

Jimmy and I spend a weekday evening on our laptops.  We chatted and enjoyed absurdly overpriced Korean coffee.  Nothing in Ktown seems to be less than two dollar symbol on Yelp, but it was worth the atmosphere.

I've discovered that spending time outside the house on weekdays makes me feel like I haven't wasted they day just working.

While driving around Ktown, I've noticed a lot of other places to eat.  I also noticed how absurdly large Ktown is.

Today Jimmy and I checked out Mak Cafe.  This place surprised me.  Most people there were studying and even though it was the perfect place to be on your laptop, there was a shortage of outlets.

Like Loft Cafe, Mak Cafe is open late- 1AM!! I casually logged onto my work email- nothing.  Then read some blogs.

I never thought that I would enjoy coffee shops so much.  I never thought that I wouldn't mind spending $5.50 (the price of Pho!) on coffee instead of just using the free wi-fi at my house.  I guess I like the feeling of accomplishing something and being out at a coffee shop, discovering new places gives me that sense.

I was also discovering a night life that I didn't know existed.  After work no longer means coming home and plopping your ass on the couch and dying.  I'm excited to find more even places where I can 1. enjoy conversation or 2. enjoy doing my home activities outside of home.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Boy from Tanzania

October 16: Huan in town!

He just came back from his trip in Tanzania.  Look what he got me!! LOVE!

Freaking Huan.  Drove his ass to his med school interview and then to the airport.  But we squeezed in a little partying in between.
Huan and Ernesto having a walk off then a dance off

Awkward poses

I love Huan.  He's gonna be my doctor someday.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Los Angeles, You're a Monster

Yes.  This is why Manhattan and San Francisco have an easier time with public transit.  THEY ARE A FRACTION OF THE SIZE OF LA!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Who You Gonna Call?!?

The hardest piece was that freaking tubing from Home Depot.  But the suits came together with pieces from around the house.  Jumpsuits?  We just had them laying around.  Safety pin the Ghostbuster logo and we are good to go! Thank you work printer. Total cost of costume: $5 total for all 4. 

Brilliantly we took the bus.  Dun dun dun with our good friends, Chilean miner and peter pan:

The house party was in a duplex and I walked into the wrong one with the busters following me.
"Are you coming in?" The girl looked at me confused.
"Wrong house."  
I backed out in complete embarrassment


Aww Tiggah and Pooh Celebrate 9 years
That Hawaiian tattoo was drawn in with a sharpie!

Ninja Turtles vs. Ghostbusters

So many shinanegans in the street!  We ran around zapping ghosts.  I rolled on the floor aiming my cardboard gun and the ghosts would start screaming and melting.

LOL.  We took lots of pictures with random people, wonder if those pics are floating online somewhere.

Bus ride home was stress-free, funny thing is no one else thought to ride the bus so it was empty when we got on.

Photos c/o Chung King Expressions