Thursday, April 29, 2010

Closing April

Tomorrow is the last day of April and I feel that I'm starting a new chapter.

Starting May 1st, I am no longer an assistant, but actually negotiating, making decisions, buying property for a client. I am a part of a team of two and responsible for a lot more. You know, the sort of stuff my friends have been doing for years in their career. April was my transitional month.

As I post these pictures I am reminded that I am still keeping myself busy and though I find myself exhausted from work, I still manage to squeeze time do random things, see shows, visit home.

Being home this passed weekend was what I needed to start this new chapter clear of thoughts and stress. The week before I was absolutely done, baked, tired. It was nice to see some folks... to see Aaron and my boys. To know that they are a part of my life despite this distance that doesn't seem that far at all.

In April, I've realized that dating is fun. That I could be pretty heartless and that I wasn't meant to have a boyfriend, but rather just a lot of friends... platonic, sexual, romantic... whatever. I love company.

I'm turning 25 in May.
Wow. And I still haven't grown up... I guess I'll keep writing, because growing up is the theme of this blog.

My camera stopped recording when I hit that amazing high note.

Hiking, Alley, Art

3rd weekend in April

But first, Happy birthday Alysia.

"I've never had Thai food not family style before.. but I guess I could enjoy an entire dish of pad Thai." I was a little snide, but complied because I was late to the birthday dinner. The group eventually shared their dishes, (NO DUH) but asked permission- "could I have some of your curry?" "Of course! can I have some chicken?" And split the bill evenly. That's call family style you morons.

Anyway. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALYSIA! White people are weird!!

Saw my Auntie for Lunch. Aww. She's working on a film and said she could show me around a studio. Cooooool


Went hiking somewhere. I was going to keep track of where I've hiked, but meh. Failed jumping picture-


After hiking, Alysia and I hit up Comedy Sportz, a improv comedy troop. We've seen the one in San Jose, but the LA group was crazy good. One of the best shows of my life! Comedy Sportz is great because they break into two teams and compete for laughter. The competition makes the show much more interesting. Alysia and I stayed for "U-sical" which is an improv musical based on a story that someone tells from the audience.

The "U-sical" was so amazing! The characters had development, the songs were compelling, the humor was on par! I'm coming back, because these people are mind-blowingly talented. Imagine making up a musical on the spot!

Santee Alley. It's like a Mexican bazaar in downtown. I bought cheap socks. They were also selling turtles and gaudy clothing. This is also where I bought my rug for my room. I'm going to paint an accent wall.. something like olive. Yes a very grown up color.

The Semi-annual Brewery Art-walk showcases local art. This abandoned brewery was converted into hundreds of lofts for local arts and dancers. Twice a year they turn their homes into an art gallery for the public. Amazing... and in downtown LA of course.

At home chilling. I would never live alone. I like company too much. Sit next to me in my communal bean bag:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hot Pot, Scavenger Hunt, Thai Temple

2nd weekend in April.

Hotpot and Drinking games.
We were laughing so hard, the people downstairs complained. Please don't take our house away. We love kick backs!

One of the statements, "sucking dick at the speed of sound." Try drawing that!
It was 3AM before I looked at the time again.

Scavenger Hunt in Santa Monica
Did a scavenger hunt with some coworkers. We get points for answering riddles, taking pictures and drinking. I compensated for my lack of knowledge by drinking. I collasped on the beach, drunk as hell and with a hang over at 5PM.

Second place! I think I had 18 shots.

Sunday, Funday. We hit up the Thai Temple for Thai New Years. 3 dollar dishes and mild that should relabled as a SPICY. That's when you know it's authentic.



Monday, April 26, 2010

Blow Out

I love taking pictures of people just to focus on what's in the background.

Damn son! Fashion alert! Skinny Jeans and a BLOW OUT!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

From Here you Fucker.

At some house party:

Ignorant White Man: So where are you guys from?
Wirfs: Silverlake
Me: Echopark
Sam: From So Cal yeah..
Ignorant White Man: No no no, I mean.. where are you FROMMMMM. (that's right, say it slower)
Wirfs: No seriously, down the street
Me: Well, I from the bay area I guess
Sam: Erm.. my parents are near Malibu
Ignorant White Man: Hmm... okay, but then before that.. where are you FROMM?
Wirfs: We are US citizens Man
Me: "USA! USA! USA!"
Ignorant White Man: Your heritage
All of us: OHHHhh guess (I enjoyed fucking with this guy)
Ignorant White Man: Well I dont want to assume, (LOL) but... I speak multiple languages... anyone know Tagalog?
Me: *I point my finger excitedly at Ern.. he's HATE these kind of people. *chuckle**
Ignorant White Man: *Says some Gibberish in Tagalog to Ern who purposely left the conversation early on**
Ern: That's not MY language man, *evil glare* turns his face around and talks to someone else.
Ignorant White Man: Oh kay... I'm gonna go now.
I guess all he wanted to do was show off that he knew how to butcher Tagalog. Aww, poor ignorant white man. You can conquest our Asian asses later when you gain a little more perspective.

At Buddha Lounge
Black Predator: So what's your name?
Jimmy: Jimmy
Black Predator: Nice to meet you Junny, where are you from?
Jimmy Junny: LA
Black Predator: No, where are you from from
Junny: *Sigh* I was raised in California
Black Predator: OH... well with your skin complexion, I thought you would be from the land of sunshine
Me: Hey Jimmy Junny, Let's go dance.
Really? This shit happens? I guess it happens when you go to a place called "Buddha Lounge" on a Sunday where there was more non Asians than Asians. And "where are you from" is really stupid... "What's your ethnicity" is preferred, unless the goal is to find someone from "the land of sunshine"... not that LA has any sun.

All you non-Asians let's try this out:

"What's your ethnicity?"
(if you're wondering what sort of Asian delicacy your geisha boy can cook for you)

"OH cool.. so were you born here?"
(if you're wondering if he's uncut...sometimes works)

"Let me buy you a drink"
(if you want to liquor him up so that he can be your bottom for the evening)

...and that's how you successfully be a predator. God, do it right.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Easter Weekend

Just wanted to post some April happenings before I got too behind.

Our neighbors are cute and decorated the front yard:

A nice brunch with some boys:

We checked out the flea market on Fairfax:

Trying to be a "photographer." There's this hidden park on top of hill adjacent from a hospital. Great view.

Decorating Easter Eggs:

My dad called me
Dad: Do you know it's Easter?
Letopho: Yup, I had some eggs
Dad: *dad laugh* try to go to Church
Letopho: Sure, I'll try... I have to go


I'm a bad Catholic

Friday, April 16, 2010

Gotta Get Back into the Rhythm

Been exhausted from work. No motivation to blog...

Tumblr provides quick entertainment:
SEX stories:
Hilarious Things Said:

I'm also on tumblr, but I just reblog and post mobile pictures. *yawn*

Hole in the Wall Restaurant

Yelp search "Hole in the Wall Restaurant" and you will find a list of restaurants that are buried under the big boys that pay for their listing reviews. NICE.

Going to a Hole in the Wall Cambodian place tonight called Phenom Phen! Excited!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Driving to See a Boy

Last night I drove to Huntington Beach to see a boy from the OC.

I thought to myself- man, driving all hours of the night just so that I could cuddle with someone, to feel good, to feel wanted... gays waste so much gas to achieve affirmation. Folks in the bay.. it's like driving from South San Jose to San Francisco (oh wait, Yallz do it on the daily.)

A couple of weeks ago I was at the flea market and I saw this booth that had Banksy art painted on a canvas. It was one of those gifts that you had to buy for someone because you knew they would love it. My friends told me not to buy it... but I had to. The boy from the OC's favorite animal painted in his favorite color on an art piece for his new room that he just moved into...

I didn't want him to think that I liked him too much because when you give attention too early, too easily it is taken for granted. That's the whole game right? But I enjoy buying things for boys that I like...

I handed it to him when I arrived and he loved it. I should have written something corny on the back, but didn't. He kissed me for the gift and we cuddled in his bed. He silences me... I find myself struggling to talk naturally around him for some reason.

Initial Coffee Date - Kiss
Last night was the fourth time I saw him...

I was surprised we went that far... but it felt right. My heart was racing right after... it's been so long since I've felt so in sync with someone in bed.

I didn't sleep well because of a crick in my neck, I was also cold... He said a couple of things that struck a chord... and made me wonder, am I special?? Though I don't feel very special.

I woke up with him at 6AM to leave for work in LA and to arrive by 9AM. I thought I allotted myself more than enough time and yet I found myself in traffic. I was stuck for 30 minutes going no where. How do people do this?

He's busy, I'm busy, we are geographically undesirable from one another... but I feel like we are on the same page. I'm happy that he contacted me after we had initially messed around... so that we could develop a relationship as fuck friends, casual dating, something more? who knows, who cares?

Because so many jerks out there leave you after they get what they want. Which is bullshit.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Last year in June, I reconnected with a friend from high school who told me about her job in advertising. She looked at me and said, "Chris, you would love the job.. you'd be really good at it." She recommended me to her HR staff.

One week later I got a call for an interview.

The week after, I flew to LA and completed a face to face interview

Two weeks after that, I packed up my life and moved to LA, a place that I was scared of; away from family and home. I was an assistant. My hours were long, but my work was fun. My team became my friends, my tasks became my hobby.

For 8 months I found myself loving LA, hating LA... growing up, regressing back. Fat, skinny. Mature and reckless.... but always happy with the decision that I made.

On March 22, 2010, the director asked me to step into her office. And said, "as you know, a position has opened up and we would like to offer it to you. This would be a promotion."

After 8 months of working at this Advertising agency, I was promoted.

Anyone who has worked with me could tell you that I'm not ready, but my mentor/teammate assured me, "they will not set you up to failure. You will learn a lot. Taking this promotion is the best thing to do and it's an opportunity that rarely happens."

I love my job. I'm always the first one in the office. And though I can't afford a house like my consulting/accounting friends who have their CPA... I can honestly say that this is what I enjoy doing... and will probably be doing it for a while.

Thanks for being good to me LA.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March Moments

A collection of random moments in Late March.

Surprised Sam on his birthday eve! :] Look how happy Sam is that everyone is playing with his new Rockband... except him. I see you gazing at him Edward.

Tired and lazy. Oh those Filipino blankets are warm.

The most awkward dinner of my entire life. Everyone agreed.
Stupid "compliment ball" turned into "cunty ball." Good one Ern.

Beach and brunch. Christine loves the sand.

Darnell visited, but I didn't really get a chance to hang out as much as I could. :]

We are attractive blogging friends.