Saturday, April 2, 2011

Loving LA

Woke up at 8:30AM today and browsed for something to do in LA and stumble upon International Pillow Fight Day happening at 2PM in downtown LA.  Uh, YEAH.  Probably consumed 1lb worth of feathers, but have amazing photos.

Here's an epic video from last year:

Pillows (Good Feeling) from Chris Crutchfiel.

LA, you're so entertaining.  I also discovered that Hidden LA does these awesome Photo Scavenger Hunts.  The task, find this MURAL in LA and take a picture in front of it.

The prize: Helicopter Ride.  Of course.

The answer.
The submissions.

And you learn little piece of history.


I also learned from GOOD LA that "La-la Land" has now been added to the dictionary to refer to LA and to the state of being out of touch with reality.  Interesting.

*cough* still choking on feathers.


thwany said...

did you win?

letopho said...

@thwany. Naw this was a December contest. I doubt I would win any of these! LA is so vast.