Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Following Boys with Big Cameras

February 26:

Jimmy and Wirfs decided to explore downtown with their large equipment.  I just tagged along and soon discovered that they wanted to use me as their subject.

Once again, I was not prepared.

For some reason, I have no desire to own my own SLR... I guess the multiple features and functions overwhelm me when all I want to do is capture the moment because it goes away.

Eventually or probably now, they have cameras close to SLR quality and that's good enough for me.  Plus I think it's such a waste for me to possess something so expensive and not use it to it's full potential.

Please see Jimmy's finished products HERE and HERE.

I like this one because it looks like I'm in Vietnam again.

Wirfs!  Where are yours?


Afterward, we got to visit Wirf's humble abode where he showed pictures and told stories of past loves and travel adventures.  It's interesting how much I don't know about my friends.  For the 20 minutes that I was in his bedroom listening to him talk, excited to have guests over, I had learned more about him than the months I've known him while he attended my parties.

That's what I need to do more of... actually follow through with people I meet.  (Make new friends and connections.)  I may know a lot of people... but in general it's hard to really get to know them.

Korean BBQ at 321

February 24:

You guessed it!

We had our own KOREAN BBQ using the left over meat from the Rainy Day Hot Pot!  I even bought the rice paper!

We had different marinated meat!

It was just the roomies, the boyfriend and Phil because he lent us his grill.  Oh and Michael because he texted me saying he was hungry.

Text us if you're hungry, we'll feed you.  And yes, those are Starbucks shot cups.  They were gonna throw them away! 


And the rain caused the house to leak.  Ern was not happy.  Good thing we had extra Starbucks cups to catch the water. 

Throwing away your hundreds of cups because  you change your logo?  Well perfect! we'll just pick those up for the house.

Rainy Day Hot Pot

February 19:

Jimmy had the brilliant idea of having a hotpot event for a rainy day Friday.  We just wanted to invite some eastsiders but all of a sudden it became a party.

We were more prepared this time.
1. Extension cable to use the outlet in the hallway so not to short circuit (again)
2. No more bowls, no problem - STARBUCKS CUPS!
3. Invite more Chinese people to do the cooking... correction, FIERCE Chinese people.  That's right stir that broth

Mmm lots of meat and veggies and soju.

It got a little steamy.

It was a nice impromptu kick back with lots of good food and vibes.  Good thing people brought meat, it was supposed to be a party for 10.  Lol

Watch the progression of the night - food, soju, dancing, karaoke... pass out.

Don't mind my voice I had it on "SIREN" that night.  And what to do with the 5 trays of extra meat?  I'll tell you un momento.

East Side Dancing, West Side Exploring

February 20:

A little dancing at Akbar.
Akbar was one of the first bars I went to when I moved to LA.  Ern really knew how to show me a good time.  I repay him by being good Lesbian company.  Check out my lumberjack vest:

I believe the guys are posing as "straight."  Hmm I don't remember voguing to a be a "straight guy pose."  I could be wrong.

Over it.


February 21:
Took the bus to W. 3rd Street.  Walked from the beginning to the end until we could not walk anymore.  Lots of trendy stores that I would never revisit again except the Traveler's Bookcase - a bookstore dedicated to globe trotters.

Jimmy and I also visited the LACMA for their Target sponsored free day! 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

John's Birthday

February 12:

Friend turned 32 Years Old.  A nice simple house party with lots of alcohol.

No real interesting pictures so here's a collage of people's faces:

Sales, Breakfast, Beach and Festival

February 12:

The Craigslist ad read in bold letters, HIPSTER YARD SALE!

Back in the 'burbs, Alysia's dad would wake up early every Saturday morning to drive around the neighborhood and patronize yard sales.  Do people in LA even have garage sales?  Of course, you just have to look.

I downloaded an app called that mapped out all the sales in my neighborhood based on craigslist ads and voila!

Vintage everything at a reasonable price.  Jimmy found a framed Ira Glass poster that he turned into a gift and Tommy purchased a classic Polaroid camera, a coca cola cart and from the free pile I got this 80's pull over:

Tommy jizzed over his findings.  The guy having the sale described it as something to help with gambling debt.  He fit the profile - scruffy white guy rolling a dooby taking a break from his Art Center studies in Pasadena.

Delilah's Bakery served a surprisingly delicious biscuits and gravy.  God I was in heaven.


During our search for garage sale we found these Music Box Steps that were featured in a movie. This long stairway connected two large streets.  In the movie, these steps led to the character's house.


Found ourselves at Long Beach.  There were so many people in street close walking around... it was a little ghetto.  Tommy and Jimmy had a little photo shoot while I enjoyed the ocean.

I feel bad because I'm not a very fashionable subject for Jimmy to use in his photo shoots.  I really dress terribly... at least I don't have cow print ugghs.

We checked out the Long Beach Art Walk and stopped by JR's Hearts & Things booth.  Support local art!  woot.


Ended the evening at King's Hawaiian Bakery.  Yes, the King's Hawaiian Bread has its own restaurant. NOM NOM  Got basic Hawaiian food and a warm basket of King's Hawaiian.


Just kidding!  Went to see an improv show after that.  God, you see?  How does one find time to get a haircut/do laundry!?

Reliving High School

February 10:

While visiting San Jose for Tet, we had a small High school clique reunion.  We relived our favorite parts of high school such as eating together.  MMmmm Mongolian BBQ, just like eating at the mall, but all you can eat.

Playing at the park

Volunteering.......... to take weird group photos

Hanging out at Aaron's house and playing drinking games such as Sticking Beer Bottles in Alysia's Cleavage and the all time classic: Truth-or-Dare Jenga Next to a Bowl of Nacho Cheese and Picking the Pieces out When They Fall In.

and of course the card game Spades.  I have yet to find a group of people in LA who enjoys playing cards as much I as did with my high school friends.

Not poker or Texas Hold 'Em, but Spades, Hearts and Rummy... you know, old people card games that don't involve winning large sums of money.


'Till we meet again San Jose.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Walk Walk Fashion Baby

February 8:
Walking down the streets of Hollywood like we're the shit:

Now you try Ern:

UGH!  Try again but with the group and think about work


Made our way to Mr.Black at Bardot.  There was a photoshoot and some exclusive birthday party.  Meh. Endless electro beats.. dunch dunch dunch....

Show Me Dat Lucky Money

February 5:

Oh my, it's Tet! Time for Red Envelops full of lucky money.  Meow meow.  It may be year of the Rabbit for all you Ching Chongs, but it's the Cat for us Ving Vongs.  Meow meow.

But first, enjoy endless Vietnamese food.  NOMMmmMMmmmM

Take pictures with the special family members

And Grandma!  Looks like we color coordinated this year.  How festive.  Grandma offers tons of advice for the new year!

Grandma tells me to not be gay anymore because that's weird
Grandma tells my cousin to get married because her eggs are rotting
Grandma tells my parents to help her set up her twitter account and to stop partying
Grandma tells my auntie and uncle that she wants more grandkids and they need to get to work

And we all wish her to live longer than 100 years old.  (Literally).  And everyone gets money!!!

"What a great holiday! But our family is so cheap Christopho!"

No worries CUZ, we have a white guy in the family!  Lucky money in da bank!!!

Perfect for gambling.

Don't forget to visit Grandpa on the other side of the family.  He lives alone.  Remember to yell your new years wish, he's very deaf.


One entry less from being sooooo behinddddd.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thai Patio Double Date

February 3
Double Date at Thai patio.

Didn't get the "Pad Thai - Must TRY!", but ordered other dishes that were recommended with a star in the menu.  Pork Belly, fish, eggplant.. mmm should have recorded what we actually ordered.  Next time.

Cutest coupe contest?

The answer is obvious.