Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Day in the Park

Lucifer Pizza

Got a chance to fly my kite


The Boys are Back in Town

 Joe and Szeto hit me up last minute that they were in LA for a wedding, so I dropped everything I had planned (which was nothing) and arranged an epic MES!  (Max Efficient Saturday) like old times.

With the help of Jimmy, I was able to take them to some unique LA places.

First stop - Royal/T in Culver City for the brunch and art.  We order some blossoming tea and watched it expand before our eyes. I'm a bit bummed that this place is closing down, but hopefully it reopens soon in a bigger and better location.

I set the camera down for a group photo.  Joe and Szeto didn't know the camera was wide angle.

Silly boys.

Luckily there was an amazing exhibit at The Moca / Geffen Contemporary called Transmission LA: AV Club, which featured 16 contemporary artists.  The exhibit "will illustrate how audio and visual art forms complement and influence each other, through various exhibitions, concerts, DJ nights, performances, and installations."

These wind-powered spirals spun continuously making for a mind fuck experience. - "multilayered installation of spinning pinwheels, partly inspired by the “Hypnagogic state,” that blissful moment between being awake and dreaming."

Quick espresso break.

We found ourselves in a room full of dozens of projectors which created a race track illusion.

There was so much movement and color.  The sounds of a race car buzzed in the background while an emerging sun/moon would appear from the projected horizon.  Every corner of the room animated in this piece entitled "Roadtrip"

Szeto rocks on.

We had fun with this room pretending to be electric controlling mutants. Neon lines.

This colorful picnic area was set up for the Kogi truck / free Diplo concert.  That thing sold out in 3 seconds.

Group nap and they were off to their party.  Quick and efficient!  Until next time!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Miscellaneous May

Inadvertent stripes
 May was an interesting month.  Stressful.  I just came back from Asia and realized how much I was bored with my life.  Only to understand that I needed to shake things up a bit.  I'm still working on that, but I would consider May a month of wondering.

Wondering what's next, what's going on without really doing anything about it.  Especially since my coworker had moved on to better things while I hung around.

Between all of that I checked out the Coldplay concert at the Hollywood Bowl.  I don't know if it was because I was drinking cheap red wine out of a giant tumbler or because of the light show, but it was amazing.  Everyone was given wrist bands that lit up depending on the song... because we were all YELLOW.  

Para... para.. paradise.  I had a lot of heart to hearts with my coworkers that night.

Here I am at Road to Seoul encouraging everyone to drink up.  A little peer pressure never hurts.  I miss that about school - people encouraging you to act stupid.  As you get older.. the "no means no" policy gets so boring.

Joe and Szeto visited and we had MES (max efficiency Saturday!)  I completely forgot about those.  Joe approves these late night tacos from Taco Zone in Echo Park.

We found some hidden parks and meadows in Elysian park.  Lots of great view and tons of space.

Ern invited us to his Los Feliz home for family dinner.  It was a hodgepodge of food, but that was probably what made it fun.  Pizza, meatballs, potato salad, tuna pasta... it was just starch.  Yummy starch.

Went to a 90's themed BBQ.  I love how folks got into the theme.

I must remind myself to elaborate on:
  • Thaitown Tour
  • Bay to Breakers
  • Superhero Birthday

Trapeze School

Last Thursday I brushed up on my Trapeze on Santa Monica Pier.

Love being caught midair by a man with strong arms.

Look at me now:

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Cruise

Last Wednesday I got a text to check out Gay For Good's first summer social event at Moonlight Rollerway.  It was Rainbow Skate / LGBT Night, which I've attended before.  I was prepared with long socks and a flashy tanktop.  Little did I know, there was going to be a performance by Trey Knight and Mario Diaz that rocked my world.  If I had known, I would have brought extra undies.

We were asked to clear the rink and suddenly emerged a biker and a sailor on wheels preparing to perform an intricate routine that would win the gay olympics in the couples disco skate category.

I discovered that the same routine was performed during Ryan Heffington's 2nd Annual Sweat Spot Recital that I unfortunately missed.  But I was so thrilled that I caught this piece from the side lines cheering these scruffy men as they perform "The Cruise." 

There were crazy lifts, tricks and stripping and an emerging disco ball... I nearly fainted.

Watch a piece of it here:

Charles and I did a very similar routine.  While holding hands charles would lift one leg up as if he were soaring through the rink... until he fell over.  (Mobile quality)

It feels good to be gay and fabulous.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Play Me, I'm Yours

After a birthday dim sum in Monterey Park, Jimmy and Sam discovered a public piano and decided to play.

During lunch at work, I also discovered a piano in front of food trucks begging to be played.

They were both a part of "Play Me, I'm Yours" art installation.

"...within a city, there must be hundreds of these invisible communities, regularly spending time with one another in silence. Placing a piano into the space was my solution to this problem, acting as a catalyst for conversation and changing the dynamics of a space."
Luke Jerram, International artist and creator of ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’

Music has stopped pouring from my fingers.  There was a period where I could just place my hands on piano keys and some sort of melody would emerge.  There was also a time in my life where I thought I was a fair singer, but based on the cringing faces at karaoke bars and my own ears twitching during my "interpretations" I have concluded that the talent that I had (or thought I had) has completely escaped my body.

But unlike me, Jimmy is talented.  Jimmy can create. And this is one of my favorite things about him.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Eating Out April

I tweeted this morning that I was upset at my body for not being about to properly digest my favorite things: cheesy, spicy and alcoholic things.  That doesnt stop me from eating out LA.

I'm no stranger to Ethiopian food, but it was a better experience going with an ethiopian princess.  We checked out Messob Ethiopian Restaurant in Ethiopian town.

I learned from last time not to go clubbing after having ethiopian food because of the expanding sponge bread.  This time I learned about gursha.. the Ethiopian custom of hand feeding each other.  How flattering.  Ethiopian coffee was also delicious.

Fogo de Chao is known for their amazing all you can eat Brazilian BBQ.  For the price, I wasn't too impressed.  The meat quality was the same as Pampas Grill at the Grove.  All you can eat?  These meats were so heavy, I just couldn't eat that much.  (unlike korean bbq where the meat slices are way thinner- asians understand portion control).  The Brazilian cheese bread?  That's another story.  I wanted to stash dozens in my purse.

Not really food, but I checked out Nic's Vodka box where we tasted some good shiz.  Love the fogged up glasses.

The moment we stepped into Singapore, we found a Laksa place and I almost fell out of my seat at how delicious it was.  We went hunting for some comparable in LA and arrived at Yazmin.  Not the same!!  I miss Singapore food!!  Though I bookmarked some other places that I need to check out.

Singapore also had amazing Hainanese chicken rice.  Savoy kitchen is best known for this dish and they do it right!  Only difference - in Singapore the rice is doused in amazing chicken fat adding so much flavor.  You need to ask for the sauce buckets at Savoy, but that chilly and ginger goodness will daze you.

Tiki-Ti Cocktail Lounge haunted me every time I drove by it on Sunset.  Questions like, what is it?  Why is there a line?  When can I go?  have all been answered.  It's a small hawaiian themed bar with dozens of customized tropical drinks!  Each one carefully crafted by the bartender.  Get the "Ooga booga" and we will have to shout "ooga booga," every time he shakes the bottle.  Great joint for a group of three or less.  It's a tiny place!

Normal June

I'll get back to April/May, but the first couple of weeks of June have been steady.

 I've been without a Point and Shoot and have felt very naked for a while.  Did some retail therapy and bought a canon 100HS which was affordable at $110 so if I broke it I wouldn't be as crushed if I had invested in the canon S100 which is probably the best point and shoot in the line.

Jimmy helped me figure out the best settings to use and within a week I dropped it.

Brought my camera to birthday karaoke where I witnessed the birthday boy vomit next to the trash can while everyone continued to sing.  I guess Wicked songs were a tad more important than helping a buddy out.   The room smelled so rancid, but the songs kept coming for at least another half hour.  I was a bit astounded at the dedication.  Good thing the bf was there for boyfriend duty.  Good job.  When BF thanked me for coming, I noticed sincerity in his eyes.  Glad I came too!  Thanks for the dinobites.

Happy birthday!  The cake was delicious.. from Gelson's, but that's a secret.  Jolly good fun.

I hung out with Ern at his lesbian nest watching Alien to prepare for Prometheus.  When he wasn't looking I took his Spiced Chai powder and other various Trader Joe goods.  Sorry bout it.  Sort of in love with the actress Noomi Rapace who's really good at playing a victimized female overcoming adversity from a male dominated society/planet.  What's next Noomi?  I'm thinking Spy movie... slutty Spy movie... how many guns can you fit in your stockings?

Got a text from Erik about trying out some bomb-ass mole from Guelaguetza.   Never thought I would like it, but damn it was so good.  Even better with a blackboard deal.  Sort of a brainfuck though: Korean facade on the outside, Autentica comida Oaxaquena on the inside with a live band.

I opted out of the mescal, but did have a sample.  Like tequila, but from the earth Ern described.  My mango margarita was smooth enough for me.

It feels good to have a camera in my hands.  The camera phone shiz wasn't cutting it and I like weighing my pants down with electronics.

We're midway through 2012.  I have no clue what's next, but I guess we'll just keep coasting along.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

March Recap

The highlights in March include Andrew's birthday.  His room show above is really cozy.  The curtains hide a closet and queen bed while the rest of the room is made of a long desk, couch and book shelf.

Ern performed at the Getty.  Bravo!

This is our awkward Korean family portrait.

During JV's visit, he cooked his amazing soup!  I have yet to recreate it.  JV!  What's the recipe again?!

I missed out on skiing this past winter, but I was able to take Jimmy out to do some tubing and  snowmobiling.