Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Joy Ride in Echo Park

Eric lives exactly 1 mile away from 321 and randomly messages me to hang out.

That's of course if he's not writing his step by step program on how to bump and grind or how to win $50 at a club.

In January, he text me for a joy ride on his scooter.

Uh yeah.  One of things main things I miss about Vietnam is traveling by scooter.  The exhilarating feeling is unmatched by any other means of transportation.  So OF COURSE I would love to ride on the back of your scooter, pick me up so I can relive my experience in Vietnam years ago.

One main difference, the streets of LA are vastly different than the streets of Vietnam.

Instead of feeling like flying, I felt like I was about to die being the ONLY scooter on the road covered by cars that could hit us at any moment.  It didn't help that it was night.  Less cars, yes, but there are still cars around.

I felt tiny on a giant road and held Eric's waist tightly.  In Vietnam, I could just lean back and put my hands on the back rail enjoying the breeze in the hot humid sun.  But the sudden acceleration and being surrounded by machines 20 million times the destructive force of the little thing on wheels that I was on led me to bear hug Eric from behind.

LA via scooter = terrifying.  Would I do it again?  Yes.  Before riding Eric handed me the bigger helmet and explained, "you should wear this one, it's more likely that the passenger would get hurt by flying off."

Stopped by Tommy's for a quick snack and headed to a bar.



March 10
No Joy ride, but just a Thursday evening to appreciate Echo Park.  Gold Room for cheap drinks and free tacos and then The Short Stop for a little dancey dancey.

I don't give a fuck
We were the only ones dancing for about 15 minutes.  Whatever.  Everyone smiled around us - either entertained, appalled or just amused.  It was wonderful.  Love. Love.

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P. said...

This Eric is actually hotter than that Erik. Now I proclaim him your blog hottie #1.

Eric looked very hot with the helmet; on the other hand, you a scared bird?