Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Recap

During my trip back home around Christmas I did the following:

  • Hung out with Huan and his niece and played with these amazing knit plush animals his mom made
  • Had pizza and boba with Tim
  • Got drinks with Tim, Huan and Steve
  • Had Sushi with Madeline
  • Caught up in downtown San Jose with Madeline and Aaron - La Vics!
  • Went shopping with Joe and got Pho

Angel Brewery in Arts District is a great place to have birthday parties.  Large venue with cool vibe and cheap bear.  Love it.

Traveled up and down California with Alysia and her boyfriend.  Stopped by San Luis Obispo for some BBQ and got to sample Olive Oils off the 5

I learned that behind every great scientist and surgeon is Jesus... supervising.

WeHo Party pictures.

Checked out the Hungry Pig with Andrew.  He's my hand model.  This is probably the only interesting this I consumed this month aside from make your own personal pizza.


Christmas presents from Jimmy!  A Moleskine for the year of course and this amazing jacket and button up that's too cool for the rest of my wardrobe.  I need to buy boots to match this.  My sweetie.

2013 Ignia Christmas Party

Remember everyone... when you cheers you have to look the other person directly in the eyes!

The party was hosted at my house and started off with a lovely game of Spades.

My mom made everyone baked chicken and Diana put together some Brussel Sprouts.  Yum!  

So much dessert!

Our Secret Santa is fun!  This year was the year of cooking supplies and books!  Smyr got his usual books from his book list.  He got creative with my gift and got me food books!  NOMZ!

We always have a White Elephant game.  This year I added 7 extra pieces to pair with the white elephant gifts that everyone brought as a bonus.  Check out my stockings!  They match my sweater.

I also gave out trinkets from Indonesia!  Small little whistles that turned out to be a hit.  A really obnoxious hit.

We played games into the night which included the Great IgBooty!  Which was our version of The Great Dalmuti.  

Merry Christmas friends.  I love that you're in my life.

The day after we appreciated the San Jose Art Museum to check out the Hidden Heroes: The Genius of Everyday Things exhibit.  The interactive site is pretty cool.

I adore those photos.

Family Christmas - Kathy House

This year we celebrated Christmas at Kathy's house.  She recently bought an amazing home and wanted to take the opportunity to host the family event.  He home has cooloer lighting so the photos are less warm with yellow tint compared to Christmas parties traditionally at my parents house.  And Jimmy insisted that I take his street DSLR for a run.  I'm glad I did.  I was able to take some wonderful shots of my cousin's amazing setup.

My cousin Jessica rocked my taste buds with this brie + chili jam combo from Trader Joes.  Everyone was showing off their talents this year.

Crystal brought a cookie decorating contest.  These are the winners!

Cousin picture!

These rugrats used Uncle Wayne's belly as a slide.

Dinner feast!  Pretty epic.  I got the family nice and warm with Hot Toddies.

Present time!  I got my 3 lovely cousins work out tank tops with sayings that match their personalities.  I proclaimed, "I know your Keywords!"  They loved it.

Family picture!  I'm starting to see where I get my vanity from.  Check out my Dad and his sister posing!  Though my dad is actually making fun of my aunt with what Ernesto calls, "the triangle of insecurity" formed by the arm on the hip.

What's a diva home with out a shoe room?


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Family Christmas at Home

Because my cousin offered to host the large family Christmas party at her house on Christmas Day, my mom got a break.  We were able to spend Christmas Eve having a wonderful dinner, opening presents and going to church.  Nothing made my mom happier.

The food was delicious!

I like this shot of my grandpa and brother.  My mom complains that she can't go on vacation because she's worried about her dad.  She essentially has 4 boys to take care of.

Every year my parents get my grandpa something warm - scarf, gloves, knit cap.  And he always loves it.  This year was a good year for gift giving.  I splurged a little for my family and my brother was excited to give us all gives now that he has a job.  I'm really proud of him.  I'm going to keep that messenger bag he got me for a while!  My mom got Macy's gift cards from both me and my brother.  She said she was going to buy something special with the gift cards so that she can think of us.  Dad was easy: a sweater and finally that souvenir from Indonesia that he wanted.  I got my brother a handful of graphic tees and a watch.  He's a December baby so he deserves more.

My parents after the gift exchange.

Every year we take this family photo.  This year we just couldn't get the angle right.  Above is the winner.

We even through angry, solemn Chinese facial expressions.

My mom had to help my Grandpa smile.  He eventually got it.

Other family pictures:

Me and my brother being goofy.

My dad working on an oil painting

Pho with family.  They opened up a pretty good spot near my house.  I was happy.

My mom lining me up.  

Who could ask for a better family?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Extravagant Affairs

I have the pleasure of attending some lavish events through my work.  First a Toy Drive in downtown LA which is one of my favorite events because it gathers old friends from the industry... plus I find myself pushing the limits with all of the free alcohol that I have access to.

One hour limo ride from Santa Monica to a toy drive in downtown LA

I snuck in a bottle of Fireball Whiskey into the event and convinced two guys to come with me into the handicap stall to take swigs.  And then walking out of the stall saying ironically, "it ain't gay if it's a threeway" in which someone at the urinal heard and laughed to himself.  Earlier in the evening, one of guys had his hand down the back of my pants while I was trying to talk to the VP of marketing.  I had to ask the VP for "a moment please" and slap my straight coworkers hand out of my pants and return to the conversation pretending nothing happened.  Very difficult.

Work Celebration at Beverly Hills Hotel

It's interesting to see the answer to the question:  What would you do if you a huge budget to throw a wonderful party?  The answer was seen in the second event I attended through work for our clients.

  • Open bar, of course
  • Huge raffle (each guest gets a key that may open 1 of 4 large trunks)
  • Vodka tasting room
  • Cotton Candy vendors
  • Cigar booth
  • Flipbook Photo booth
  • .... and Synchronized swimmers because it's being held at a hotel pool patio in Beverly Hills
I was talking to someone and said, "this is out of control!  we should have just done a taco vendor huh?"  Knowing that it would be a hit for only $300.  But I couldn't get anyone to agree with me... synchronized swimmers is greater than tacos apparently.  

Here are GIFs our flipbooks we made from the photobooth - my coworker dancing while it's "raining" and my angry boss punching me.