Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ciclavia - Iconic Wilshire Blvd

When they advertised this event as the most walkable Ciclavia they failed to mention that it was still a pretty long route.  Also it makes a difference when you're the only one walking and everyone else is on bikes.

It's amazing to see a major LA street closed off for bicycles and even more amazing to see how many people participated.  Traffic was bad that day, but not for bicyclists.  They were also handing out pamphlets about major sections and buildings along "Iconic Wilshire."  It was a spectacular history lesson.

We witnessed a couple of crashes where the intersection was opened for cars and there was sudden stops.  There were so many people out that we needed the help of cross guards to get to the other end.

We ran into Cindy and Hannah and played with some of their equipment.  And took a break for Korean lunch!

The good shots are from Cindy's film camera.  Borrowed them from her Flickr.

Our friends!!  What a lovely day!  The next one is in DTLA!  The heart of LA in October.  This time I'm renting a bike!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Modern Family

Meet Kevin and our daughter.  We still don't know who the father is.


#proudtolove Jk That's my coworker during kids to work day. Love how we match! This picture actually went out to the entire company as a part of a collage. LOL. I'm lucky to be in such a welcoming environment. I'm excited to plan the biggest party of my life - my wedding. I'm talking about food, choreographed dancing and cultural traditions. Probably 4 outfit changes. The economy is going to do so well! But I imagine I'll be in my late 30's. What's the rush?

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Chinatown Summer Nights

Chinatown Summer Nights by KCRW is always fun.

But what made this occasion particularly great was that everyone we cared about was there and the crows were low.  It was easy to get food from food trucks and walk around.

Finally, an evening get together with everyone that doesn't involve Weho.

Above are my favorites from Cindy's Flickr.  I love her film pics!

I ordered a Frito Pie, which is Southern street food which involves meat and cheese mixed with Fritos.  Too over priced and I felt very guilty afterwards.

The confetti canons come from Chinatown.  David bought about $20 worth which gets you  a lot.  Everyone got a canon and we released it all at once.  We used the left over tubes to do Tinikling - Philippine folk dance.  It attacked some dancers.  LOL  So random and wonderful  Channeling college culture show dance skills.

There were so many dancers out.  What Sean represent!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Exploring with Alysia

Alysia is my family away from San Jose.  We don't see each other as often now that her OkCupid boyfriend is becoming more serious, but during the occasions I do see her, it's wonderful.  April is her birthday month and even though she just came back from Thailand, she insisted on having Thai for her birthday dinner.  Alysia is a conundrum - she doesn't like peanuts, curry, beansprouts, coconut or seafood but she somehow manages to find Thai delicious sans those ingredients.

The next stop for her birthday was star gazing at Griffith Observatory.  But it was so cloudy that evening.  Luckily we all had the constellations app and just enjoyed the night sky electronically.

Later that week, I took a Friday off to venture into downtown to places no tourists have ever gone... during weekdays.  This included visiting DWP where we learned about how LA gets its water.  That crane in the background excites me because it's a sign of development.  Brigham Yen knows all about the happenings of DTLA.

Alysia discovered a DTLA Farmers market up the block.  So we enjoyed a great lunch there among the workers of the city around Bank of America Plaza.   The park in this area is so cute.

We ventured back to City Hall where we got our visitor's pass to see the glorious city view on the 27th floor.  Only open on weekdays!  This has been on my to-do list forever!  We can see most of downtown off the top ledge.


We saw some great architecture.  But I didn't think my shots were that great.  

The Vegas Formula

Back in April, Charles celebrated his 30th birthday in Las Vegas.  Above you can see that they are preparing to lose their kidneys.  This is the second time I've gone to Las Vegas for a birthday and we've come up with a no fail formula.

1. Drive in on Saturday morning
2. Eat at Wicked Spoon and get wasted from their bottomless mimosas/bloody Mary's (be loud and obnoxious)
3. Drink more alcohol from the stash that we smuggled into the Palazzo
4. Hit the pool drunk
5. Take a nap
6. Eat a late dinner at a burger joint
7. Get ready to go out
8. Have a mediocre time at a gay bar
9. Wander the streets and stay up until 4AM
10. Separate Sunday morning and regret the drive

However we added a few more steps:

2.3 - Judge the Wicked Spoon for mislabeling the Asian food and be a diva about it. BTW they still haven't fixed this even though they responded to my tweet.

Got Charles the same Birthday dessert platter as Ernesto in 2011!

2.6 - Take an epic walk from the Cosmo to the Palazzo and dance to the music playing from the Bellagio water show

 4.5 - Play pool games, but actually just sit on each other and raise your hands randomly.  I had a waterproof case for my iPhone and took some fun pool shots.

5.5 - Try to take a nap while others folic in weird poses.  I actually took the liberty of walking around in my underwear after receiving one compliment about how much weight I lost.  I guess I only need one trigger to feel gratuitously sexy.  No. not posting those pictures. 

Just wanter the halls as if you own the place.

by Martin

Distant Tourists

On Father's Day I gave my dad a call.  Sometimes I wish I lived an hour away so that I could visit without hassle.  One hour is a good distance.  My dad visited early in May to help my brother move out of his college dorm.  He took the opportunity to visit me and enjoy #LALife.

I took him around downtown and became a tourist with him.

There were moments of silence that day where I thought I could just come out to him.  I could have filled that silence with honesty, but I couldn't get myself to do it.  Instead of talking about the city, I could have talked about myself.  My dad knows a lot about me, but there is that one piece that I have yet to express.  The physical distance between Los Angeles and San Jose where he lives is almost as vast as the metaphoric distance between me and my dad when it comes my sexuality.

So we both just wait... wait until I'm ready.  Whenever that may be.  But I'm glad he visited.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hookah Shotgun - Soul Suck

Just like playing Jenga, drinking boba or doing karaoke.  Smoking hookah or shisha is just something to do with friends.  But like anything I do, I like to homo it up.  A little homoerotic activity in public doesn't fail to provide entertainment.  When you pass smoke it's called shotgunning.  We tried this at our favorite Turkish Hookah bar - Ali Mama in Silverlake.  They have a really good, really strong and gritty Turkish coffee.  But only a few were able to do it.

Like a soul sucking Dementor's Kiss or Hocus Pocus.... whatever you're into.

Next time we can up it one notch and try the below. Dang, she's good.

Risky Business

I couldn't have been more excited for a Risky Business themed moving party in a DTLA loft.  No pants?  No problem.  And I had the perfect shirt to wear: an oversized shirt from Banana Republic that I paid too much for to get rid of.  Cute undies and I was ready for the evening.

I clipped my wallet and phone to my shirt pocket with a butterfly clip so that I wouldn't lose it.  I called a Gypsy cab (aka - illegal under ground Korean car service) for all of us and handed shots after shots to everyone because you know what?   I didn't have pants and no one was driving.

Getting ready to head out
How liberating is it not to wear pants.  And even more liberating, making new friends and then immediately losing them during my mutually shared blackout.  Sorry if I offended you.

I'm enjoying the DJs as they enjoy... me.

These are the hosts dancing in the changing room.  The blond is a craigslist roommate who owns a pet rabbit.

Have you ever read Texts for Last Night?  I'm thankful my friend passed out before witnessing any of these "accusations."  .... .... so absurd.

I read an article about regrettable things we do in our 20s.  Getting drunk and embarrassing ourselves is one of them.

I apparently walked 2 miles to Chinatown with no pants.  My socks were black.  I found texts to Jimmy on my phone accusing him of abandoning me.  I guess I took being a "wandering drunk" to a new level.  I wonder if Tom Cruise would be proud.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Landlord and Echo Park Lake

I left a voice message for my landlord's daughter:

"Hi, this is Chris from 321.  Thanks for letting me know that someone will be appraising the house, but you never confirmed when your dad would come by to fix things.  I found him in the hallway this morning without notice.  I've been living here for years and I feel uncomfortable with your dad coming in whenever he pleases.  I was sleeping naked.  Please let him know that we would appreciate a heads up the day before."

Three days later I get a phone call.

"Hi Chris... I got your message.  I'm so sorry for my dad.  I've told him many times to let you know, but he's just old!!  He's just so old he doesn't understand.  I'm sorry.... he's so old"

I found this response very endearing.  I related, my grandpa is really old and does a lot of silly things. But when I saw him that morning, I made it clear that I was upset despite the language barrier.

"Hi Jose.. what's going on here."
"Oh you sleep?  Only today."
"yes I was sleeping, could you let me know next time."
"Not much noise.. so sorry."

He continued to repaint the patio and the bathroom.

This morning I found him again in the back.  This time, it was to re-cement the porch.  It's become whatever.  You can't get too angry with him, he has no teeth, he looks great in a cowboy hat and our rent is cheap.  He's like a 5th roommate.  Wonder if he'd like some leftovers.


Echo Park Lake has reopened after 2 long years.  Hopefully it stays wonderful.  They've removed the pollution, rebuilt the wetlands and installed a natural filtering system.  Hopefully people pick up after themselves.  Just in time for the summer #picnics #jogging.  And it's walking distance from 321!

Instagram pictures.  Credit given in the file name:

Jimmy having a laugh with the mayor elect Eric Garcetti

Monday, June 10, 2013

Race LA

For those who skim Groupon or LivingSocial as a part of their daily routine probably stumbled upon a city race.  Perhaps?  Essentially a scavenger hunt set in specific location for a certain amount of money.  Is it worth it?  Yes!  Only with the deal though.  I would only pay $15 a person for this because you're given a piece of paper and rules.  And I learned that they recycle the clues!

 We decided to unify ourselves with a color!  Thankfully we were all available on the LAST day of the groupon deal.  Our city: Pasadena. RaceLA - here we go!  There were 50 groups!  And an intimidating veteran who did 4 races already!

We ran around solving clues, looking for hints on line and used our brains.  It was tricky!  It was fun!  People stopped to asked what we were doing.  I enjoyed watching Jlo and Charles argue.  We had to stay together, but we broke up the tasks.  We finished everything with only a few iffy answers.

We ran back and the staff was surprised, "that was fast!"

But soon we learned that getting the answer right was more valuable than beating the clock!  Questions included who many instruments in the windowsill or when was the first Library built.  Questions that made us learn more about the city and be observant of our surroundings.

13th place!  We cringed when we got about 3 questions wrong!  ARG!  We should have taken our time!   But it was great fun.  What they didn't have was photo challenges, which surprised me.  But anyone can act silly - actually finding information is difficult! Check that off the list!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Lure of Making Out at Night Clubs

With a few drinks in your veins, you become uninhibited.

My friends say that your true self emerges when you're intoxicated. The self control that allows you to properly behave in society vaporizes as if alcohol erases rules and logic written on a white board.  Making good life choices is difficult, but having fun is not especially since there's nothing to hold you back.

Maybe this explains why sexual energy is heightened when you're drunk.  Because we are all social and sexual beings that need the attention, affirmation and physical connection.  And maybe this explains why it feels so good to make out with someone at a club - at least for me.

I just met you, and this is crazy, but I am wasted and I want you baby.

It doesn't matter who's around us
The music, the energy, the alcohol.  Grinding and moving to a rhythm.  Stealing touches and looks.  Night time lighting and bedroom eyes.  Making out while dancing is like having sex in public.

You feel like you've satisfied a primordial need that has been programed into our DNA since existence.  You feel attractive.  Confident.  Flattered.  Especially since it was so easy and casual... with a mutually shared glass of Jameson on the rocks.

We gays compartmentalize ourselves so that we hang out with the people that we find attractive.  In doing so it is almost guaranteed that someone there who you find attractive is drunk enough to make out with your ugly face.

Simply put there are no bear clubs for straight people to attend and get unregretfully slutty.  I digress...

I remember taking pictures of my friends going at it in the middle of the club because I found it hilarious.  But thinking about it now, I've realized that we shouldn't ridicule or tease our friends too harshly when they are caught in the act... after all they are getting the action and we are just jealous observers.

Making out at the club is fun.  The energy surrounds you and you feel like a mild exhibitionist.  Any ounce of feeling unattractive, undesirable, unwanted goes away instantly. It's good for your soul.  If you feel like you're being judged just pull your partner to one of many dark corners and affirm your attraction and fulfill your animalistic desires in private.  But I don't mind...

"Get a room?" We have a room - it's call the dance floor you sober fuck.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

March Recp

March was a long time ago, but of course we shouldn't forget about those adventures.  Angel's Knoll is definitely a part of the Hidden LA experience. Look at this view and no body around to ruin it.  Probably because everyone was at Father's Office, The Grove or Pink's Hotdog.

This is my absolute favorite picture of me and Jimmy.  I should have saved it for another entry about how wonderful he is, but I think you get the idea.  What a cutie.

Btw, this is a gay blog.  So here we are being fabulous.


House Party - Opening Ceremony

In reverse order!

Our favorite Taco Truck at 3AM - People wouldn't go home

People enjoying the pictures from past Christmas parties - I'm all about creating that community

A picture of my attic bedroom with people in it

Sam, Erik and Ernesto

Jimmy - the Photographer
We had a photo booth of course, but Jimmy just informed me that all of his high def. pictures added up to 9GIGs.  WTF!??!


People of March

Sean, Sunny  - Short Stop - they're old friends.  Sunny runs the show.  Found a cute boy and bought him a drink.  I love it.

Carl - Akbar - he's patting my tummy.  #medium

Will - Hart and Hunter.  He makes friends with the staff.  They appreciate his engagement

Tommy, Charles, Jimmy - Angel City Brewery's Food Truck Haven Event.  There's a slide inside.

Bien's goodbye WeHo adventure.  I made the diva cry by putting together a photo album.  Good luck in New York!  Such a good singer, such a sasssy sasssy lip syncer.

Take a look at his talent.  You'll be impressed, I promise.

Good Night March!  Thank you friends for taking these pictures.