Saturday, October 31, 2009

Flip Cup Champions

Feels good to win!

My company had a flip cup tournament last week and my team won undefeated. We were strong and solid and took home the trophy. The first round most of the members were able to land the cup on the lid on the first try!! Unbelievable!

I think it helped that we practiced at the office with a small keg the day before!

At the end of the evening they were cleaning up and were about to throw away a dozen chicken wings. Well I had NONE of that, I asked the kitchen for a zip lock bag and took it home to my roommates!

It was good team bonding. Work is easier when you can really let loose with your coworkers. And I'm getting the hang of social, professional drinking. I love it. (Except when this girl came up to me and told me she met me at some event, and I couldn't remember. Oops.)

The theme of the night was also "smiling with your eyes." Or Smizing, as crazy Tyra Banks puts it.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Giraffe Attack

I'm so excited for this year's halloween!!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Buttons! Push push push.

As I chant to myself, "don't be dramatic" I find that others around me are sometimes sensitive to my harmless jokes. I guess there are particular moments when we look into things too much. I guess everyone has their buttons, but it's interesting because sometimes it's not WHAT you say, but rather who says it.

An old friend of mine confronted me about innocent comments I made about her. She admitted, "if it had been anyone else, I would have disregarded it, but it was from you."

And what does that really me? "From me?" Because my opinion of her is something that matters? Because of my tendency to broadcast my thoughts all over the web? Ironically, I find her sarcasm brash and offensive at times, but I understand her... I think she's still trying to figure out me.

I guess, I'm more careless with my benign jokes than people care for.

But we should all learn not to obsess and over think. Let's just do dinner instead.

Nom nom nom


My buttons used to be.. being called a slut, comments on my skin and being talked down to. I found that these buttons don't trigger much anymore because SHIIET, on Halloween, I'm gonna be the sluttiest Giraffe in WeHo or as classy people like to call it, "the strip." I just lasered all my acne off and... talking down to me makes me laugh.

har har har. (Unless it's from people I respect, then I'll start crying... once again it was who said it.)

I guess, that's what it means to grow a thick skin. But that's what I say now. I wonder what new buttons will be manifested as I reach my midder twenties.


Such a sad emo little Mario obsessing about what people think of him..... awww. Thanks CARL!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Officially Have a Crazy

Got this in my inbox today from Crazy Aquarius.
I love attention, but really?

I know he reads this blog because it's easy to stalk me. So... if you're reading this. SLOW YOUR ROLL YOU CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Though, it's flattering.


Maybe I egg him on, because I call him. I like his laugh, he's funny and sweet... and suffocating and it's refreshing because I'm an attention whore, but ... I don't want to have a police case on my hands if I tell him I'm not interested in serious things right now.

Am I getting myself into some deep shit?


Multiple identities - It's hard to keep everything seperate.

I removed everything "letopho" from my facebook. Facebook is for the general public because it's linked to work and classmates and my "real-ish" name. Letopho has become a more private domain, though many folks have access to it.

I've decided that letopho will also be seperate from people I potentially date. I'm going to give out my work AIM when I chat with people I'm interested in so that I can blog about them using Letopho. But I shouldn't be so paranoid, not everyone is a master stalker like me... wait.. SHIT!

Monday, October 26, 2009

An Example of How Easy it is to Make Gay Friends

My gay friend from the bay has been complaining about not having gay friends... oh Booo Hoo.
How hard is it to make gay friends? All you need is one.. and then your network explodes.

Example, conversation with his one gay friend-

His friend: dude you should come down with us to West Hollywood
His friend: let's look at flights RIGHT NOW
My loser friend: uh...maybe?
His friend: get out your credit card. we're gonna book u your fllights, it'ls be FABULOUS

My theory.. you're gay best friends for two weeks, go traveling fuck around and then you become mere friends you see at clubs.. but that's okay because while you were with them... you made 10 more new gay best friends and you already have a trip to New York lined up.

...and repeat.

And with that formula, that's how all the gays know each other.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Testing 1, 2...

So what is Letopho going to be for Halloween?
You guessed it, a slutty Giraffe.

But it's only slutty because I'm not wearing pants... but rather giraffe print go go shorts.

The costume actually only works without pants. I got an opportunity to test the makeup yesterday and I didn't come out too bad. I plan on painting spots down my leg (so it's not so white) and down my chest some more so that I can have my shirt more open =X

Ernesto invited me to Barangay which is a gay Filipino club in LA and I got to test drive my costume. I got self conscious and kept on my pants, but people there were practically naked.

Could I parade around pantsless on Halloween? I was more chicken less giraffe than I thought.

OO, and these man ladies did this amazing rendition of "Nobody" by the Wondergirls. Fab.

Ernesto chilling in his costume.


We left the party early because it felt more like a general meeting. I didn't know anyone and there was no dancing. I got a call from Matt who was being creepy. Apparently he went up to my boys in San Francisco and told them he knew them through my blog. Then he called me to confirm and is supposed to send me a group picture of them.

Sigh, the boys were at Shangrila in San Francisco and I wish I was there so that they could judge my costume. I'd definitely take off my pants with their criticism... support.

Blah. I think I eat well in LA, but I party better in the Bay. *gasp*


By the way. I love Johneepixels7... even though he doesn't"reject the cultural perversion that's trying to change the sacred institution of god ordained traditional marriage."

My roommate went to a wedding, and the theme was the "importance of a god ordained traditional marriage." Heh heh, it's really funny.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Pinky isn't High Enough

After flying trapeze class, my work took me to BOA, this $$$$ steakhouse on the pier.

It was nice, romantic.. blah blah... it was good to be fancy for once, but as I discover before, I'm not a fancy guy. I don't like wine and overpriced food served to privileged people who don't have anything else to do with their money except spend it. They had lit up cotton candy and a deconstruct fancy pants s'more.. really? REALLY? My YELP review.

I'm lucky that I get these opportunities and I need to work on appreciating fine dining.

On the flip side, Sandy took me to this fantastic hole in the wall Indian place called, Indian Sweets and Spices. It was so dirty so cheap so flavorful... and so much substance. Unlike Boa that had the shimmer of lights and plastic to compensate for lack of cultural flavors. All they had to decorate with was graffiti and the blood of this people and instead of violins they had Indian music from Bollywood films.... I felt the colors and dancing.

It's just me, I wouldn't spend 100 on a seafood platter. I'd rather spend 10 dollars on Spinach rice and Yellow Curry... I can taste INDIA instead of tasting my Wallet.

Chivalry is Dead, But youre still Kind of Cute.

Crazy Jesus Lover invited me to some head honcho in Ad vertising's birthday party in WeHo. When I arrived, he greeted me with such warmth.

Crazy Jesus Lover.. I'm going to change to Crazy Aquarius because his love for zodiac was louder than his love for Jesus. When he met my friends, he immediately asked for their birthdays.

Crazy Aquarius was so attentive to me, touchy, massage and suffocating. He was the opposite from the guy I had been seeing and it was a breath of fresh air. The guy that I have been seeing reserves affection for the bedroom.

Though very sweet, he was over the top. Saying things like, "as long as you're happy, I would give the world to you, your friends are lucky to have you, you're such a wonderful person.. yadda yadda.." it was endless. It was nice, but it was too much.

When I described him to Sandy, Sandy sighed and smiled... "CHIVALRY!?! He's sooo sweet." I guess so.

He took me to a bar and got me all liquored up. JK. He actually got me shrimp cocktail and tuna tar tar.. when I just wanted fries.
He also insisted that I walk first into doorways and gave hugs for longer than comfortable.

I like his laugh and he's really easy to talk to and he's available into the night. His attention is extreme, but it was nice. I just wish I can take Crazy Aquarius and the guy I've been dating and smash them together.

What do they have in common though? They both love food.

Food is the quickest way to keep me interested apparently.


When I told my friends about Crazy Aquarius, they asked if I told that guy I was dating. I didn't think I needed to since I already talked to the guy I've been dating about keeping it casual. I guess the problem is.. what does "keeping it casual" mean?

My definition:
It means nonexclusive dating. All the fun without the worry. Is this not a universal definition?
I'm not looking for love. I'm looking for food. NOM NOM NOM.

Thinking about Art

I'm looking to buy art for my room, but I've found it difficult. Rarely do I find something that I really love and since art is generally expensive.. that that much more picky.

In Pasadena, there was an art fair with more affordable art by students!
Alysia and Sandy bought some greeting cards that were letter pressed.

Though, it was cheaper art, I still couldn't find anything that I liked. I also feel like the art would have more value if I did it myself. Oh I wish I knew how to paint.

On Vermont street and other places in my hood, there are other works of urban art for sale for an arm and a leg:

Such amazing displays of talent scattered across the city.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Flying Trapeze at Santa Monica Pier

This is what I did last night!!

The first time I did it, I was too tense that the guy had to stop me mid jump because my body positioning was wrong. Then when I was upside down my hips were too tense and you can see my ASS sticking out miles from my waist.

I did a backflip and then a catch, but didn't record them because I ran out of space.

...but here's a video of a random girl doing the stunts that I learned too!

It really helped that the dude catching me was an Armani Exchange model... swoon. I put chalk on my arms because my life depended on it!

The scariest part was jumping from the platform and climbing the ladder, but I'm ready to try out for Cirque Du Soleil!

More stories to come, lots of work to do before my company flip cup tournament tonight!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

LA Makes you Self Conscious, Superficial and Frustrated at Life

After 24 years of life, it's only until now that I realize that I need pants that fit right to show off my assets.

This entire time I've been stuck in the 90's wearing a lot of baggy clothing when I need to be more conscious of the fit over the price. I literally have 4 baggy jeans that I rotate and one nicely fitting corduroy that's ripping on the bottom. What made me realize this? My coworker who looks amazing in his pants trousers.

Also, when I went jean shopping, my coworker said, "those look great, it flatters your shape and your fans would like that." My "fans?" I guess in LA, someone is a fan of someone else, someone is envious.. copying being copied etc etc.

Now where do they sell trousers that fit my Asian American body?


I tried on my slutty slut slut Halloween costume last night and I realized that I need to go to the gym. Perfect! I can use my neglected 24 Hour fitness contracted membership.

To my HORROR I couldn't find parking and I forgot my wallet and couldn't pay for the garage.


Frustrated, I came home, ate string cheese and napped.

It's annoying because it's only 2 miles away and there are literally only 15 spots on the street that are usually taken. I decided to go home because I didn't want to get pulled because I was driving crazy looking for parking without my ID.

I HATE YOU LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Crazy Jesus Lover strikes again:
"I miss hearing your voice. that sounds corny but its' true. I should have a tape recording of your voice and replay it over and over again."

Flattered or Freaked out... how should I feel?

Oh, I had impromptu laser on my skin last week in Beverly Hills.
What is LA turning me INTO!?!??!?!?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Everyone Loves Apartment 321!!!

Now WHY does everyone LOVE Apartment 321?

People love apartment 321....

...because there's a balcony where you can sit and do your shit with the company of others while watching cars catch on fire and gangs eat homeless people in the street. Don't worry, we have a gate with a padlock!

...because uncle Sam will give you a great haircut with his non-training!

...because there are a whole bunch of pointless doors and rooms that lead to nowhere... which one leads to my rooom!!?!

...because if you ever run out of toilet paper, someone is available to help!

..because there are always home cooked meals!!

...because you can invite your boyfriend, your trick and your transgendered dog... EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

...because daddy Mike is handy and shops for the house

..because we have a grill in the backyard patio... extra man points if your hair products don't catch on fire!... everyone gets a turn!

...because the ghost who lives in the walls can't get through because Chris blocked the little ghost door with a bookshelf!.... but first, what does it look like inside?... hmm a murder scene.

... because the walls have character.

...because the low ceiling makes you feel like a GIANT!

So Sandy over here, while listening to her Indie rock (that hipster) jump-dances on her mattress (because she's staying with me for a while and you can see that her shit is everywhere) forgot that I have a low ceiling and hit her head on the light fixture, shattering the glass into a million pieces on her bed. I won't be surprised if she wakes up the next day with cuts from the glass... or from the ghost that lives in my walls.

Oh, so it rained in LA and as we anticipated, there was a leak in the attic bedrooms. I was lucky, Ernesto was not and had to put pots and pans around his bed.

I love it so much. (I'm not being sarcastic!)

COME VISIT APARTMENT 321!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!