Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's My Birthday

Amazing Bday Celebration last night.

Don't remember the latter half so I checked my text messages-

Letopho: ZZZZZ sleep now. Night boooooo. Happppy day. Loves. Holllow. ZZZ ight .and u look good with ur booobies

Friend: But I don't even have boobies.

Ooops. Scared to look at pictures! Parents are coming! AHHH!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Zip Lining in LA

"HARK! The Zip Line!"

Looks like someone left this zip line in the middle of the LA mountains. Let's hook a pulley and harness to it and swing across the city above the ravine without a trained professional.

Looks safe enough

Best free dollars I've ever spent. It was exciting when Ern transformed into me midway through the line. Good thing we stopped otherwise we would have traveled through time.


What's our next adventure ERN?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Soundsuits After Dark

To celebrate the closing of an exhibit at the Fowler museum at UCLA, KCRW hosted a party complete with a DJ and of course... food trucks.

Nick Cave's Soundsuits

We were feeling these suits and chased them down for one last dance. We went a little crazy.

Hehe, we were laughing so hard. It felt like we were dancing with a giant pom pom.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ready Set Go

A little Silverlake adventure? Yes please. I'll wear my cheap colorful sunglasses and my hip man bag. We checked out the Jubilee Street Fair in our neighborhood... probably did 20 loops while we were there. Emphasis on music art community environment.

First- Farmers Market

But second, we found a Salvage yard similar to Berkeley's Urban Ore. Score!

Food trucks and posters:

Talented Kids and a stretch session:

I'm trying to be cool again like the Fonz.. AYYY. Eric and Ern made hanging pots to grow basil from old soda bottles and Ern has "gay hip"

Very couture:

Mandarin orange tacos, not as good as Ern's Orange Chicken tacos. Good try LA.

Ern was practicing taking pictures of cute boys in the background. I am teaching him how to properly be creepy. Good shot, Ern.. next time adjust the focus.

Eric had so much fun, he jizzed all over Ern's car seat. Bad Eric!

"What's our next adventure Ern? Let's go!"

A Night on Sunset Strip

If you drive down Sunset Strip, you'll notice signs that say, "No Cruising." It wasn't until I drove through the street that I realized that I could probably spend lots of time just driving aimless through the street that epitomizes "Beverly Hills and West Hollywood."

Lights, glamor and all you need is a pocket full of doe.... or a limo.

Had some sake and Japanese food at Katana:

Perfect weather to have dinner on the Patio.

Some candids and group shots:

Headed over to Saddle Ranch where I surprised the group with my rendition of Bon Jovi. Love singing to strangers. There was a mechanical bull, but it was a bit intimating. The venue was so kitschy and "western" it was fun.

Headed back to the limo, grab some Carls and passed out at home. Woot. Happy Tuesday.