Friday, August 31, 2012

July Recap

We went wine tasting at Barnsdall Park.  Check out these cut complementary glasses.  I got a nice buzz and so did Rosario Dawson.  We waited around for a picture with her, but she aggressively declined because she was too drunk.  We politely let her be and walked away.  "The worst that could happen is they they no."  Well, it's a sad feeling when celebrities decline.

But here's a sneaky picture of her grooving to the afternoon.  What a star.


Ern's birthday at Ernie's Tacos.  I take full credit for the bomb group photo.  No awkward shuffling here.  Every year, the group grows and Ern does a really nice appreciation speech.  Look at all this love in the room.

We discovered a cute gay dive bar in Pasadena called The Boulevard.  We had a boyfriend serenade-off and guess what's happening in the bottom picture.  You got it a rendition of Proud Mary.    ROLLING DOWN THE RIVER.

Had a tiny pool party and made use of the BBQ pit: bulgogi lettuce wraps!

I connected with Irene who I haven't seen in YEARS!  She looks the same!  She claims that I do too, but lol.

Went on a pirate themed cruise ship around Marina del Rey.  YEAH, I dressed up.  What about it?!?!?!  Yeah those hats were like $6 each... and I'll never wear it again... whatever!  I got a bomb ass photo out of it.

I'm falling in love with Silverlake Reservoir.  Fly my kite, have a picnic, devour these amazing chinese fried chicken wings.

We went to San Diego for Fourth of July where Charles took advantage of OTHER people's room service.

Having more fun on these new modern playground toys than the kids around.

That's all of July!  Dear heavens, I'm almost caught up!

Food Porn - July 2012

I'm becoming a bit vain with these pictures of myself.  Whatever.  I find it amusing.... look, it's me eating again... in space.  I declare the month of July as the month of 2MM Calories.  Damn, everything I consumed was so decadent.

 Hash House a Go Go in San Diego- Andy's Sage Fried Chicken Benedict w/ maple reduction, 2 eggs, bacon mashed potatoes and biscuit.  HUGE Dish

Guisado : Sample Platter.  All these meats were so intricately marinated!  Listed as one of the best taco places in LA.  The meats and tortilla make these little treats unique.

Delicious Food Corner:  Thick toast, condensed milk and butter!  So good.

FukuBuger: Jazz Fries.  Brown Gravy and Crack Sauce!

FukuBurger: Tamago Burger "Egg Burger." (fuku-patty topped with fried egg, furikake, crispy onions, teriyaki sauce, and wasabi mayo).  Much better than the Fuku burger itself.

Frida Mexican Cuisine: Queso Fundido.  I should have known about this.  This is literally melted cheese served with tortilla.  Wow.  Amazing.

Frida Mexican Cuisine: Tacos de Rib Eye - Handmade corn tortillas with Grilled marinated Rib Eye, diced and topped with onions and cilantro.  This was absolutely amazing.

Frida Mexican Cuisine: I actually don't know what this is, but it's intense.

Dog Haus:  Amazing complicated hot dogs.  Need to come back to try the other flavors!
Grand Slam smoked bacon, egg, tater tots
Sooo Cali mixed greens, diced tomato, tempura fried onions, spicy basil aioli, avocado

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dancing in June

I've been focusing on looking for a new job, getting a new job, training for the new job and doing the new job that I have put blogging on the back burner.  This is no good.

Though I'm not a good blogger, this is my detox.  My goal for the night is to close June even though September is in a couple of days.

In a way, being late forces me to look back on what I did months before selecting my favorite pictures to write about.

In June, I discovered that I was successful in doing a lot of random things, but most of them involved dancing in the street.

We participated in the free Dance Downtown by the Music Center in downtown LA.  We attended Bhangra lessons and twisted our elbows into the night sky following the energy of the instructor who was in the middle of the floor.  At one moment I was in the center imitating her fluid movements under the lanterns.  Love.  Need to continue to do these next year - 70's and 80's night!

Grand Performances was also hosting a Dirty Dancing Movie Screening Dance-a-long!  20 minutes before the screening they taught us some simple dance moves to perform along with the movie during the closing scene.  Also, during the movie, there were actual dancers imitating the dance that we showing on the screen.  This movie has become one of my favorites.   What a classic!

Dina had the urge to celebrate her birthday at Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney.  She asked us to dress up.  So I wore my giraffe print shirt and socks.  She had zebra stockings and Sarah wore a Cheetah print top.  Their friend was a cow.

Once again I was on the dance floor randomly on the streets following along to live music.  I should really take up partner dance lessons.  I really like it.

Wow.  Really drunk Karaoke, but that led to some intense dancing slash scream.

Above is a collection of unflattering karaoke faces.

"Hey Girl, whathcu gonna sing next?"


I also did a lot of sitting at places that have been on my to-do list for such a long time!!!

Finally visited Ali Mama Cafe - a Turkish Hookah bar in Silverlake.  Had a good time trying to pass smoke from each other's mouths.  Looks like he's sucking his SOUL!

We hit up Heu one night for their awesome Pineapple Soju served in a Pineapple pitcher and apple cups.  The apple cups were delicious!!  Charles' cousin was there so we got some "service." because she was a hot korean girl.  Service, pronounced "ser VISS" is code for ON THE HOUSE things... 3 extra pitchers of soju!! Girls are useful!

We also sat down and got entertained by Steve and his collection of exotic musical instruments which he plays fluently... fluently?  fluently. The Ruan, Pipa and his newest - the Harp.

We walked around the Arts District downtown and found some interesting corners.

Random making for a hip hop music video.  It's all coming together now.

Found another JR piece!
June is now closed!  WEEE!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Straight Guy Handshake

I just started a new job and the biggest challenge I'm facing is not the new projects, roles or location.  Though location is pretty challenging as I face life-or-death stress taking the 110 to the 105 competing with people who are late for their flight out of LAX.  But as long as I make a left at the Zankou chicken I'm good to go.

Though today I almost rear ended someone and cut off about 5 people.  I'm starting to miss my local street route at my old job full of potholes, buses and cars turning right from the middle lane... almost.

The biggest challenge I'm facing is the straight guy handshake.

My old job was dominated by fabulous.  Gay guys, lady friends.  Fierce and fun.  "hey girl hey" echoed down the halls and I ran the show with my sashay and obnoxious blurts of frustration and joy depending on the type of day I was having.  Replace that with fantasy football and girl talk and I have a new dynamic to adapt to.

How do gay guys greet each other?  Hugs.  We hug each other.  I just met you, and this is crazy, but we are homo... so let's hug it out baby.

How do straight guys do it?  It's a combination of some weird handshake, fist pound, hand slap followed by a pat on the back, ass squeeze if it's related to sports or snap/explosion to show how cool/in-the-know you are.

It's not that I'm not coordinated, it's just that I can't predict movements.   It's completely stressful.  And I stress bullets when I see someone come at me to say bye.  Fuuuuckk.. here it comes.  And when I successfully get it... there's a second level: how do I close it?    There have been so many situations where I inadvertently leave them hanging or I'm left hanging so I cover up by touching myself. (brush my hair or clap.  I think I clapped once.)

If my lack of girl talk, photo of Jimmy on my iPhone doesn't out me, my straight guy handshake fails will.  Though I think I have a solution: high fives.

See you next week.  "high five!"  That way it's one movement.  No follow-up and I'll come off as a very enthusiastic swim teacher.  I'll let you know how it goes, but I almost would rather be stuck in traffic than decode this straight guy language.  #gayguyproblems

....but if I ever get it right.  I'd be like this:

.....but this is more likely ... thanks for hiring me, my reports are done... have a good weekend.