Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Setting Goals / Refining Comprehension / Cook for my Man

When I was in Japan during Thanksgiving weekend last year I regretted not buying daruma / dharma dolls for my coworkers as travel gifts.  Morale was low and we were entering a new year so these popular "gifts of encouragement [...] used alongside goal setting" seemed very appropriate.  Draw in one eye to make a wish or set a goal and then draw in the other eye once it has been completed.

Now almost two months into my new job, I have the opportunity to buy this for my new coworker.

Little Tokyo, Los Angeles to the rescue.  I found this cute version and snagged it for my coworker's birthday this Thursday.  Though I've only know him for a little time, he's shared a lot of personal stories and thoughts.  He's guided by spirituality and zodiac and would appreciate this.  

This is also something I need to get for myself because as I challenge myself with a new job, in a new place, with new people... I'm forgetting about me.  I'm so worked up with "catching up" and fulfilling expectations that people have of me.  "Chris is amazing.  Chris comes with a ton of knowledge of the space.  Chris is cool as a cucumber.  Chris already knows all of this stuff. etc. etc."  I get nervous, because I feel as though I've faked it... and now that I'm "making it," perse it means I need to fill in those gaps.  And that means, being stressed out and forgetting what makes me happy.

I'm on a shifted schedule now, which I'm starting to get used to.  Wake up at 5AM, drive to the shuttle at 5:45.  Arrive at the office by 6:45AM and connect with the New York, Chicago and India office.  When 2:50PM strikes, I dash out and refuse to log back on.  I arrive at my shuttle stop at 4:15PM and back home by 4:30PM.  All this time in the late afternoon to myself is usually wasted, but I've discovered that A1 Asian Market is on my route home from the shuttle.  So I've cooked a few times for me and Jimmy:

Pork braised in coconut juice with eggs (thit heo kho):

A photo posted by Christopho (@letopho) on

A photo posted by Christopho (@letopho) on

Salmon and kale if I'm feeling basic.  And then Jimmy does the dishes.  Cooking doesn't seem so hard if you just following instructions.  And that's actually something that I do a lot at my new job: find the instruction document and read through it to find the answer.  My comprehension skills are being refined.  But it's hard when you have to go through 24 pages to find one thing.  There's a lot of frustrations at work, but I'm determined to make this work for me.

So what ARE my goals/wishes?  Continue to do things that excite me:
  • Explore Los Angeles
  • Plan events
  • See friends
  • ...and don't let work consume me so much that I forget to do those things mentioned above.