Wednesday, April 6, 2011

San Diego for Clubbing

March 10:

Jimmy: What do you want to do tonight?
Letopho: Whatever
Jimmy: Wanna go to San Diego?
Letopho: Um..
Jimmy: Sam is driving
Letopho: yes.

Somehow we found ourselves in San Diego. 

Gay youngins would drive up the 5 from San Diego just to go to Rage in West Hollywood.  I found this ridiculous because it's a 2 hour drive.  How do they not crash and burn?  I find it even MORE ridiculous when San Diego has its own gay neighborhood (Hillcrest) with decent gay nightclubs.

Seriously you guys?  For Rage?

Anyway, that night, we passed those kids on the 5 and gave them a high five from the freeway because we were checking out the San Diego gay scene.

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But why?  Well, mainly because Sam needed to outreach, but while we were down there... yes.


First club was Eden. Wow.  It was the "Abbey of San Diego."  Meh, attractive white boys... if you're into that.  One drink and we were out.  Rich's was next.  It was amazing.  We avoided cover by showing our student IDs.  I already loved it.

Hip Hop floor with good hip hop music.  Ghetto booty bouncing and a large house/techno/remix room that I avoided at all cost.

Ok, I did end up there for a hot second just so I can do my signature gay dance moves. Dunch dunch dunch.  And then back to the hip hop room to bump, grind, body roll, dougie etc.  I like hip hop music to get intimate.  Something about swagging over to a guy and then finding and matching their rhythm. Flirtatiously smile when you get close, popping your chest, subtly touching - thumbs in their belt holes.  Mimicking what you would be doing with them in bed.  Moving to the instructions of the song... yes. All night dance sex... connection.

One of the main things about dancing to dance remixes and techno beats is that you can't really get sexy.  I just don't feel it.  Just a lot of bouncing.

Please disagree.  I've spent an hour trying to find sexual dance/house music.  To no avail.  More bouncing and maybe spray me with a hose.  I was able though to put together a playlist called, "Acceptable Dance Music."  Some David Guetta, DJ Sammy and Deadmau5.

 Satisfied after having San Diego carne asada fries.

And home we go.  Probably one of the best clubbing experiences ever.


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Carne asada fries are THE BEST. Which Mexican place did you get it from?

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