Thursday, December 31, 2009

I have 5 of my friends sleeping over

... and I love it....

Preparing to get drunk on New Years!

This is what we were doing... but without the weird accents.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Hairchive for the Holidays

I need a haircut badly. But my LA stylist is out of town. (LOL.. yes that's what I just said)
As a result, I've been a bit experimental this month.

I amuse myself.

The Crazy Aunt Doris

The Jungle

The Gunky

The Fig Leaf on Adam's Crotch (Formerly- Where's the Fan??!?)


I took 101 back to LA instead of the 5.. it was nice.. and didn't smell like cow shit.

7th Annual Ignia Christmas Party

In 2003, I hosted the first annual Ignian Christmas party with my high school friends. It was epic, it was a sleep over and it's been a tradition for 6 years now.

This year in 2009, the tradition has come full circle and we all met again at my house. Some of us changed, some of us stayed the same, some of us grew mustaches.I can't believed how much has changed (like my living room). But what has stayed the same is this awkward photo with us holding up gifts that we all struggled to get for each other (Secret Santa) and gifts that we were stuck with (white elephant).

The new people (Caitlin's husband and Sandy's Portland friend) and missing people (Janelle and Jon) reflect the drastic changes that have happened in our lives. Because we are so busy and scattered, we rarely talk to each other through out the year... this get together is that much more important to reconnect.


The night was full of games and snacking and getting away from our parents- like in high school.

Oh and Aaron was a drunk mess:

It's stuff like this that reminds me to slow down...and enjoy the wholesome good moments with my friends from home.

Lucky to have Large Family

This year's family Christmas party was pretty amazing.
I'm very lucky to have a lot of cousins around my age and as a result holidays are spectacular, especially Christmas.

Christmas Eve has traditionally been composed of a nice Catholic church ceremony where the priest reminds everyone that it's CHRISTmas... and this "Happy Holidays" nonsense is ridiculous followed by gifts from mom and dad.

This year I got my mom a nice scarf and my dad a electric wine corker from Brookstone.

Christmas day is when everyone gathers for dinner, presents and games.

Before, I felt like my family was shrinking, but with the birth of my... erm.. nephew? (cousin's child) my family grew so much more. I did not want to hold the baby, because I break things.

My parents are so classy.

A lot people means a lot of food and a lot of presents. It was gift bag madness- no one has time to wrap presents anymore.

This year I made a marinara sauce from scratch. Thanks to Michael's help, it was a success and I got a lot of compliments. I'm already pressured to make something extraordinary next year... EEKS! I'm glad no one was poisoned.

This year I also got all my cousin gifts and they seem to enjoy my small, but "thoughtful" gifts. I exposed my secret - the worker at the novelty store helped me a lot!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Good Bye Samsung... Hello iPhone

I got my Samsung A27 something in December 2007 and I've accumulated a lot of memories with that phone. I just finished going through all 210 saved text messages from various people and copying them into a word document.

Why? Because I like to remember. I like to re-experience moments in my life by simply reading old test messages.

What I've realized is the majority of the ones that I've kept are really flattering. "you're the best," "I want to cuddle..." And other strange things.... but regardless why would I want to forget those nice things that were said to me? And it's just nice to remind yourself that someone was thinking of you at some point.

With that, I'll share a handful with you... maybe they were from you.

Thanks you guys.


Texts from Letopho's phone


August 14, 2009
Just want to say hi. I miss u. Mom

August 8, 2009
By the way, I shook my head at you when you were dancing to be funny last night. Cuz you were dancing funny, lol.

July 24
Chris!!!!! Clubs suck without you :(

July 20
Maybe that's why I get these random boners at work…. You are psychically molesting me

July 2
Morning, em. For our romantic date tonight can we got to target and buy 3oz bottles of soap, shampoo and unblock? That'd be so hot.

June 30
Ur so ruthless. I'm so turned on now! Hahahah!

May 14
Thanks for keeping my self esteem high this week. I'll remember this when your on Accutane :]

April 20
Yawwwww! I LOVE YOU! and your inner thighs as pillows.

April 11
I'm at the hustler throwing ones at strippers

March 25, 2009
Im in the bathroon. I need to takr a step back and breathe. Eqww he'll no. He's like in his 650's. I'm not that buzzed

January 29
You. Hunters. Tonight. Drunk. Dance. Vomit. Point and laugh. Pass out


December 4
I just passed by a tow truck that belongs to the camel towing company!! Hahahahha

November 30
I wanted to tell u that our body roll is hotter than a freaking sexy roll. Hahah is

November 22
Makre sure you are camando!!

November 21
Studying is not freaky, unless it involves you.

August 1
If you weren't dating when I met you I think I would have had a crush on you cuz you're awesome like that hahhaha dunno why I just wanted to let you know teheeh =]

July 29
Outside your door? =]
And a good night ass squeeze for good measure haha.

July 27
I'm really glad you came last night and I think all the girls were thrilled to see some men out there. :]

July 15
Oh dear heavens I love the bone. I try to gnaw on it whenever I can. I can't get enough bone, really.

July 5
I wish we could return to a simpler time.

July 5
Hand puppets! I miss you guys. Trips ain't the same without all

June 27
OMG u are right. My brain can't handle all the boobs n booties.

May 30
I hope you're having a wonderful time right now. Things might not ha turned to well between us lately but that doesn't change that I've had many of my most happiest times with you. Happy 23rd.

April 26
Don't make me walk over and listen to you poop

April 10
Aww you're missing out on the boots with the fun. Even worse… fobs with boots with the furrrr

January 26
I just read your blog. I love you too anh :)


December 29
We want cheap Chinese and we will get it close to you.

December 26
It's weird being here and only talking to you once.


HELLLO 2010!

Merry Christmas

Got an iphone and now I'm blogging from it. Woot

Op. I am still getting used to the keyboard. Any must have apps?

I also got grindr, ;x

After opening my prsents, my parents and i had pho at 12:30! Family is fun.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

November Moment - 25

Before I went home for Thanksgiving, we had a small hot pot gathering.

Yum! I love dipping raw meat in hot water then dipping it into raw egg with soy sauce!

Awkward straight guy pose vs. gay friendssss HEYYYYYYY

Then Weho on a nice empty Wednesday

Really need to work on "modeling." Gosh I can't even stay in the frame, Tyra would be upset.

Someone partied too hard... aww look at how caring I look.. "there there, just throw it all up."

Monday, December 21, 2009


I haven’t mentioned Crazy Aquarius much here, but I feel like updating since he’s been a nice addition to my life.

The goal here is to be as transparent as possible.

He "knows where I stand." But I can't help but feel like it's unfair to him that I'm affectionately friendly while not looking for anything more while he seemingly expresses great interest. My coworker asked me about him and responded, "YOU SLUT!!" When I told him my situation. I am amused that I can be so open at work.

Crazy Aquarius is really sweet and and brings a lot of
positive energy to my life and my house; Ern enjoys his company very much. I don't want to take advantage of his attention.. his company without really returning anything, but he assures me that he’s not giving me any sort of special treatment because he’s the type to smother all of his friends.

So I guess for now that's all I can ask for is a good friend who "knows where I stand" and being very transparent of my intentions is important to me.


What happened to the last guy I dated? Not much, he was a poor communicator to begin with so he just disappeared. He never returned my calls, but we always invite him to the house parties. So should I check up on him? =/ I guess I should leave him to his space.


Crazy Aquarius took that picture of me. I curled my hair again before I cut it off. I shaped it into a Mohawk for the Christmas shindig, but I didn't gel it so it eventually flattened and looked like a nasty rodent on my head. How do you do make it look so good Geneticboi???

... I call this hairchive: The Naima Mora (from Top Model) Inspired

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snuuuuuggie! Snuuuuuuggie!

$15 blanket made of cheap material with holes piece of fun was the most popular steal for both my house white elephant and work white elephant.

"SNUGGIE SNUGGIE SNUGGIIIE!!!!" everyone chanted so that the person in play would steal.. which they usually did. I'm sure there was a Snuggie at your white elephant.. right!?

For both games, my gift was picked last I guess I don't know how to entice people with my wrapping or my rapping.

At work, I wrapped these two books and wrote a note, "these books were written by children who were tutored on Sunset. $10 was donated to the tutoring center." When the gift was finally opened my coworker read the title of the books, "I love you but I Need to Wash My Hands." Then she read the note-

"These books were written by children who were tortured on Sunset." I blurted out "TUTORED!!!" And everyone had a great laugh. Gosh I'm glad I'm not the only one at the office who can't read.

Pictures from our Christmas Shindig. We told everyone to dress festively, if they didn't we taped a bow to their nipple.

Some notable moments-
-When Ed grabbed the biggest bag everyone shouted, "SIZE QUEEN!!!"
-Daniels gifts kept getting stolen before grabbing the target bag full of goodies he said, "I lost the date, I lost the booze, fuck it.. I want the lube."
- The surprising steals were the thermos, the target bag full of travel things, and the "date" .. but the date included a dinner so I guess it's actually a good deal!
-Funniest gift - the Anal Hoist.... =x


After the House warming and She-Wolf BBQ we have come up with the best equation for our house parties. The perfect amount of liquor and snacks and a constant bartender to make sure everyone gets a little peer pressure drinky drank.

Towards the end of the night we played Sardines in our creepy haunted house. It was a good time cramming 20 folks in the random nooks and crannies. And screaming BUSTED!! When the last person found the group.

Parties for the future-
January - Good Bye party (Our roommate is moving out)
February - Valentines "Stop Light Party"
March - Saint Patrick's Pub crawl. Each of our rooms will have different alcohol.

Twister is our list for our next party.

BTW. It was 80 degrees yesterday in LA. Love.


Do you like my sweater? I just took my curlers out too.. call me crazy Aunt Doris

Friday, December 18, 2009

She-Wolf BBQ

No time to do a November recap, but I did want to post pictures from our She-Wolf themed BBQ. What does that mean? No idea, we just wanted a theme. Most folks left at 10PM. Our house was just a 1st stop before they all headed to West Hollywood. 15 people responded to the facebook event, but 35 showed!! Nice


Next time we will be the last stop! Woot woot.

Michael showed me how to make a pasta sauce with tomatoes and a stick of butter! Nom nom. Sam did the She-Wolf dance, but only after he was intoxicated.

Come Visit 321!!!