Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Missing Item

Oops.  I did it again.  I brought my moleskine planner to the store and left it somewhere.  Only to be picked up by a stranger who will now have access to a lot of sensitive material.  I did the same things a few years back while going to Target, but that was really bad because there was $100 in the pocket.  It's so easy to simply put something down and then walk away because you have so much on your mind.... like a last minute house party, vacation planning and an interview.

What I need to do to manage this chaos.

  • Change all passwords - I had a bad system anyway 
  • Rewrite to do list, to blog list, to do in Los Angeles lists - the 3 lists that I've referred many times
  • Think about what loose docs I had in the pocket.
  • Move on...
It's a big deal to me because I put a lot of sentimental things were in that moleskine.  Disneyland ticket stubs, pictures, stickers., ideas... it was my on the go annual scrapbook and after tracing my steps physically and mentally there's only one conclusion: I carelessly left it on top a stack of Von's merchandise outside the store while looking at pumpkins, waiting for my roommate.

Anyway, maybe it's a good thing that I lost my 2015 moleskine.  Important, but weird.  Ten couples broke up this year changing the dynamic of my social circle... actually lets count them.  EE, TM, AJ, HJ, CH, CA, BM, BR, RW... 9 couples.  That's a lot - couples that seem like they were in it for the long run, but 2015 really showed that anything could happen.  

2015 was also weird because back in April my company decided to trim the fat.  Don't want to talk too much about that, but there are a couple of business decisions that were made that left a bad taste in everyone's mouths.  And which lead of a loss of about $10,000 with me trying to play this stock game.  Never again.  

I regret being so careless and also being so lazy.  Another $10,000 of free money was lost when I didn't think that I would stay 3 years to get my company 401K match.  But that was a bad 2009 decision. 

2015 was also wonderful because of these amazing trips I've been on with Jimmy, but luckily those are saved forever in digital format.  More than just digital photos in fact - video:

It's 8AM - The only thing left to do is get in my car and drive, think about creating a new to-do list and go full steam ahead.