Saturday, January 30, 2010

Club Nur - Middle Eastern Nights

Loving this.
Our couch surfer knew the DJ so we got in for free. Open bar for one hour and free hookah at Club Nur.

Shake it. watching for the rainbows spewing from her vag.

Our couch surfer is a divasaurus. He got a little messy. Okay, a lot of messy.


Free hookah. Don't forget your hookah condom.

I danced with some Middle Eastern boys... nom nom

Do the Dancing

Upstairs in the hip hop room of Mickey's and Rage I notice urban dancers... yum: flannel shirts, skinny jeans, and sweet kicks.... reminiscent of bay area swagger, these new boyz caught my attention.

Though, I felt a bit off and couldn't find my groove... and they move so good, it's so intimidating.

Something about good dancing that I find very attractive. I don't think I'm the best dancer, but I know it takes four things to dance well:

  • Feel the Music
  • Don't think too Hard
  • Disconnect your Joints
  • Commit to your Movements.
For me, I'm just rolling my body and imitating the music video dance moves; which I find very effective... and I love feeling my body the morning after. My stomach muscles tight because I was contracting them all night. (Especially after the Middle Eastern club which was all sorts of belly dancing),

Last week I ran into my coworker who was throwing herself at all the gay boys who she said were 8s and 9s. Compared the slobs at straight clubs that she rates as 5s and 6s, Rage was full of candy for her. Amusing.

We also saw a girl eat the cement last night. She was mortified.
Ern slammed me against the wall with his ass, I officially can't have children and I got a minor concussion when my head hit the wall.

And of course after dancing all night, avoiding so cal drama, I make quesadillas for everyone... because if you had my quesadilla, you know there's no comparison:

shut up and just eat it... don't get homotional

Friday, January 29, 2010

I Give Like the Best Advice

Concerned friend: I feel something's not right with my boyfriend.
letopho: =/
letopho: smell his hair
Concerned friend: ?
letopho: if you notice any strange smells
Concerned friend: hmm
Concerned friend: that sounds gross, lol
letopho: trust

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bye bye Michael

Michael (guy in center) got a promotion and relocated to somewhere in middle America. He took the whole living room with him as the furniture was all his.

It's sad how friends come and go and I didn't really get a chance to get to know him. He was really chill, really caring and I regret not accepting some of his invitations to go out.

He and I shared the same birthday and I always called him dad because he fixed things around the house and had lots of tools. GRUNT

Impromptu good bye Dim Sum. :D

Though we have this fabulous couch surfer who is Ethnically Turkish, Nationally German. He's taking us out to Club Nur tonight to scope out the beautiful hairy Middle Eastern men of LA.

The couch surfer is fabulous... talked about how casual sex in Germany is so easy. That if he was horny he could probably find someone within 2 hours. In the US, folks are too scared to meet up... more prude, "I guess that makes sex more special... i guess."

Funny perspective as I didn't imagine the US to be so conservative... but I guess in comparison, we really are.

I'll let you know how that Club Nur goes.... :D


To visualize what content is available to the public on the web...
If you have my alias, you have my life.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Negative Personal Ads

It's interesting how some folks know what they want... but at times know what they don't want better.

I wanna try to date more and as I go through these personal ads I'm just appalled at how negative people are.


"don't say 'sup'"
"no picture? no response"
"please have something interesting to say"
"I'm educated, you be too"
"are there any mature people out there?!"

Really? Why would you introduce yourself like that? I don't get it.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Comic Life - LA Art Walk & Fierce Bitches

Click the comic!
I'm having too much fun with this.

LA Art Walk is this monthly event that brings downtown LA back to life by opening up art galleries free to the public.

Here you will find a lot of life, music, streets... but also aimlessness. Most of the population didn't seem to appreciate the art, but rather were just aimless... just following a crowd because it was something to do.... like myself.

Next time, I'm gonna try to check out exhibits.

It was interesting walking around the Theatre District of downtown. I pictured how it once used to look in its prime compared to it's current state of ghettoness.

At least I was able to fit in some hipster dancing. God, the music was terrible.


OMG.. this is too much fun


AIM convos

Letopho: No you wont get my pictures from LA Art Walk
Friend: I will charm you
Letopho: Uh huh
Friend: I thought everyone has seen him naked
Friend: And that is the wrong window
Friend: Sometimes I hate AIM.


Comic Life - Library Bar

So... Jimmy told me I needed a hobby.

Creating comics from photos! Using COMIC LIFE!!

And and I just discovered a Sewing class in my neighborhood. For SHO.

Click for better quality comic. Btw. That bone marrow was all fat.

Monday, January 18, 2010


The funny thing is Neil was next to me watching this and was not embarrassed.... one day I will edit a video... one day.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Conversation to Establish Civilty

I haven't seen him for 2 years and spent an afternoon with him on Sunday.

We spent the time talking about stuff that didn't involve expired resentment, but rather we reconnected as strangers; which is exactly what I had hoped for.

I'm very happy about this because I kept my word.... that I still want to be friends even after ALL of that nonsense.


Last time I visited you, you were very mean to me. You basically threw in my face that my friends have moved on and the baggage that I was trying to forget still existed... but yesterday... Oh Bay Area... you were so good to me.

I took an impromptu trip to the bay with my coworker. I came up without telling anyone except Aaron and a few others... if the trip made me feel shitty, it was okay because I can just spend time with family, but I didn't expect to feel so happy to be home.

Movie Theatre-
In LA, you have to pay to park at a theatre and theatre tickets are way more expensive than they should be. As a result, I haven't seen a movie in LA unless my company paid for it or if it was at a cheap theatre and the movie had already been out for 6 months.

Thank you suburbs for providing free parking and a mind blowing Avatar experience. I was emotionally stimulated and my senses were overloaded. At the end of the movie I was exhausted and needed to find something to stick my hair braid in to make a synaptic connection.

House Party in SF
A random house party appeared on my todo list and I partied with an eclectic crowd whom I've never seen before. I love that. Everyone was friendly and sprinkled around was the perfect amount of folks I knew/of which made networking was easier.

The house party was on 16th and Delores... it was a great location and the place was really really cute... the roommates were minimalists and it made me want to throw some of my stuff away. One of the rooms was in a corner facing Sunset with huge windows; the view was breathtaking. There were a lot of Andy Warhol pieces in the apartment which I enjoyed. They swapped the lightbulbs in the apartment with reds and blues, which reminded me of my epic college parties and they had a projector playing something random on the bare walls. It was a very young adult transitional party.

And the PARKING.. omg.. there were about SIX open spots on the MAIN streets. I guided aaron to parallel cuz I do that on the daily with my truck in LA. So fucking refreshing to find parking at 10:30PM in the city... crispy like the night air.

Bar on Church
Thank you Bar on Church for playing Hip Hop songs. Thank you SO MOTHER FUCKING MUCH for playing songs I knew the words to. I danced ALL night.

-I danced with a stranger who asked for my number
-I was a creepster and hit on a guy who was very sober and very uninterested
-and... I danced with a pole "looking like I was having fun instead of looking too hard to be sexual" as Damien described.

...and thank you Bar on Church for filling your room with 21+ Asian Americans who have Bay Area swagger. Yes. Swagger.

Bay Area Swagger.
There were about a million people that I found attractive last night. Maybe I had a good buzz, but when I go to WeHo... I find... no one attractive. In fact there was this guy that I met at in LA twice that I thought was really cute. I assumed he lived in LA and kept flirting with him (sort of), and to my surprise he actually lived in the bay. Fucking shit.

What is bay area swagger? It's hard to explain... it's like natural rhythm, culture, color, substance, BART... just something that makes San Francisco bay area boys so much more worthwhile and delicious.

And we went to Denny's after I danced with the whole bar in Castro. I had nachos and our Vegetarian friend inadvertently ordered a Mushroom burger assuming it was a garden burger. Oh vegetarians, nhiều chuyện!!! I came home at 4AM and crash like old times.

And I'm awake at 9AM blogging because I am so happy that I finally got to experience the parts of the bay that I loved and missed instead of being disappointed like last time.


And today I'm having brunch with my ex who I've had a face to face conversation since December 2007. Why? To clear the waters, because he's dating one of my best friends and for my best friends sake I want everything to be good. OMG. The day has come! LOL.

I'll let you know how that goes.


This is how I currently feel:

Friday, January 15, 2010


Why do we take pictures of ourselves? I think it's an affirmation thing. With the perfect lighting and angle we can essentially transform ourselves to become more of what we think we look like for the second we take a photo.

Smiling with our eyes, making cute goofy faces...

Is it vanity? Partially... maybe it's insecurities. What do you think?

Maybe it's a reminder that "hey... out of the 86,400 seconds of the day... for ONE of those seconds, I look.. alright" in a picture. *post*

And it's enough to go out in the world without a bag over my head. But right now... I feel so ugly.


I was walking from my truck to the elevator going to work and I thought to myself... I'm pretty secure with myself... I think I come off very confident... but I wonder if I really do. Maybe I just have my moments... like most people.

I find that I really like it when I'm with a boy and I tell them they are adorable and they say they're are ugly. I like it when they look at me as if I was blind or retarded for thinking such crazy things.

I think most of the guys I dated had some physically insecurity that I enjoyed... and in the gay world it seems like there are only two sides of the spectrum.. you either think you're a monster or that you're God's gift from the heavens.

*insert Monster sounds*

Anyway, I went out with my coworkers at the same hipster bar I went Monday, but this time the scene was more San Jose nightclub with slutty girls and douchey guys and everyone too self conscious and enjoy the music (basically the opposite of Monday). Though, the music was pretty terrible to enjoy.

This girl approached my coworker and asked if my coworker and I were gay because she came with gay friends. I went up to the strange girl and said, "I love Cock..y people who ask such direct questions. I'm gay, he's not." After a few moments, her entourage left disinterested with my answer, seemingly.

So was I being hit on or was I being called out for being obviously gay during straight hipster night? I think.. they were more interested in my coworker... yeah makes sense. But it's cool her gay friend looked very miserable.


I told my coworkers that I have gay voice, at times gay face... and they disagreed. Interesting. They asked about gay walk... and I can see that.. there's some hip rythms and chest elevation in gay walk. I wonder if I have that.


I'm taking an impromptu trip to San Jose. Will you be around?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lunch Break

Went to The Grove with my coworkers today during lunch. We were celebrity hunting, but didn't spot anyone... last time someone spotted Kanye and his entourage. This was taken at the Mac store.

-Lucky to have coworkers who I can connect with.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

I love it when Ern walks into my room and lays on my bed and unravels his thoughts of the day.

It's probably my favorite moment in LA.

We exchange stories and frustrations, offer insights and humor. Songs and judgments. Cant ask for anything more.

The other day I told him the story below ...

One of my coworkers started to talk about penises. She asked me if I knew what the average penis size was and I responded, "5 to 6 inches."

"REALLY!?!?" she exclaimed
"Yeah well... there are a lot of people in this world"
"6 is HUGE!!!!!"

I was taken back. I thought her "really" was a reaction of how small the average penis was... at that point I realized that I watch too much porn.

Ern offered insight- that men are obsessed with size. And that if you show a women a penis... she would react OH a penis... maybe on average? I really don't know what goes on in a woman's mind. Scared to know.

It's also nice to be out at work. I am very myself during the majority of the hours of the weekday.


I whispered to my right hand, "lets just cuddle tonight."

I Enjoy being a Wannabe Hipster

Last night my friends and I met up with Jimmy and his posse at "Mustache Monday's" at La Cita down the street from my house and I've discovered the joys of hipsterdom.

As I described it on my twitter, "It was like an ugly fashion show." The girls were cute, some had chunks of hair missing from their scalps. As they walked passed, Ern and I would say loudly, "CUUUTE" and point at them to make sure they knew we were talking about them.

The boys creatively dressed with suspenders, glasses they stole from their grandpa... one guy was wearing a matador jacket. Another dude was wearing a dressy vest... and nothing underneath. Like a systematic throw up of style. Drag queens were in random corners, some Japanese exchange students... it was people from all likes of the world.

Hair was big, experimental, random. It felt like I was in a competition to get noticed and the person who got the most judgments... won a prize.

Next time we come here Ern and I agreed to dress each other in ANYTHING we want... except fitted v-necks that should be saved for our WeHo uniform.

The music was amazing. I was surprised to see a packed dance floor on a Monday night and work was the last thing I was thinking about. I felt like dancing like I didn't care. My hip hop moves were thrown out the window and I just gyrated my body to the beats of this awesome eclectic DJ. I tried my best to look as ridiculous as possible because dancing "normally" was boring.

Electronica, Hip Hop, Pop... the different colors of music appealed to the different characters at the club. I loved it so much. But next time I'll be better prepared with more accessories, yes... accessories are key.

Jimmy warned me that Mustache Mondays is "very different and not just pretty boys" I exclaimed, "GOOD! I hate pretty boys!" Ern and I agreed that we found a lot of the kids there attractive because they were interesting and seemingly had more depth.

Jimmy was introducing me to his bf for a second time. We had already met at WeHo, but I didn't remember. He said, that we were introduced on one side of the street then when we crossed I said, "Jimmy.. why are are you talking to those strangers!?" Oops. His bf wasn't very happy I forgot him within a span of 20 seconds. That takes a lot of skill.

At the end of the night I went up to this one girl and said to her, "you are such a good dancer.. you are making me straight curious!" She got all flattered and I walked away.

Next, Jimmy and friends are going to go to a black club. After the awesome ugly marathon of counter culture, we were craving something with swagger. YES! to experiencing different venues of life. YES! to complimenting strangers.. and YES! to meeting new friends through Tumblr. :]

Mad love..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

December 2009 Recap

Lots of things went down in December. East coast trip, Christmas parties... here are some remnant pictures I've been meaning to upload.

Crazy Aunt Doris returns.... I AMUSE myself so much. God, I'm so hot.

Relaxing in Echo Park with xtine.

Gossip girls Dim Sum breakfast with the bitches... except MoAny, I hate u.

Endless delicious Korean food- Bossam, Noodle Salad and Seafood Pancake. It's interesting how I could identify it as Korean immediately.

Work fun- As a prank, the team put a huge Christmas Tree in someone's cube. Other pranks involve turning another cube into a night club, completely gift wrapping someone's cube include their monitor, chair, pens and an office into farmville (complete with that hot airballon, animals and trees with apples?) And those are my coworkers being fierce.

Hairchive: Horse Hair. Check out that Mane and those crazy cowlicks!