Friday, May 24, 2013

Samba by the Seas

I was really excited when I found masks at the dollar store for Swedish House Mafia's Masquerade, but I didn't realize that I would be wearing masks again this year!  These were more elaborate.

Wore my mask.  Got my face painted with "giraffe spots" but it looked more like leprosy.  I witnessed a drunkard get his receding hairline painted in and I'm 100% sure he blacked out.   Last year's pirate theme was a bit more fun.

Mohawk Storm

Hairchive: Mohawk Storm

This is the result of 4 hours of sleep on the greyhound.  All these added textures make me feel like Mohawk Storm!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bay to Breakers 2013 - Part 2 (Monopoly, Pringles, Clockwork Orange)

I was obsessed with this idea - top hat, monocle, shirt with tail. I was thrilled to find all the pieces for a reasonable price at various stores.  I was on the hunt!  And among the three of us, we created different characters for ourselves.

The morning of we got ready.  I was already up fearing that we have already missed everything.  But we came at a great time.  Szeto does some reading on the BART way there.

Upon arrival, we found our friends.  Szeto made monocles out of goofy plastic costume glasses from the dollar store and ribbon.  Wish I thought of that!  I spent way to much on that accessory.  We had enough to spare and eyeliner to draw mustaches and our group expanded!  One of girls missed the memo and came as a monopoly piece.  NOOOO Monopoly GUY!  Not Pieces!  But it worked!

What I love the most is creativity!  Especially when folks did it in groups.  From left to right, top to bottom: Dominoes, Pink People, Patriotic, Otter Pops, Loofahs, Cereal, Pippi Longstocking, Green and muscular and a Mario/Carrot Pyramid.

The sheer randomness of Bay to Breakers is so entertaining!

What else is entertaining is the amount of dudes willing to parade almost naked around town.  The guy on the left is a mutual friend, surprise SPEEDO!  Guy in the middle was climbing statues and shouting obnoxiousities on his megaphone and guy on the right is about to participate in a dance battle.

More confetti canons next year, the police keeping us safe, the crowd and I'm motorboating!

Jimmy's favorite part was this found waffle stand.  He was in love.

We left earlier than previous years, but we were rewarded a spot at Michelle's favorite breakfast joint in Height and Ashbury!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bay to Breakers 2013 - Part 1 (Instagram Sharing #)

I am obsessed with Bay to Breakers.  This is our fourth year and I still feel like more needs to be experienced.  Everyone is drunk by 9AM walking along the path of a 7mile race in ridiculous costumes.  It's impossible to see everything, but I feel like I found the plan: start the walk at 9.  Dance party at Fell and Cole until 12:30PM.  Pass out in a park.

I had my theme set months in advanced and I was thrilled to find each piece!  Top hats at Daiso, tuxedo shirts at goodwill and monocles from a costume store (though Eric was able to make his own at a fraction of the price.)  Bay to Breakers is about being creative and resourceful especially since every year another rule is added.

2010 ...

2011 - No floats (Because people kept getting run over)

2012 - No nudity or Alcohol (Because people got too rowdy and peed on everything)... if they see a beer, they pour it out... but if it's concealed... whatever.

2013 - No backpacks (Boston)

2014 - No ... music?!  OH GOD SAVE US!!!

Though I feel incomplete, because there wasnt enough alcohol in our beverage satchels.. there wasn't enough music or creativity.  Everyone is being so cautious, but that's the price you pay for safety.  As I figure out the best mode of party.. so does the city of San Francisco - more fences to prevent property destruction  more urinals to prevent public peeing, more "rule" to deter over doing it.  I just wish I had known about this sooner.

Thank goodness for Instagram, I felt closer to the strangers that I partied with and caught images of things I may have missed.  I also found my group in some pictures.

My Favorite #BaytoBreakers Instagram Photos 
(credit in the photo file name.)

Best Outfits:

Tons of Cards Against Humanity Sets

Passed Out:

A ton of hot guys practically naked wearing speedos or... chicken costumes.

Found Us!!

Next Year:

I want more.  I'm already thinking about next year.  I found this picture and I wish it was me!  I wish I had the opportunity to release my confetti canons sitting on a street light watching everyone cheer at The Park at Fell and Cole.

This will happen.  This is on my life to-do list.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Neighborhoods of San Francisco Unexplored

San Francisco is small, but there are still plenty of pockets that I have not explored.  Jimmy and I spent an entire $4 on two Greyhound tickets that we booked 3 weeks in advanced from DTLA to SF’s Financial district.  The Greyhound station reviews are hilarious and true: no one knows what’s going on, everyone looks shady and you might die.  There is only person who was shouting orders, “take a seat, take a seat!”  She was rude, but she had to be to handle the chaos of the crowd.  The best part was when she said the same thing in Spanish with the same sass.  But we had a pleasant ride once we managed to get on the bus with Wifi and Outlets?  Best 4 dollars of our lives.

We arrived early in SF and found ourselves in Washington Square where we had a quaint breakfast with coffee and pastries.  This area is pretty cute!

Jimmy took me to Koit Tower which I’ve never seen before.  We were caught being tourists.

 The hike was steep, but it was a great view.

We were craving Vietnamese sandwiches.  Apparently  San Francisco has its own Little Saigon.  Lankershim… I recognized the street name.. this is where the Asian section of SF Gay pride is.  It made too much sense.  Though we had to walk to tenderloin to get there, it was worth it because we ran into my middle school friends!  They had some time so we had lunch together and they showed us Hayes Valley. 

Hayes Valley is right behind City Hall.  Who thought of going there!  There's a cute park and got ice cream.  My friends showed me this area that used to be a freeway entrance before the big earthquake.  The farm has been renamed Gezi Garden.

Jimmy couldn't help but look modelesque along the way.  Nom nom!

After our exploration Jimmy and I headed to Oakland to hang out with Chris and Eric and prepare for Bay to Breakers.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Blow Dry

Contacts, blow dry, Chapstick
I was initially going to write an entry in which I over analyze my self conceived personality after reading an article on Forbes about how to "Become Successful by Understanding People's Personalities."  But nothing I wrote made sense.

I'm a "playful" which means I find happiness in affection, attention and approval.  But who doesn't.  I guess for me, those are much more important than loyalty... etc. etc.

I guess this makes sense.  Please thank me for the round of drinks I just bought you, I'm so generous. Please look at me because I know the latest dance craze even though I look like shit doing it.  Please hold my hand to show people that I'm in a really great relationship.  Please give me a high five for figuring out the bill because NO ONE can do it right.  I am queen, send me flowers... edible flowers.

God I'm so obnoxious.  I went through my twitter and facebook to clean out every last pompous post that I ever did.  All of these thoughts should remain on this blog that none of my friends read.  Am I becoming too self aware?

This would explain why I take it personally when I pick a restaurant and the 'guest' hates it.  Fuck you. Anyway.


I'm saddened by a crumbled friendship. You can't repair trust.  So there's nothing much to say but to fill the silence with uninteresting stories.


I put out a bag of old rice and bread butts on the sidewalk and someone claimed it within an hour.


I'm really thrilled that my vision has not changed in the past 4 years.


I don't think I'm aging very well

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Recap

You aint that cute.
The selfies of April.  Ridiculous
We are such a conceded generation.  I wonder what percentage of people's camera phone pictures are selfies.  I'm going to say for me 70% is food, 15% is selfies, 5% is group pictures and the last 10% is misc.  I send my selfies to Jimmy when I miss him; I'm sure he's very annoyed.  God, we try so hard to look cute twisting and turning our face muscles until we are unrecognizable.  I guess that's how duck face emerged.

In other news, this is what I did in April.  I am slowly catching up!   It's a good thing that I'm behind because it makes me feel like I have more than just half the year left!

Picnic at Grand Park

Fashionable gaysians in fashion, architecture, academia, science and finance.  Can you match the field with the face?

High school friends

 Watching our friend embarrass himself during his graduating improv class show at UCB Theatre

Went to Runyon Canyon and basically explored ALL trails.  Went the wrong way and almost slipped on the steep part of the hill.  Can you spot me scooting on my butt? I always thought Runyon was a tourist/people watching hike, but there are some serious trails where folks break a serious sweat.

Wine flight at IOTA

Sam's Birthday at Palsaik.  A reasonably priced 8 types of pork KBBQ place that's on a ton of must eat lists.  Charles' Birthday at Sky Bar.  We knew the password that night and managed to squeeze in some free drinks while crashing a pre-cochella party.  #LALife

I got Sam and Charles birthday desserts.  It ain't a celebration without sweets!

Andrew and JLo at Parish Rooftop bar.  Overpriced drinks, but impecable view.  So NYC.