Monday, October 31, 2011

Sassy Chiropractor

I woke up with a stiff neck last Wednesday.  I couldn't turn my head, but I went into work anyway.  It was such a sharp pain that I found it difficult to back out while driving or fully look at my blind spot.

Even with Jimmy's Icy Hot massages and Korean Spa visit, I was still aching on Monday morning so I decided to see my first chiropractor.  My insurance covers most of it, so why not?

The doctor was a beef cake - wearing a grey muscle shirt and loose linen pants.  His hours - 10:30 AM to 1PM.  He seems to roll out of bed and leave his practice at his leisure. I felt weird when I saw him.  He stood 6'4 above me and brought his dog that was named Journey.  He also had this weird laugh that was like an office laugh, but permanent.

Without introducing himself to me, he reviewed my paperwork and asked me:
"Christopher, do you take any suppliments?"
"Yes... Trader Joe's Multivitmans."
"Garbage, you need this - Omega for your nerves and Vitamin D for Cancer, this IS VITAL."  He pulled out $30 jars that looked like they were a part of some pyramid scheme."  I passed.

"Is this your first time?"

He was working three patients at once.  An over weight guy was on the floor was stretching.  The doctor commanded, "superman pose, now. hold it.  30 seconds."  He looked back at me, "get on this water bed.  It's like a jacuzzi, but dry.  You'll love it.  You won't get wet of course."

I obeyed and lied on top of this amazing machine that massaged the kinks out of my back.  He put me on top of spinal decompression table and pulls my head with his magic hands that were the size of my face.  He tugged so hard, I thought he was going to decapitate me.  He dug his thumbs into my neck and massaged out knots. He place my face in his palm and asked me to put all of my weight in his hand... essentially to trust him.  I was so drugged by the experience that I didn't feel the need to protest.  He told me to breath in, then out and like that he twisted my head like Xena warrior princess making a HUGE cracking sound that would have alarmed anyone who passed by.

Amazing.  He repeated this in the other direction.  He then put me in some pretzel formation and with the hands of God he cracked every joint in my spin using all of his weight.  FACKKKKK.

He then put me on this machine that sent electric waves through my back set on strong.  It felt my palms open and close without my control.

He demanded to see me twice a week and said, "I care about you, you're attractive, let's make sure your back is good."  He touched me weird and let me off.  I left the office standing taller... and strangely my vision was better.

I just found his Myspace and picture.  Only in LA.  While trying to reschedule my second appointment, I told him that I stood taller and already mentioned him in the office. "You're cute.  You're a Doll," he responded.  Seriously weirded out since he mentioned a girlfriend who was "also Vietnamese."

Why didn't I go to a medical doctor?  Because he would have over drugged me like he did last time.  This is definitely better.

Google Reader Update

Though I like the updates to the blogger dashboard, I feel that the Google Reader update was a miss. This is a WhiteWhine.

It's annoying to navigate because the reading window is so small.  The reading window shrunk to make room for two useless navigation bars on the top that could be combined into one - Search Google Reader and these useless buttons that are rarely used.

Starting from the left. 
Subscribe button - Large and red.  Maybe this was altered because Reader noobs didn't know how to add new RSS Feeds.  You shouldn't be using Google Reader if you didn't know how to add.  This button is too large and should sit next to the Google Reader icon on top.

Refresh button - Or you can refresh the page
New Items or All Items - You can do this from the left navigation. 
Mark as Read - Do this within the reading window
Folder Settings - How often do you need to change the language or how it's sorted.  You can do this in the left navigation
Expanded or List view - Meh, move button to the right of Search button
Next or Previous Entry - I don't think anyone would use this if they knew that the space bar does the same thing.

All of these rarely used buttons should be moved next to the search bar to save space and make more room for the reading window.  I can't even load an entire picture with my internet browser maximized.

Tumblr is kicking ass in the current blog space, but RSS Readers allow us to read content WHEN we want to (in a month time frame - which sucks.) So it's important that Google gets this right.  Tumblr forces you to scroll until you've reached your stopping point so that you don't miss any content.  You can't indicate what has been read or not in Tumblr.  As a result, I've added content heavy Tumblrs to my Google Reader so that I can get to content when I'm ready.  I want my Google Reader to be better please.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Will came to LA.  So we took him around Bunker Hill in DTLA.

Dri and Jei visited, but they had plans so we just tagged along and napped on their friend's amazingly soft couch, beached at Will rogers and had AYCE KBBQ.

Jei proceeded to take off his board shorts and swim commando.  #shameless

More visitors!


I don't like driving.

Consequently, Jimmy ends up driving us all around town during our explorations.  In an attempt to find Korean beer glasses, we parked in ghetto part of Ktown (south of Wilshire) to check out Kim's Korean Household goods.  Jimmy parked on the street.

We didn't find the glasses and were told that those Korean beer glasses actually come straight from beer factories such as Hite or OB and are given to restaurants they do business with.  Looks like I have a new collection to start when going to these K-bars.

We went to get boba and when we returned to Jimmy's car we found this:

My heart sank.  Why?  It was noon on a Sunday on a main road.  Why would you do this?  After the initial outburst of frustration and aggravation, Jimmy lightened up.  "I guess this is like the Scarlet Letter... I'm a HOEEEEE!!!!!"

They also keyed the side.

Jimmy really controlled his anger, but remarked that he hopes that who ever did this dies in the most painful way possible.   Jimmy's car is already damaged due to a highway hit and run that almost killed him and his family and this added tag on his property really tops it off.  We were just thankful that this didn't happen on our street at home.  It would have made us feel unsafe.

I rushed to Target to get scratch remover.  I watched a handful of youtube videos on how to buff this out.  I also asked my car enthusiast friends about what we could do, but ultimately the scratch was too deep to completely remove.

It really upsets me.  Why people like this exist.  People who damage others' possessions for no reason, people who litter and then complain about how trashy the place look, vegetarians.  I really don't get the logic.

Steal because you're hungry, okay.  Stab that person in defense, I got it.  Eat tofu because there's no meat available anywhere in a 100 mile radius, go ahead.  But when there's absolutely no reason to behave in that way... why be such a moron?

The world would be a better place.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Couplely Things

It's getting really domestic up in hurr.

Andrew is currently subletting this adobe (not adobo) style house for a couple of months and invited me/Jimmy and Ern/Erik over for some sangria and board games.  The place was really cozy and only a mile away from 321.  The doors were all arches and the walls were made to look like... clay.  I think.

As we got drunker and drunker, we all began to engage in what you would think drunk twenty-something gays engage in when they're alone with each other.

We couple swapped.

Ern and J.Lo talked, Jimmy and Andrew played a duet on the piano and Erik and I napped.

Though things got really crazy when J.Lo put on some salsa music.  Your nasty mind guessed correctly.  We salsa danced.

Jimmy surprised me.  He would never really salsa dance with me in public, but at Andrew's sublet he took charge of the rhythm.  MmmmMmMmm

Couples think the same way.  We ran into Andrew and J.lo at the beach, well rather we were one mile away from each other and met up.   They were collecting lost sunglasses. And last Saturday, we all had the same Hawaiian breakfast craving and ran into each other at Aloha Cafe in Little Tokyo.... like we were all pregnant and wanted some Spam.

What other couplely things are there to do?
- Go to home stores such as Target and Ikea
- Cook meals for two
- Do laundry together
- Be attached

Yeah, sounds right.  Oh.. and watch things.  Couples like to watch things.  Like 'that movie' you missed that's now available for download.  Or a new episode of 'that show' you're both hooked on.  I invited some our friends to do things, but they ask, "it's not a couple thing... is it?  because if it is, I'm going to kill you."

I enjoy making my friends be 3rd, 5th and 7th wheels.  That way, there's always a photographer.

And going out clubbing just doesn't sound as appealing.

I haven't danced in so long, but I have painted primer for our bathroom.  We selected a cute bathroom yellow called Buttercup..... Buttttttercupp.

I wonder if my nesting Lesbian membership card expires.


Oh yeah couples also like to buy pets.  In our case, we bought a plant.  His name is Hercules.  He's already wilting. I guess we are bad parents.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Chichen Itza

In the same food court as Mo-Chica was Chichen Itza an amazing Yucatan Restaurant.

...not to be confused with Chicken Itza.

I ordered the cochinita pibil which was stewed pork, but was underwhelmed because I've had something similar on different occasions, but it was what was recommended by Yelpers.

Jimmy got the Queso Relleno which was amazing. A chowhound review adds a little background to this dish that is currently making my mouth water.

Queso Relleno is one of those TRULY Yucatecan dishes. Not only does it incorporate the history of the region, but it’s riches as well. In the late 19th century, the Yucatan was known through out the world for one thing… Rope. The finest rope in the world was made on Plantations near Merida. This brought seaman from all over the world… many of them stayed and settled there too… Among them were the Dutch… The dutch brought with them balls of Edam Cheese. They would hollow out the balls to at the sweet buttery cheese… and then give the shell to their Mayan servants. From those shells was born Queso Relleno. The ball is stuff entirely full of ground meat (At the time it would have been ground deer) and spices and then steamed in a cloth. Sauces were made from the meat, one red made of tomato, another white similar to a roux…

Huevos Motulenos - Two fried eggs perched on a crispy corn tortilla spread with black bean puree; a scattering of diced ham, Cheddar cheese, and peas served with a light tomato sauce and fried plantains.

Pollo Pibil - Juicy bone-in chicken legs marinated with achiote, sour orange juice and spices, cooked in banana leaves, and topped with pickled red onions, served with sauted black beans, confetti rice, and steamy tortillas.

Picnic at the Getty

Jimmy decided months in advance that he wanted a birthday celebration with friends at the Getty in the grassy area.  It was hot and the sky was clear.

I really was about your entrance.  We had about 25 folks show up for a potluck.

We had so much food.  We were able to sneak in wine, but the security were really sticklers about drinking on the grass despite all the Yelp! reviews that say otherwise.  "I SAW YOU POURING, PUT IT AWAY."  Calm your nuts, go look at a painting or something.

You couldn't miss us.  We had marked our territory at the Getty with piles of belongings and blankets.  Strangers were taking pictures of us, I guess they've never seen so many gays near a cultural center before.

Everyone had their SLR cameras that day.  It was as if they were anticipating perfect weather.  There were literally 5 albums on facebook after the event.  This is a collection of my favs.

What made the picnic wonderful was the art that was sitting in the building right next to where we were set up.  Here is John checking out one of his favorite piece.

Thank god for shade.  It was getting a bit too hot.  We were getting really comfortable.

We gave out party goody bags with candies, heart sunglasses and condoms.

If you didn't like the art, you can roll down the hill...

...or make friends with Vera Wang who got lost in the Getty.  We're guessing she was trying to get her mail from her mansion and ended up at the Getty.

I drove through all of LA to find this hello kitty cup cake tower for Jimmy.  And the cupcakes were from our neighborhood custom cake vendor Cake Studio.  There was red velvet, raspberry, almond and chocolate.

Another birthday gift:

Instead of having everyone sign a card for Jimmy, I provided cardstock with a photo for people to decorate.  I found Dab's the most creative.

I didn't think people would be so creative, but I managed to get everyone to make a special card for Jimmy and presented the stack at the picnic. 

Thank god for picasa, it would have been impossible to find these particular pictures without face recognition!

I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  Jimmy is loveable and folks would take the time to do something for him given the opportunity.  I'm lucky that he iz mine.

Happy Birthday Jimmy

It's stressful planing your boyfriend's birthday even when you're dating someone who never expects anything.  No matter - it needed to be perfect.  I took half day from work.

It was DineLA week meaning a handful of classy restaurants set aside a prefixed menu for a reasonable price.  Perfect.  I picked Chaya Downtown, an Asian Fusion place because I liked the vibe, the validated parking and 5 minute drive for the house.

I called in advanced, "can you do something special? it's my boyfriend's birthday."  And they made things happen.

They printed, "Happy Birthday Jimmy" on the menu!  He was so surprised.

Delicious.  The lemongrass dessert blew me away.

He appreciated it so much.  It was simple, stress free, easy.
I also got him some balloons, fancy markers for his art, a pook-a-looz Donald Duck and Brave Little Toaster poster because those are his favorite Disney characters.

After dinner we had some friends stop by for a kick back to chill in our new space and help drink my case of soju.

We got hungry again at 2AM and hit up a Hong Kong Cafe in the San Gabriel Valley (JJs).

Wuv you.

Mad Men Themed Party

Yesterday Erik hosted a Mad Men themed birthday party. What does that mean? It means business formal with lots of beige and tans. There was also scotch on the rocks and expensive gin.

I was a little more zoot suit with my loose fitting pinstriped slacks and suspenders. I wish I went out to the thrift stores to find some more browns.

We had a good oldies soundtrack going on. It really did feel like we were there.

There was a lot of dapper going on here. I smoked my first cigarette and really felt like one of the cool kids. I was informed that I finished off three sticks. Oh and apparently Cloves don't count. It was still cool.

There was a special appearance by Peggy. Damn girl, your chest is hairy. But your clutch is cute.

Jimmy's photo booth was also a hit. The curtain in the back is a duvet push pinned to the wall. And the lighting came from perfectly angled desk lamps. #resourceful

Oh yes and we had some drag queens stop by.

I think the women at the party really made the vibe. This lady right here said her hair took 1.5 hours to do. The back was very elaborate. Do you feel the drama here?

We're planning a 1 billion dollar ad campaign.