Monday, December 31, 2007

Sometimes, I have Too Much Fun

To Counter-balance the emo entries, I'm going to post pictures from this weekend!

Tofu and Me at Stoneridge Mall.
Monkey Face, Smile with your eyes, pose with presents, and nice. I miss you.

Downtown San Jose Bar Hopping. Cinebar->Mission Ale.
Apparently 3 drinks can really fuck you up when they don't know how to make it! I don't remember being so drunk, but concrete sexual orientation was thrown out the window!
I develop this crush on the Bartender GIRL at Mission Ale. I told her I thought she was REALLY CUTE! She was! HeyyYYyY. I think that's why she made our drinks stronger!
Smyr's Tokyo Tea from Cinebar tasted like Petroleum Oil!
Remember, no pictures = didn't happen!

Caitlin is Groovy!

Denny's! Check out our favorite waitress, REBECCA!
She'll take care of you Honey!

We Crashed at Smyr's and had Pancakes at Caitlin's! Aww, Family Pictures!

Nice, Upside down, limbs!

Wholesome fun! Finally! We took a Hike to the Park!

Happy Holidays!

Chinese Food with The boys!

Santana Row Night Clubbing! Turn off the Trash and pump up the Class!!

My Boy's and Hawaiian Food Breakfast!

Aww....I love having a camera.