Sunday, May 29, 2011

SummerTramp 2011

These photobooths make it really easy to share events that I've attended.   Event was pretty amazing, just like last year, but here I lay sore as hell from doing body rolls in the swimming pool.  Check out video:

Meh, over being self conscious about my body.  No one cares.

We left when some ghetto people started causing a ruckus and splashed the entire crowd.  No bueno.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bootie LA Prom!

Loving these themed parties. Jimmy and I came as nerdy prom dates.  We were wearing the bow ties that I made from neckties and boutineers I picked from the street, wrapped with ribbon and pinned to our suspenders.   Zooming on the craftsmanship:

Yeah, the flowers were dying at that point, but at least they added color.  Jimmy never went to prom in high school.  I was proud to be his first prom date.  :]

Phil's friends :D
Some folks didn't get the prom memo, but those who did went all out.

321 BOYZ

Check out Carrie:

And this latex couple:

They also had a prom Queen, King and Couple.  The winners:

This chick had a baby fall out of her dress and then she ate it.  It was amazing.

This steampunk couple won prom couple.

And TRON dude for Prom King

Two guys went up for Prom couple and the MC said, "you have to KISS to be considered a real couple." And one of the guys shook his head 'no' and walked off stage.  Everyone boo'd.  We saw them make out with girls a couple of minutes later to re-secure themselves - how sad.  Just peck your friend, whats the big deal?  Jimmy and I should have entered the contest.

Party all niiiiighhht.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Not Surprised

Gay coworker: i kind of just assumes that she assumes, but whenever i do that, people end up surprised when i tell them [that I'm gay]

letopho: i wasnt surprised. esp since you walk like beyonce

Gay coworker: LOL, thats the nicest thing youve ever said to me

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Night Thoughts

I feel as though I'm coasting along with no real long term goals.  I'm approaching 26.

Naturally, work is fine.  I like being an expert and getting positive feed back and praise keeps me at the office.  But if I want to grow, the only way to do so is to switch jobs.  I have good and bad days and whenever I feel that the time has come to actively do something different I get sad at the thought of leaving an office that I like.

I'm approaching my 6 month anniversary with Jimmy.  We are planning a trip to the Channel Islands.

Our arguments compose of me being an inconsiderate drunk and him being sensitive to my social habits.  To me, I'm happy that the "problems" in our relationship are petty.

"I like it when you say 'I love you.'"

I don't say "I love you" very often.  I don't like closing phone conversations with those expected three words when I mean to say, "bye."  I like whispering them into his ear in the middle of night when Love is the only thing I'm feeling/thinking about as other thoughts of the world fade into the sheets and his breathing is the only thing I hear.  OR the sound of his teeth grinding in which I would grab his jaw until he stops scraping down his enamel.  I also like to show love with an exorbitant amount of PDA and trying to stick a finger in his nose (or crack when he's saggin.)  "You're weird!"  For some reason I like it when he says that.

In the mornings he leaves me for work and I lay there going in and out of what I call "snooze dreams."  I need to wake up because my snooze dreams are often negative/stressful.  I don't understand why since everything in my life is quite peachy.

Jimmy and I have established "personal time."  Where we stay in our separate rooms and essentially get shit done- reminding ourselves our independence.  I need this.  In New York, I ached to be home.  I've never felt so alienated and wanted to return to something familiar.

Oh god, how pathetic.  Training myself to be me again.

Sex has also improved.  Not by adding anything new, but rather improving the usual.   Seems that it's important to have a springy mattress and to invest in high quality lubricant.  The free packs don't cut it (I should stop collecting).  All of which I've recently discovered.  Also communicating a little more.  Asking for more aggressive kisses and playing music that helps with rhythm, so to speak.

TMI?  Don't give a fuck, it's my blog.


Hi, I'm Letopho, I don't just post food.

Chinese Food Adventure in SGV

The May issue of LA Magazine featured "The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Food."  Coincidentally, we were having our own Chinese food adventure with our Chinese parents Phil and Tommy as our guide.  I still need to grab this issue to compare!  Apparently there's a map that points out each restaurant and their Chinese specialties.

When we say Chinese food, we are not talking about the Chinese American interpretations you find at Panda Express (Orange Chicken, Beef and Broccoli.) But stuff that I've never even heard of.

All You Can Eat Chinese Vegetarian.
Fatty Homo say wah?

Happy Family Restaurant

The house chicken and squab lettuce wraps were probably the best, but as our Vegetarian friend explained.  "I like being vegetarian because I can eat a lot and still not feel full."  Jimmy and I looked at each other.  This made no sense.

The pork shreds resembled doll hair and Jimmy was left feeling robbed of the natural proteins of meat.  "The more I eat this, the more I want actual meat."  Mmmm that's why I'm dating him.  Though tasty, we were left with out.  The fish was pretty good, but of course it was "fish."

Dan Dan Mien at Lucky Noodle House

This is the first time I've ever heard of Dan dan mien, where have I been?  This dish is delicious!  Let me pull a photo from yelp:

Wow. Amazing.  The flavors were unique and cannot be compared to ramen, pho, chow mein, etc.. it sits in its own category.  EAT THIS.

Too Spicy
The Filipino at the table spoke up, "can we get one that's mild.........?" 

*request promptly ignored* 
No vinegar/mango/fried dishes to calm the fires of authentic spicy, sorry Lolo.

Family Style
101 Noodle Express - except instead of noodles everyone is ordering Beef Rolls

Imagine thinly sliced beef roll in a scallion pancake with hoisen sauce holding it all together.  Um.. yeah.  I don't understand how I've lived without this.  Mouth drooling now.

More Chinese adventures and possibly another dumpling making night?

Bow ties from Neckties

Was about to head to H&M to get an overpriced bow tie for a Prom themed dance party, but then found this on youtube:


Trying to make bow ties for prom tonight

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Busy May

In 48 minutes it was be May 2.

I'm a little overwhelmed at how much is going on, but have concluded that May is the month I relive things that I've enjoyed in the past.

May 5 - 10 New York Trip
I had some Jet Blue credit and decided to take a nice vacation with Alysia.  I'm just looking forward to getting away for a little bit.  A true vacation and escape from everything so that I may return refreshed.  I have about 4 things on my to do list.
  • Shopping because there's no tax and I need clothing
  • Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, why not?
  • Party all Night with an old Coworker
  • Eat at Cara Cas because it was amazing last time
I think I can accomplish those things in 5 days.  It's been a while since my last New York trip. But I'm staying with the same fabulous friend!

Alysia added some other things
Days are looking full.  Hopefully it doesn't rain.  Excited to get my metro card.

May 15 Bay to Breakers in San Francisco
Last year I had an amazing time and look forward to it again!  This morning Jimmy and I decided to stay away from the Superhero theme and come up with recognizable costumes.   Jimmy will be Cup of Noodle.  I will be Top Ramen.

Ugh - can't wait to drink in the streets and walk across San Francisco.

May 30 - I turn 26
I've decided to celebrate my birthday at Barragan's because of the cheap drinks and ghetto music.  I don't like forcing my friends to pay for fancy dinners.  So cheap Mexican in my neighborhood it is.  This is the place where I remembered how to bump and grind.

Then party on Sunday the 29th at MJs whether it's a foam party or a glow in the dark paint party.  I know that this place is low stress and a guarenteed good time.

And somewhere in between I have to juggle work and working out because I'd like to enter the hot body contest for my birthday.  (NOT.)


I'm also not done blogging about April.
  • Chinese Food Adventure
  • Epic Yard Sale
  • San Diego Trip
  • Misc Beach and Parties
Ugh, I was doing so good