Monday, February 28, 2011


I just stumbled upon Queerious after checking out fellow blogger Alex's google images search flub.

Apparently when you Google Image Search "Rice Queens," a picture of him and his friends appear as the number 1 search result.  This has happened to me, but the search term was "obese."  Anyway, scroll down further and I found Queerious:

You can see my ADD translated through my Firefox tabs

I love stumbling.  I'm curious to where that third image on the top row leads.

Once I find a blog, I have to read it in its entirety before I can add it to my google reader.  Thankfully, Queerious only launched in January.  As I chucked at a well written entry about RAGE - Really Asian Gay Experience, I realized that the writer was at house last week with homemade dumplings... and the slew of contributors were actually a part of my circle of friends.

Yay for the Gaysian American circle of 100 people.

While you're there, help them determine if particular Asian portrayal in movies is Racist or Ironic.  Quentin loves discussions.


And in my attempt to love WeHo for what it is (swaggerless - When the DJ played Go Girl per my request, the club literally stopped dancing and folks made "wtf is this" faces.) Queerious shared a video to show me how I can dance LA's botched remixes mindless house music.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Growing Out My Hair... again

I remember that I vowed to keep it constantly clean and short so that I would always look refined and polished as I prance around in my mid twenties.

But I always have this need to grow and change my hair.
Below is my next target:

This would require more maintenance in the morning.  I'm in that ugly in between period, but I'm going to stick it out with this photo as my inspiration.

Here is a candid from today:

The mustache adds to the look as I'm told and I'm going to try a sweater vest to work tomorrow to see how it all fits in.   But how does one possess a mustache without looking dirty?

Sometime this week I'm going to get a maintenance cut to trim the top so that it's less heavy and I can achieve "Something about Mary" hair volume.

I'd also like to add that I think it's funny that I look Asian when I do this to my hair.  I'm Asian, I'm going to look Asian no matter what I do to my hair.  I think it would be a better observation to say that this look may make me look more... Viet gangsta from the 90's or used car salesman?  But Asian?  I'm gonna look Asian with spikes, bangs, fauxhawk, buzz whatever.

Just like how this guy looks white when he slicks his hair back.  He's gonna look white no matter what.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Year's Resolution: To COOK MORE!

Jimmy's been taking more of the lead on this since I've been coming home from work so late.

Seafood Pesto

Dduk Bok Gi

Japanese Curry over Spaghetti

Chicken Quesadilla
Chicken Alfredo
 Yummmmmmm. Carrrrbbbbbsssss.


My Dad is second from the left.
See the resemblance?

I Just Wanted to Let you Know

This photo has been on my phone background for a while and I thought that it was time I posted it on my blog since it's one of my favorite pictures.  We were wandering the Disney Concert hall on a random Saturday and this lady approached us and asked if we wanted her to take a picture for us.

But instead of taking a quick photo, she evaluated the surroundings, squatted a little to get the best angle and asked us to move a little closer to the tree.  *click*  She redefined what it means when you ask a stranger, "could you please take a picture for us?"  She did a bigger favor and created something that I will eventually frame.


I invited Jimmy to my cousin's wedding and introduced him to my family.  "This is Jimmy, he's my 'roommate'."  I tilted my head, lifted my hands and quoted "roommate" with a cheeky grin.  My cousins chuckled and I felt really satisfied for being honest.  It was easier than I thought.  He met my aunts and uncles.  It felt amazing to bring a date.  Earlier in day I was stressed because I didn't think he had presentable attired, but then I realized he had everything he needed to "impress" my family and that was being someone that made me, their cousin, happy.  They loved him immediately for that.

There was a lake near by and we rented this absurd paddle boat after the wedding.  We paddled in circles for 30 minutes around obnoxious privileged white girls celebrating their 12th birthdays.

I demanded that we captured the moment and found someone on shore.  I didn't care that I could have dropped my camera in the water, I flung my electronic to the stranger.  They were more than eager and we posed in our wedding guest attire.  *click* This will also be framed.


This morning Jimmy jolted out of bed.  "FUCK! THERE'S SUNLIGHT!"

I responded, "you don't have work today."  And he sank back into my arms, relieved.  On the weekdays Jimmy works the early morning shift.  If there is sunlight when he wakes up he knows he's screwed.

He's like a vampire.

This photo was taken by one of our friends.  We fell asleep in their living room and they snapped the picture and sent it to my phone inconspicuously.  Jimmy finds himself in my nook.  And I find myself holding his hand if his body is too sweaty to hold.


I think Jimmy's absurdly handsome.  I catch myself gazing into his eyes and poking his button nose.  I love the scar on his face that creates a fake dimple.  I like the stretch marks on his shoulders because I think they make him look like a super hero.  I love farting in his presence because it makes him cringe and I respond, "what's wrong? my butt wanted to blow you a kiss."

I love that we are trying our best to live positively without the glamor that is stereotyped by LA.  I love that we reinvent left overs and explore new areas of LA. Nothing goes to waste - food OR time.  I love that he is artistic and humbled by an impoverished upbringing and doesn't mind my bad taste in clothes or poor driving skills.  I love that he acknowledges that we are both trying to be better people.

And I thought it was about time that I let you know that:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Biking in Venice Beach

January 16
Sarah reached out to me via facebook message, "I hear you're in LA, I just moved here. Let's hang out!" Done done done.  I was in the mood to reconnect with some old faces.  I knew Sarah from Berkeley, but haven't seen her since we graduated.

MMM SoCal weather in January

Sarah reminded me how fun it was to hang out with straight people

I need to hang out with more of my straight friends.  I've added that to my to-do list.  I've also added Roller skate dancing:

One day you will see me out there dancing like these folks.

You know I'm not kidding.

Going Out With Work

Finally, my work has hired more people to help my campaign.  I was getting very frustrated being a three man band.  With a bigger team, I get invited out more! YAY.  The perks of my labor return.

January 13
Pub Crawl.  Conveniently along the street in front of my work place

January 20
Nic's Vodka Tasting
Russian coats, giant freezer, try different vodkas.  Did this with the old team, finally got to do it with the new team.
First dinner, when they brought out the gnochi I started to laugh uncontrollably.  WHY USE SUCH A LARGE PLATE FOR 5 PIECES!?!?! I don't get it.  The flame-n-yawn had cranberry sauce on it.. strange, but with a little salt it was delicious.

Freezer funnnn.  I forgot which ones I tried, but they were all delicious...except for banana vodka.

January 26
My field supervisor finally came to LA.  We have a tradition of going out Karaoke until 3AM.  

But first a limo ride, a meal at Michael Mina's XIV... AND THEN karaoke.

This is when I started getting chronic heart burn.  I'm going to blame the truffle mac and cheese and cod with hollandaise sauce.  Really Michale Mina?  The cucumber mint drink sort of brought down the acid, but the screaming into the mic in the early AM did not.

Clubbing Pics in January

Quick Clubbing Photos:

January 4: WeHo
Fancy seeing you here again honorable Evan

January 16
MJ's Dirty Pop on Sundays.. Open bar...trouble

Bottom Left: David always seems to be making VERY important texts when we go out.
Bottom Right: Ed is introducing photobombing... in the foreground.

Eric's 5 step guide to getting $50s worth of free drinks from the bar:

1. Go on stage
2. Take off your shirt
3. Take off your shoe and dance next to someone whose body does not compare to yours
4. Raise the roof with your grandpa boxers
5. Collect prize

Eric won the hottest body competition.  Woot!
When Eric threw his shoe to the audience, it flew into my face.  I basically got kicked in the face.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Above the Clouds

January 9
Alysia and I drove above the clouds to Snow Valley.  Our skis were jammed in her trunk with her backseat folded down.  Like a gym membership, I was convinced that I would use these skis enough to get the complete value.

The ski jacket that I scored during my thrift shopping madness came in handy.  This time I was wearing something that was waterproof.

Alysia's a pro.  She was excited to try out some humps.  Me, on the other hand, found myself eating it quite often.  The skis boats that I had purchased were too big for me and I couldn't carve correctly.  The blue squares proved to be a ridiculous challenge, but I was determined.

We make a cute ski couple. 

The view was the same when we left.  We drove down the mountain, through the clouds to arrive back home.

Need to go about 3 times more to get my money's worth!  But the snow keeps melting.  Next time I'm doubling my socks.  Missing Snow Bunnies again this year, but it's so difficult to get to Tahoe.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Runyon Canyon

January 8

Went to Runyon Canyon for a quick hike.  This trail is infamous for having a lot of shirtless hot guys, but all we saw were tourists and this youtube character.  Interestingly enough, he's a mirror twin.  His twin brother is the opposite of him, left handed, mole on opposite side, straight.  Sort of trippy, but I'm not a fan so I didn't ask for a picture, plus he looked busy trying to get a west hollywood body by jogging.

At the beginning of the trail was this station with food and water and a collection slot.  It was based on an honor system that I was pretty impressed by.

Thai Boat Noodle

I've added Thai Boat Noodles to my list of favorite foods.

Vietnamese - Pho
Japanese - Ramen & Udon
Korean - Chap Chae
Thai - Boat Noodles... but I'm sure there's a better name

Am I missing other noodle dishes?  If I had a choice between noodles and rice, noodles beats rice by far.  So far I've had Thai Boat Noodles in three different places in LA:

Sapp Cafe in Hollywood
Wat Dong Moon Lek in Silver Lake
At Wat Thai Temple during their Festivals

Flavors are amazing!  Put it on your todo list!

Beautiful People

January 6
Aram and his homegirl Caitlin came to visit me in LA for a hot second.

They visited on a weekday - the best time to visit.  If you really want to see LA, come on a weekday and I'll take you to good places... anyway.  I took him on a gay tour - fancy pants lounge Obar, cruise spot Fu Bar and finally everyone's favorite - The Abbey.

"Everyone is so beautiful Chris!"  I caught Aram in silent awe at how "attractive" his new surroundings were.  Aram lives in San Francisco, I guess he wasn't used to everyone so done up on a random Thursday.

Even this Jewish guy on a segway was cute.  "Don't step on my platform!"  he pleaded.  We could have accidentally sent him flying across the room.  Why he brought a segway into the Abbey, I am unsure, but it could have been a medicinal segway.

Caitlin left her boot at the house as thank you and they were off to San Diego the next day.  Quick love.

Monday, February 7, 2011

God, I Can't Stop Eating

Feeling a little chunky.  Time to go to the pool.

Tasty Garden -  Hong Kong food (1/5/2011)
Lamb Brisket, Brocoli with Mushroom, Shrimp with Egg and Chowfun
Why is everything so glossy?!

Starry Kitchen - Asian Fusion (1/6/11)
 The owner is fabulous his passion for the restaurant really shows and the dishes are pretty amazing.  Such the spunky Vietnamese ontra-manure

Garden Cafe - Hong Kong Style
Sooo aparently, Hong Kong style also includes Hong Kong interpretations of western foods like steak and spaghetti.. but yet again, everything is glossy! And corn.. Corn on everything.

Gaam Lounge (1/8/11)
We hit up one of K-town's night life hot spots.  I think this place experiences at least 3 gallons of vomit a night.  This is the setting one of the episodes of that reality show that's supposed to air some time.  The room was permeated with Korean machismo from the guys and mega sluttism from the girls.

These skewers were pretty amazing.  But I really don't understand how they manage valet here.  We were stuck for like half an hour, but at least our surrounding was interesting.  The Korean community took over the historic Chapman Market plaza. 

What's next?  San Gabriel Valley has a tons and tons of cheap food.  Must explore, must explore.  Luscious Dumplings, Jazz Cat Restaurant, Ko Hyang Tofu House nom nom nom. (There goes my cooking in more resolution)

Free for a Reason

For an entire week in the beginning of January, I managed to find Free things to do in LA... I soon discovered why they were free.

Holy F*CK - Free Stand Up Comedy
Once a month at the Downtown Independent Theatre is free stand up comedy.  I was beyond excited!  I made a facebook event and managed to gather a group of four to see it.  Oh god, out 10 comedians, 3 were good.. the rest made me cringe the whole time because it felt that they were asked one hour before to stand on stage in front of a microphone and be funny.  Most of them talked about how unemployed they were and how much their life sucked.

Wormhole Event
I didn't even know what it was, but it involved a lot of waiting and a lot of nothing.  This blogger agrees.  But but but.. it was posted in the LA Weekly.  Fail.

They recorded videos of us.. and then we watched our video self fall through a "worm hole" ... it wasn't even entertaining.  But thank goodness, it was next to the Moca where we saw some interesting exhibits.

But then again, it was hosted by the League of Imaginary Scientists.

Though not all free things were a fail.  I discovered a Jazz jam session in Chinatown.  Intimate live music.  This was the epitome of Hidden LA.  Of course on Wednesdays.  Someone had their birthday there and offered me cake!

I've discovered that LA is amazing on weekdays.  Weekends are just too crowded, too hectic.

I guess, we can sleep when we're dead.  Yes.

Crack Den

The day after New Years, Ern found 5 or 6 bodies in my room rotting.  We were all trying to heal from the night before.  It was a large group nap... sort of weird, sort of awesome.

Body sweat everywhere.  The lights were dim, Ern was mildly shocked and felt that he was a crack den.  He was somewhere else during the day.

These guys wouldn't go home, so they stayed and ate Ern's food.  We went around talking about our New Years resolutions.  Work out, love myself more.. I dont remember any interesting ones.

Mine was to cook more.

Interesting day.