Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Solstice Canyon

March 12:

Solstice Canyon offers a great hiking experience.  At the end is a waterfall and ruins of an old mansion.

Went with Phil, Jimmy and Tommy.  I was day dreaming about how close we were to the beach and what would happen if there was a Tsunami.  I've been watching too many disaster clips after the Tsunami hit Japan and giving myself a scare.

When Jimmy went to work one day, half asleep I said, "Have a good day Room2012."  Instead of Room2046, which is his online personality.  He wasn't too happy about it.  But seriously, I'm freaking out about what disasters are next.

Phi was very outdoors-y.  Jumping, climbing, posing and scaling rocks.

I'm not too sure what they are looking at, but it must be interesting.

The above photos were taken with Tommy's Panasonic GH1

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