Monday, April 4, 2011

Vasquez Photoshoot

March 5:

What do you do to help your artistic/creative boyfriend on his photoshoot advernture?

Hold the bags for their model of course. Brilliantly, I wore flip flops. I walked around barefoot to get more traction climbing the slippery Vasquez Rocks. Almost died a little.

Really though, if I can't be a good model for Jimmy's photo projects due to my lack of style (slash lack of attractiveness), I will hold the change of clothes. The model is our friend who actually works in fashion. Check out his spiky dress shoes below.

I was going for his hairstyle, before he told me it takes him at least 20 minutes every morning to get that perfect poof. Shoot, I'm out the door 15 minutes from when I wake up. Time to give up these hairdos fantasies.

I also took some production photos.

Anything for the boo.

I managed to sneak into a couple of shots. Call me a creeper, baby I was born this way.

Check out the post production photos HERE.

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