Tuesday, June 30, 2009

...OR WAT!?!?!?!

I can't stop laughing.
I'm looking for a dentist so that I can milk this temporary insurance that I have.

I found a Vietnamese office and told the woman that I needed to make an appointment and she said, "YOU HAV INSURANT OR WATT?!"

I responded, "hold on" and proceeded to laugh away from the phone.
"Yes, I have insurance"
"Pho Troi Oi Vietnamese Sandwich Number 2 Tila Tequila Communism?!?"
"Um... Thursday sounds great."

Aggressive San Jose Vietnamese people are hilarious.


I Got the Job. I'm moving to LA next week.

Monday, June 29, 2009

June Recap - Scattered

The weather was so nice last night, I put out a blanket and laid with my dog in my front yard eating otter pops.

Damien joined me and we chatted until I fell asleep. Breathe life, talk to friends. I'll blog about pride tomorrow.

The blankets were from my Truck when I went to the Drive In theatre with Smyr and Caitlin. We snuck Caitlin in. Smyr and I pretended we were going on a date to see Up. HAHA. Couldn't keep a straight face. And our asses were sore because the blankets weren't thick enough. Up... was okay. =X. So much hype.

Anhimals is good to me- Called me out for dinner. We have created a tradition: notes to the waiter on receipts. Last time, we wrote "we both agree that you have a great ass."

My grandpa found these sunglasses for me. Totally fits my face.

I had a productive Saturday with Michelle after getting good Com Tam in ghetto East San Jose. I love this picture. I heart Michelle.

I ran into Sabrina at the Third Eye Blind concert. She showed me her ghetto car stereo. I think it has charm. You like my outfit?

JV visited me and I took him to hill behind my house. The same hill that I got my first boy kiss, the same hill that I retreated to during my DUI fiasco. Same hill that Diana rolled down by accident because she was running too fast. I loved JV's q-tip hair.

I drove deep into Concord and went on a date with Jimmy. We got fat together. Fastest way to my heart is through the chest with a stake, but food would work too.

Last time I go to Motif on Wednesday. I like that we are all wearing V-necks. I tried on a deep v-neck from American Apparel and it made me look like I had C-cup titties, not pretty.

My cousin is pretty.


Friends and family... scattered.

Web Side Story:

LA Bound

I posted an Ad in Craigslist that I needed a ride to LA for an interview. This girl with a Colombian accent responded and I was on my way to LA, a terrible place.

She checked out as sane. I called her the day before and she was getting her car checked, though that didn't stop her from making abrupt lane changes, missing exits and almost rear ending someone and then giggling it off as if it were a cute fart in her driving.

She was going to LAX to pick up her family from Columbia, then driving up the 101 to give them a California tour. There were two other strangers with us. One girl who has lived in practically every state of the US going down to see her boyfriend. And a kid from Boston visiting his LA friends for the summer. He was 6'3 and he had to wear back support because he was sitting for too long.

Small talk was made, snacks were shared and we all arrived at our destination safely for 25 bucks. Heh heh.


The night before I ripped one of my contacts in half trying to take it out of my eye. In the morning I tried to put what was left of it back in, but it got lost in my eye for about 20 minutes. I did a twitter survey on if I should interview half blind or with glasses. The responses were overwhelming! I guess having glasses is better than accidentally winking at the director. Thanks everyone for making it clear that it was a no-DUH situation!

Interview went okay. They were young and vibrant, I was uncomfortable in my fitted suit while employees paraded around in flip flops and shorts. I could not help but feel that some of my answers weren't sufficient.


I feel like LA is SF, but stretched out and the tenderloin was cut into pieces and placed in random locations. There are pockets of culture to be found and patience to be had. 30 minutes to Fremont was an excursion to me, but if I were to move to LA 30 minutes to the grocery store is going to have to be a daily chore.

With the help of Tiffany and Michelle's new roommate, I found something that intrigues me. If I don't get this job in LA, it doesn't matter, I have direction. I feel like Media Planning is a great fit for me and I can stop flirting with the idea of going back to school or throwing out random vague efforts at "marketing."

I am moving forward!

I would like to take folks to these places in LA: Umami Burger and this Indian Mexican Street Food stuff for ONE Dolla!

After my interview, Sandy made the initiative to see me when I was content on just watching TV for the rest of my stay. We went to the LACMA.

Iron structure that has fallen on people.

Real tar pits! Fake elephants.

When you take Chinatown and make it into art!

A Thank You dinner for Tiffany for giving me a high recommendation and accommodating me. I have been eating Koreans nonstop! Tastes like war!


LAX = hot mess. EVERYONE's flights were in 20 minutes and EVERYONE was begging to cut in line. Unlike SFO, SJC and others.. LAX is NOT connected to the highway and it's a fucking bitch to get in/out. People are idiots- I was given the wrong boarding ticket. That dude is going to get SO fired. Look, I don't think people in LA are innately angry. I think LA makes them irate at the world.


If I move to LA, I'm gonna have to learn to drive well. I love walking to places and being surrounded by people. In LA, people are locked up in their cars cussing at traffic. But you gotta make sacrifices to get what you want. The returns will come!

Thank you everyone for supporting me on this interview. This is definitely a big deal and huge move out of this slump!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Gotta Feeling

This guy is so cute... it's ridiculous.


Jimmy makes me like guys with random moles and natural eyeliner. Or ManLiner.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Quest Crew

I met Quest Crew this Friday.
Ryan signed my Jacket!

I managed to get Aaron and I in a VIP sort of area by acting like I was good friends with them. Then I got pictures and ran off. Aaron managed to have a substantial conversation. I got shy... and awkward and I hate feeling so "starstruck," especially when they're just you're everyday guys.

Aaron was all Screamy and then he composed himself when he actually interacted with them; Very smooth. The flu really stripped me of energy... I didn't expect to have such an intimate one on one with them. 15 minutes later they were called to do a meet and greet in another area and a line formed and people got limited time! I should have actually utilized my access, but gosh I felt so weird.

As I was exiting the area this white girl introduces herself to me and I was like, "hi." Then she goes, "are you a part of Quest Crew?" OMG. LOL! I should have lied.

They're so nice and chill and their performance live was way better than on TV! Hot hot hot!

I hope I didn't give any of them the flu.

They were selling photos that you could get autographed. I regret not getting one for my little brother. GAH. I need to start thinking about others.


Man, if I didn't have this interview, I would grow my hair out like Ryan's again. And BTW, I loved Ryan before America's Dance Crew and when everyone was like... who?

Psh. I'm a real fan.

Friday, June 19, 2009

To Get Me Through This... Semi charmed Kind of Life.

Sports, Work, School, Sick, Vacation, Dates...

With such short notice, my friends were all sorely unavailable to go to Music in the Park with me.

I got particularly upset at a friend who WAS available, but simply had no interest in going. Keeping me company, trying to enjoy life outside the television was beyond his... vernacular. It was only until I asked again using the words, "I would really appreciate it if you kept me company" did he respond, "Okay, but only for an Hour." And maybe I am too critical of him, but he's one of those friends who I have never refused when a favor was asked. And the list of favors is comparable to Santa's US naughty list. I was hoping he would pretend to be interested in reality over reality tv for once and that just hanging out with me was enough to have a good time despite his "hectic tomorrow;" the reason behind his limited & hesitant friendship.

But I came in asking him with the premise that he would say no... it's a pattern.


Frustrated at repeated refusals and reminders that my friends were doing other things, I drove myself downtown to enjoy the Music of Third Eye Blind by myself. (Just because you don't have anyone to go with doesn't mean you should stay home!)

It was a free concert, thousands were there, beer was served. San Jose is thrilling, people who are bored need to look harder... or call me. I'll show you a good time.

I pushed myself through the crowd and found a spot where I could sing along to the lyrics, close my eyes and inhale the second hand weed that was blown into my face from 6 directions, and think about high school. I loved high school.

My friend from Middle school burned me a copy of their album and I loved it. "I wish you would step back from that ledge, my friend... " I knew a lot of the lyrics. I text that friend: "I'm at a Third Eye Blind concert... I wish you were here."

Behind me was a group of kids a little younger than me sitting on mats, drinking their 6 dollar beer and snacking on junk they brought while people's asses brushed the back of their heads trying to get a better view of the stage. This drunk guy knocked his way to me while carrying his girlfriend on his shoulders; exposing her thong. "It's okay honey! Concentrate on not falling!" The crowd behind her took pictures of her goods while supporting her.


After three songs, I was tired of pretending that I enjoyed being independent. I walked to the other end of the park where the crowd thinned and found a place to sit and think...

...and as if someone was listening to my thoughts, a friend from high school appeared out of no where. After a warm hug she introduced me to a friend: "This is Chris, he was my first kiss!" Oh yeah.. we were in a play together, she played my wife... I forgot that I had stolen her lips' innocence on stage.

We caught up, she told me epic stories that involved stalkers and exboyfriends. And I kept hugging her. We talked about old unmotivated high school math teachers who would just sleep in the back of class saying, "ask me if you have any questions." She told me.. they were OUR current age when they were our teachers. And it all began to make sense. Now I know what was going on in their minds as confused 20 something high school teachers. If its anything like mine, of course they were unfit to educate the "future of this country."

We shared a meal and exchanged smiles until my flu kicked in again and the sun was reach the other side of the world.

She invited me to go to Club Miami where you can find a lot of the Latin community. I can't wait to go and show off the dance moves that I learned during free salsa.

To be able to reconnect with her on that level made going by myself worth it.


I realize that being my bestfriend, my boyfriend, whatever, would be exhausting. I only expect an open mind, a willingness to explore life and cultures and try things that initially may seem disagreeable until it is realized that good company is the only thing that needs to be agreed on... I guess, that's a lot to ask for.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Would....

I would



I predicted that Craig from my abnormal psychology class was half Japanese half Filipino. I found it strange that he wasn't surprised that I had guessed correctly. I pointed to his mauled fingers, "chew your nails?" He nodded his head, "my ex used to too." He started to talk about Smash Brothers.

We wrote notes back and forth while the Professor talked about substance abuse.
"I need to pee." I've been drinking so much water to drown this sickness.
"What would happen if I squeezed your stomach?"

He fell asleep for 5 minutes until he woke himself up with a large twitch. "DORK" I wrote on his notes when I wanted to write, "CUTE." He smiled sheepishly and wiped the drool from the corners of his mouth.

Last month, he came into class wearing a Ringer T that said, "Find Your Way." There was a drawing of a wave around the words. I thought Chris was the only one that owned that shirt. Craig also did Track and Field.

Next week, in class, is probably the last time I'll see Craig. I'm not going to bother to ask for a number or write him a note telling him that I think he's adorable because my other 'predictions' that involve his character will probably be spot on if this freaky trend continues.

But it was nice to be entertained by his childish doodles for those 3 months of class.

Finding the Serenity Withinside

Thoughts on So You Think You Can Dance Season 5
-Lil' C uses big words, even though he doesn't know how to use half of them properly
-Shane Spark's Choreo got boring
-Mary Murphy is entertaining because she screams and is into it
-Tabitha and Napoleon are the best hip hop choreographers ever.
- I Love Phil

Lil C Quotes from Top 18 Judging

Good/Poetic Critiques
"A lack of confidence is the the heaviest anchor you can put on your creativity and your art"
"You're challenged to pick up their vernacular in a short period of time."
"you've been very thorough and you are modifying your manipulation of movement."

Critiques that involve the wrong use of words or make you go WTF?!
"But you have to find the serenity withinside the chaos so that you can settle in your movement so that you can hit everything cuz when you're rushing it, your moves aren't breathing. You're severing and you're cutting them so short. There's no clarity there."
"The choppy steps that you had going on were compensated for, by the serenity and authenticity of your emotion.. you have a specific posture that exudes a sense that.. you're not afraid to be vulnerable and when you dance from a place like that and you show, you unfurl yourself for everyone to see, no one can deny that."
"you have a dominant submission"
"... the epitome of recovery, you did not break character at all" WTF?!
"...she gives you these spacious parameters in which to play in... she makes you search for that hidden person on the inside to be able to deliver and portray the message and the character and everything....but on the stage, i see you kinda really try to submerge yourself in there..."
"Out da box with a bang"
"There's a certain divinity to your movement that makes it look a little too smooth and that subtle approach may be a hindERance to you."

He reminds me of Miss Teen South Carolina saying words, and hoping someone understands him. But some of it is poetic.

This is how I picture falling in love:


The mom is also entertaining. Hella Vietnamese. "DOOYO HAN DOOYO HAN!"
Thanks Joe.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dear Life...

... do you think it's funny that I came down with the flu one week before my first interview in 7 months?


Well fuck you. No migraine, body ache, cold sweat, diarrhea, chills, cough will keep me from charming the pants off this company.

I want it so bad.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Oh HI Dina.

It's your birthday. Let's go to Sauce in SF!

...where they are participating in Dine About Town!

This is a "Mac & Cheese"

I think they are confused...

Let's turn off the lights and have some cake.

And then, let's go to Bootie SF at DNA Lounge where it is gay friendly....

...actually, it's just gay.

Let's text our friends...

...where are you?

Let's dance with a bunch of shirtless guys...

...in their 40's. Sweaty sweaty man.

Let's take beautiful group pictures

...with friendly white people!

Let's get a little tipsy. "Wow Joe, you look a little more Asian than usual. And why are you wearing my shirt?

Why... is my mouth open?... It's because I'm screaming, "DONT STOP! BELIEVING!!!"

Did you have fun Dina?

Oh, yes you did... looks like everyone else did too.


Me: There are a lot of Yogurt places in Berkeley
Brian: Oh? People must be getting flexible!
Me: ....
Me:... is it good for your Joints?
Brian: ....
Michelle & Chris: .... (for 30 seconds)
Michelle: I'm sorry Brian, I don't get it... what are you talking about?
Brian: Yoga?

Sometimes, pretending you know what they are talking about doesn't work. Especially when you won't eventually get it.

Jim was my date:

I told Jim that it's important to impress my friends. Because my friends are important to me and have priority.

He was nervous and stressed, but he impressed me. Jim is "too legit, to quit." Legit enough not need a nickname anymore.

I think it means something when you're attracted to someone's features that they don't like themselves. He likes the gap between my front teeth. I like his scattered moles.

I also like how he speaks his mind. "I already wore this shirt in front of you, but I'm wearing it again." It's so honest. I love it.


"Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like." ~ Will Smith

Genuineness & Honesty is sexy and impressive.

Comes in Red, Comes Out Red

Last year, I was like: WTF is Korean food? BBQ? Tofu Soup.. whoop dee doo!

But thanks to numerous adventures, I have discovered the savory flavors that come form this Country that brought the gays Margaret Cho.

Jong Ga House in Oakland is wonderful for one reason: BIG PORTIONS!

My favorite Korean dish: Duk Bok Gee. Apparently it's street food. But street food is the best!
Over noodles it's La Bok Gee. You need to try this. ABSOLUTELY!

Did I mention the 20 complimentary refillable sides? Cah Cah CRAZY!
Time to check out some Soju bars. Who is with me?!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Images of your Past

There's just something about being fobby and adding a gay twang that's just overwhelming. Like nails on a chalkboard. "So Cue when you say such Thing?!?!" .... MY EARS!!!!!!!!!!


But in regard to what this guy is talking about, I had an assumption that there was no "material" of me floating around the web since... I don't do that.

Until an old friend goes, "Chris.. I have to show you something."
And... I almost died when he sent me this picture. I was such a stupid 19 year old and like the above video this image popped up again, thankfully it was censored. Because I was prude back then... and a tease apparently.

To my knowledge, there are no videos... they were "thrown away." *crosses fingers*

Be careful, I know it's fun but seriously, TRUST NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Except me, of course.)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Asian Poses

Sometimes I get bored of taking group pictures and just smiling and standing there.
Thanks to Asian Poses, I can now pretend I'm cute!  WOOT!

So much more interesting than, smiling throwing gang signs, or trying to fuck the camera with your sex appeal.  *yawn*

This is my submission with Jimmy :)  I hope it is posted on asianposes.com!

Guys can be "asian" too

NEW Asian Expression that I made up: The "I JUST FARTED."

Thursday, June 11, 2009

San Jose Hate.

I'm really pissed right now.

I was excited to find a girl partner to learn salsa with. Especially after being denied by friends who were more interested in watching television. You guys are so cool.

I was eager to dance with her as she responded to my messages about going to class. When I arrived, I didn't see her and texted her: "Where are you?" I decided to stick around. The class was once again male heavy and I was thankful that I found a friend.

15 minutes later she responded, "I'm at Music in the Park!" To this I responded, "Wait, are you coming?" I called her, she didn't pick up.

I gave her the benefit of the doubt and decided to wait 30 minutes for her to a. respond or b. show up. Nothing.

As I walked out the door and as others saw the disappointed look on my face, I received a text from her, "IDK, I'm with a friend."

Angered, I responded, "You should have told me that, I have been waiting for you. I'm going home. Thank you for showing interest."


I am unbelievably pissed right now. Do you know why?
Because: People complain about being bored about having nothing to do. When BAM there is shit to do EVERYWHERE if you FUCKING open your eyes.


And when I finally find someone who shared an interest, I WAS STOOD UP.


SO ill just be like the rest of you and watch people dance Salsa on So You Think You Can Dance instead of learning how to do it myself.

But you know what. I won't let this ruin my Salsa experience.

IF YOU Want to live life, learn something interesting, escape your computer, Please contact me. And if you stand me up, I will kick you in the balls OR punch you in the boobs. YOU FUCKER!

*end rant*

San Jose Love.

There ARE things to do in San Jose.


Andre Introduced me to an Aztec Dancing class that I will be attending every Tuesday. The best Cardio of my life. Drumming and quick footwork. Please join me.

My calves still burn and I was sweating bullets!


I found a soon-to-be glass art place. They teach you how to blow glass!! I wonder if they are hiring.


On Clubbing:

it's definitely boring and does nothing to enrich our lives. we need to climb some ladder to something that is more intellectually stimulating, something that foster good memories. I don't know what it is yet. I have no memories of tonight.
Yeah... I don't think I can do this forever.... but for now. BOOTIESF this Saturday!!!

Best Mash Up Party Ever. Come with?


Some San Jose gays have been chilling at the Crema Cafe, a gay friendly place downtown, on a Daily basis. I like it because it's routine and familiar. It feels good.


Generally Speaking

Sometimes when "you don't feel like it." You should look at how LAME you are and reconsider. I would like an open minded boyfriend who will go on adventures, eat different foods and experience all cultures. Please try it once before you shut it off as impossibility.

There are times when, I "just don't feel like it." But then I look at myself and say, "well what else what I be fucking doing?" I admire those who take hold of invitations and experience life despite hesitations, fears and uncertainty.... despite lacking a companion.

Your Independence is more attractive then a set of abs.