Sunday, November 6, 2016

Another Sunday Gaysian Conversation About Dating

Here I am at Stories Bookstore in Echo Park after Jimmy left me to see his family in the Inland empire as usual.  Sundays after breakfast are reserved for personal time.  I sat down at Stories' patio and immediately saw a familiar gaysian face.    What is this unrealized super hero power that I have that prevents me from doing things alone?  Thank you.

I chatted with my friend for 30 minutes about this guy that he has a "labelless" relationship with and how it torments him.   He started dumping on me and I enjoyed it. Tell me about your job, tell me about your home, tell me about your dating life.  Let my extrovert self absorb your energy and give me life.

I engaged and told him that sometimes suppressing it can make it worse.  Unfollowing, blocking... really forcing the guy to just disappear from your eyes and hopefully disappear from your mind isn't always helpful since your consciously doing it.  If we could control our thoughts and emotions, our lives would be much more productive.  So just let it happen... follow them back on social media because you're checking his page daily and just let reality kick in with time.  But this "relationship" with this guy has been going on for 5 years now... sounds like "getting over it" will prove to be more challenging.

He would randomly text my friend asking for book recommendations, sharing links... initiating conversation only to disappear.  My friend sighed, I understood the frustration.  These little games we play.  Could be fun, but eventually becomes a waste of time. Why do we do this to ourselves?

After our chat, he got up and told me he was going to go to the park to read and then rock climb.  I went on to facebook and added him to my "LA Reconnect" friend list.  It's nice to have local friends and that's something that I DO appreciate about Weho - the opportunity to casually run into people you know, but  you also run into people you know and are trying to avoid.


This morning I was at a Starbucks in Hollywood and I said out loud, "Ryan, can you review my script!?"  And Ryan whispers to me, "the guy next to you is actually reviewing a script print out."  I laughed.  I love Los Angeles.