Thursday, April 30, 2015

Eating Out April

Thai Lai - Lawndale - Banh Khot
Buff Wings - Glendale - Winggggs
Coco Ichibanya - Koreatown - Pasta Curry Katsu
Tatsu Ramen - Melrose - Naked Ramen + Egg
Nickel Diner - DTLA - One of the best biscuits and gravy ever!
Cugurt - Los Feliz - Spicy Feta Bowl with Gyro
N.A.O Ramen - Monterey Park - Ramen
Monzo - Little Tokyo - Build your own Toro roll


My hair was doing funky things in April.  :P

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sail the Twin Seas - 29th Birthday 2014

I never blogged by about 29th birthday last year which is a waste since so much went into it.  I decided to do a joint celebration with James and it took us a month to figure out what we were going to do.  The theme was golden:

It's quite brilliant.  Twin Seas... like twinsies.  Gemini.  Wow.  Above is the facebook event banner that James made.  Bless the graphic designer.  James also found the venue:  The Custom Hotel near LAX.  It had a neglected swimming pool and great rates especially since we were splitting it.

Nautical themed party supplies are actually quite difficult to find, but bless the Toy District in DTLA.  I was able to get fish nets, cute canvas giveaway bags (I should have taken a picture!), sea shells, napkins, balloons and signs.  Also, guests were more than willing to dress like they're going sailing.

We match!  James took care of our outfits.

Joe and Mony even showed up.  I was really happy there were there.

We had five cabanas to ourselves and I was able to set up a photobooth.  The lighting was hard, but Jimmy was able to figure it out with the reflector.  I was actually pretty shocked that people made use of the pool!

Some folks asked me if they could buy me a drink from the pool bar, but I told them that we were giving away about 72 drink tickets which include beer, wine and cocktails since it was ALSO HAPPY HOUR!  So they could just get me a shrimp plate instead!  LOL.  We really got a great deal.  James and I split the following package:

Happy Hour Stationed Appetizers
 (2) Fried calamari steaks with mae ploy sweet chili sauce
 (2) Rock and roll shrimp with shredded cocunut and chili sauce
 (4) Parmesan fries

Hosted Wine, Beer and Sangria Bar (72 Prepaid Drink Tickets)

Stationed Appetizers
 (20) Artichoke, olives, sun dried tomato salad on crostinis
 (20) Roasted fingerling potatoes stuffed with apple and bacon
 (20) Vegatable spring rolls, yuzu soy dipping sauce
 (30) Marinated beef kebabs with yogurt garlic sauce

Yes!  We took care of our friends.

The space by the pool across from the cabanas also provided a cool place to hang out.

Photobooth collage.

At night the place transformed

We all gathered around the fire.  Cindy took this one.  This #hiddenLA venue was all ours!

James' cake is on the left was a Baby Cakes Vegan Chocolate.  My cake is on the right: Ube Red Ribbon Cake with a huge Sail Boat smashed into it.  It reflects our personality.

Being the type A that I am, I grabbed 4 people to present the birthday cakes to me and James and we had to act surprised.  I remember giving a really bad birthday speech.

This year, for my 30th, I'm trying to plan something equally fun.  But the pressure is on; not because I'm turning 30, but because I want to throw an equally awesome event!  Thinking of sticking with the boat theme... but actually being on the water. Hmm!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Manbun // Top Knot

I'm at the point in my hair length where I would probably only need one month to get a good topknot.  But why? It looks ridiculous!

I stumbled on some pictures of my hair back in October when it was pretty long too.

I'm going to cut it off... but at least I tried to stay current.  Also, there's already an Asian in the office with baby pony tail.  There can only be one.

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Oh dear - they sell Man buns at H&M.  Well actually they are for women, but men can appreciate them too now.


89% extravert... oh dear.  Jimmy is INTP.... lol