Monday, August 29, 2011

Clubbing Pictures

I remember a while back, Ern and I chatted about folks who post pictures of themselves clubbing.  Criticizing about how it's not that interesting and it's just a shot of people getting trashed per usual.

But thinking about it again, those photos do the same thing any group photos do which is capture the moment and energy at the time.  The picture above taken at Mr.Black  on a June Tuesday reminds me of the fun I had that night - people watching, dancing, laughing.  Also, coming early for the free drinks and leaving early before the drama starts.  That's our policy.

A new chapter is beginning soon.  Ern is moving in with Erik, I'm moving in with Jimmy into Ern's loft space and we are looking for new appartment-mates to fill 321 by October 1st.

I'm excited to think of a theme for Ern's Goodbye party/2 Year House-iversary, but uber depressed that the guy who introduced me to LA in its best light is no longer going to be sharing the same space as me.  

A Tea for Every Need

Sa-Rang Tang (Lover's Tea) - Recommended for couples, potential couples or those looking

Hwa Sun Ji Tea & Coffee had a tea for every need.  Too much pubic hair? There's a tea.  Need a raise?  There's a tea.  Allergic to tea?  There's a tea for that too.

The tea came with these little treats.  We opted to sit in the traditional section which was a bit of a challenge for my western legs because sitting "indian" wasn't very comfortable.  I kept moving around as if I had a nightmare during midsleep.  There's Sam enjoying his tea like the old Chinese lady that he is.

How does that dessert look?  Want a closer look?

Yelp says this place is one $, but really it's $$.  Come on.  It's hot water with leaves.  But this voodoo tea must have been imported because suddenly I had a better sense of direction after having a cup of 6 dollar tea.

Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens

Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens is a "day retreat" where people can relax in nature without leaving LA.

When Jimmy told me there was a labyrinth, I pictured tall hedges and an opportunity to get lost in a maze.  The labyrinth is actually a hand-carved stone pathway that you can walk to clear your thoughts.  The idea is that you enter with a dilemma, walk the labyrinth to the center then walk out with a solution.

I got "lost" in my thoughts so to speak, but I don't remember exactly what I was thinking about.  There are warning signs reminding you to exit the labyrinth if you overheat.  I have a feeling people were reluctant to leave the path until they have resolved their issues and have fainted during hot summer days.

There is also a meditation garden which I found to be very lovely and lush.

Here we are acting "tranquil"
Boyband pic

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Los Angeles Blogs

After scouring CBS Los Angeles' Most Valuable Blogger Awards 2011 nominations, I found 3 awesome blogs that I want to investigate.

Plate by Plate 
There are tons of food blogs out there and the ones that attract me have posts to places that I would actually go to.  This blog did a review on Wicked Spoon in Las Vegas which is where we celebrated Ern's bday and Chego which has been on my to-do list.  Also, the pictures are amazing, it makes my mouth salivate just skimming through the blog.  The one downside is that there doesn't seem to be a category for Vietnamese food.  Get on that buddy.

White on Rice
This cute interracial couple posts some really good entries about travel and general life.  I'm most impressed with the pages and pages of Vietnamese recipes.  Vietnamese food has never looked better.  Can you see that I'm a little biased here?  I guess I'm looking to connect with bloggers.

"Eclectic things to do for $10."  Looking through LAWeekly Events and Yelp Events are overwhelming and tiring because of all the content.  Though those two sites is where we discovered the LA Pillow Fight, Musique Boutique and Masala Beat Club.  On a weekly basis LAaLALand posts a handful of interesting things to do Friday thru Sunday that don't involve much money.  I read a couple of options and realized that everything they listed is something that I would be down to do.  Some bloggers list things not so eclectic such as Spas, Sample Sales and Wine tasting... sorry I'm looking for lower middle class activities.

I was amused that a handful of nominations were MOM blogs like So You Think You Can Mom.  I guess CBS has an affinity towards moms.

Ugh, I'm so overwhelmed with all these blogs I want to catch up on.

Other blogs:
Eastsider LA is where I get my local news like - shootings, park renovations and missing pets in my neighborhood.

365 LA - her goal is to list something different to do in LA for each day of the year.  A lot of her posts involving hiking.

Should I venture to the 2010 blog nominations? MMM Maybe I should cook dinner instead.  Was thinking of making Black Metal Vegan Pad Thai:

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Homemade Lasagna

 Jimmy's friend Collin from Ohio prepared a midwest lasagna.

 We wanted to be healthy so we added eggplants!

I tricked my friends to help us cook.  We feed you.  You must help!

While it bakes, we play kings.  Just for kicks.


I Made Awkward Eye Contact with Regis Philbin

Headed to Bouchon Bistro in Beverly Hills for a work dinner.

I was a serious fatty that night having 6 courses (they gave us a bonus).  Each course came with a specific wine.

The extra course was a risotto, with a carbonated Parmesan foam with truffle shavings! Oh My.  Every dish was perfect, the wait staff was amazing.

After we left, I thought I would just look around for any celebrities.  I looked over at the first table and noticed how old the people were.  I took a closer look and there was Regis Philbin!  He looked like he was dying. So old.  I held my gaze and he caught me looking over locking eye contact.

I made awkward eye contact with Regis Philbin.  Hopefully this will help my luck because you know.. Regis is lucky.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jersey Shoresical

I only watched The Jersey Shore once in New York at Thwany's apartment when I visited him.  But that was all I needed to enjoy Jersey Shoresical: A Frickin' Rock Opera! when it played at my neighborhood hipster theater - The Bootleg Theater.  Though I thought this venue only housed standing space and a raised stage for bands to perform like The Independent in San Francisco.  I soon discovered that there was theater seating in the back that faced another stage that was ground level.

Cowritten by "Too Gay to Function" from Mean Girls!

The show was so entertaining! The music was brilliant and was narritated by three random sluts.  They condensed three seasons into one awesome musical.

The Ronnie Sammi love story was hilarious!  "I FUCKING LOVE YOU! I FUCKING HATE YOU!"
I think they are trying to go on tour!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lucha VaVoom!

Mexican wrestling has been on my to-do list!
Though the entire time I was like.  What am I watching??!? 

Lucha VaVOOM - The Home of Sexo Y Violencia

"Mexican Masked Wrestling + Burlesque + Comedy = Lucha VaVOOM It's good vs. evil, Lucha Libre exhibition-style matches."

This happens only thrice a year at The Mayan Theatre - a giant venue in downtown and I was lucky enough to finally catch it.  It was sold out with 2,000 spectators.

I always wondered why people were so interested in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and the fact is... it's entertaining.  But Lucha VaVoom throws in crazier costumes, little people and tittie tassels.  So many tassels.   I was also lucky enough to enjoy some homoerotic-ness.  It's only fair with every boobie was a man ass.

It was bromance to another level as two of the muscular wrestlers simulated 69, and kissed each other on the lips when the "won" the match.  There was also a pat on the ass to show sportsmanship... except the ass was exposed because his speedos were pulled down and it wasn't a pat but a long awkward grab.

The show also started off with a pony pogo stick striptease which blew my mind. The cowboy had like 5 thongs that he kept pulling off.

Caught one of the wrestlers during break
I also enjoyed the fact that everyone was into it.  A handful of folks dressed up and a cluster of people hung out by the bars pounding tequila.  Check out the mask I got.

I loved this performance.  Everything was a striptease!  Tittie tassels spun for 5 minutes!

 This guy has some mad hula hoop skills.  He came out dressed as a sun goddess, then stripped to expose his man chest and leather fetish all while spinning a hoop 'round his body.  BOO YAH.  It was mesmerizing.

This midget in a chicken costume jumped off a giant speaker into the audience right into the arms of security.  OMG. 

I had pretty good seats the whole night.  At first I was right against the ring in the back, but decided to  move because all I could see was ass.

Moved to the front and got real close and personal with the entertainers. I would come back fo sho'

Huffington Post described it as an unhinged circus with an increasingly rowdy crowd watching rudos (the "bad guy" wrestlers) take on the tecnicos (the "good" guys).

"Equal parts comedic jest and brilliantly choreographed feats of costumed athleticism." Well said. 

More Pics
Even More Pics
I pulled some of these pictures off their facebook page

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Slight Blog Layout Update

Inspired by Old Brand New, I cleaned up my blog so that it is easier to read.

I'm digging my new header.  The old one that I'm retiring was from 2006 - good golly molly.

I actually met the writer from Old Brand New from one of my house parties.  His blog really captures the spirit of vintage design and living.  His photography is quite impressive as well, check it out!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Murder Mystery

I have to hand it off to Groupon for informing me of interesting happenings in LA.  In addition to half off overpriced meals and tons of monthly Yoga class passes, Groupon also lists unique things such as a Mystery Murder Dinner.

The only thing I really knew about this event is that it is Stuff White People like, but I lowered my expectations and focused on the main part of the experience: DRESSING UP!

We adopted characters based on clue.  Tried to be colorful, but came up with more muted tones like olive and beige.  Jimmy put together some clue card profiles:

Yes... I was the whore... but I was looking for an opportunity to reuse my red and pink feather boa.  And here we go, back to the 1920s.  Last time I was in that decade, I went to a Rum bar, but this time it was all about a mystery.

When we got there EVERYONE was dressed up.  Well 85% of the attendees were and the folks that were stuck in the 2000's looked ridiculous.  Come on people, get into character!

The restaurant was in downtown and while we enjoyed a pretty good Italian dinner, we watched a mystery unfold.  Each table was assigned a character.  We were part of the Graves family - bootlegers and the rival mafia.

Steve did an amazing job as the mob boss, cracking jokes with the cast and staying in character.  We were given binders with motives and a mission.  Every table had a back story, motive and mission and it was their job to interrogate everyone to solve the mystery.

Between each course, the cast would reveal something new and we were given money to bribe other tables for more information.

At the end of the show, they gave out awards to folks who stayed in character, who were the most innovative and of course to the people who solved the mystery.  Our table was far from the answer.

I wish I got a picture of this cute group of flappers, but we managed to steal some good lighting photos outside.

It was me, Mr. Scarlet at 321 with a feather BOA!!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

A little More Indian in My Life

The two things that are on my life to-do list are Holi - Festival of Colors and Raas Garba.

Two very large Indian customs that I haven't participated in since I was in Berkeley, but long to relive.

Holi - Wet and colorful, music and celebration. Strangers touching, laugh... it's amazing. I have $26 worth of colored powder left over from this year's Holi fail.

Raas Garba (I could have title this wrong) - Sort of an Indian line dance done with rotating partners involving sticks. One wrong move, and you can accidentally bang your stick on their face.

Luckily I found a Bhangra night and managed to gathered friends willing to leave West Hollywood to experience something much more interesting.

I was impressed by the interest. J.lo does Salsa dancing and was all for this.

When we entered, I asked for a Mango Lassi Bomb because I thought I saw it on the flyer. I was mistaken. They only had regular drinks. At that point, I realized that I was fetish-sizing a culture... hmmm based on this photos... maybe not.

We were taught a couple of moves by this professional in traditional garb and off we went kicking and punching. I think I almost knocked some folks out. God, dancing like this was exhausting.

What was amazing was that everyone in the room was into it. Soon this drummer came out and added to the beats. Circles began to form as folks battled. People started to climb on each other's shoulders and hop around to the rhythms of traditional and modern Bhangra music which at times sounded a little like house, R&B and pop.

It was a tad homoerotic and Indian bros were showing each other up on dance moves.

Probably burned lots of a lot of calories that night, but it was worth it... Indian dreams come true... I need an Indian gay friend.

26th Birthday Tanktop Photoshoot

I've procrastinated on blogging about my birthday because I had 400 photos to sort through, but I think I selected the best.  Kevin offered his photo equipment to set up another photo-booth like for Sam's Hipster party!

Flamingos are in.

Probably one of the funniest moments of my life when Jimmy didn't realize his fly was down posing for the center picture. 

I'd like to introduce Beached Whale Couture

Boy these nets are hazardous... work that net you f*cking tuna.


Thanks Kevin for setting that up!