Monday, March 31, 2008


I made Tofu this expansive scrapbook dedicated to our senior year at Berkeley.

Sadly, I didn't have time to scan it in to make a copy for myself, after all, his senior year involved my senior year too.

Here's a page from a small scrapbook I've been putting off. Yeah, I'm not as creative as I thought, but I sill like it. If only there was more time during the day.
I really don't think I'm ready to grow up completely.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Family Mediator

My mom and dad got into a fight.

But they were very civil about it. My dad called me up and told me he went for a walk. My mom returned to the kitchen to cook for a party.

I gave my mom a kiss on the cheek and told her that she was a bit harsh on dad. She agreed, but went back to her cooking.

I hopped in my truck and found my dad walking around the neighborhood. I gestured for him to get into my car and he complied. I asked how he was doing and he explained to me why he was upset with out hesitation. I drove to Lucky's to pick up something for my mom while my dad vented. I explained that mom was just being prideful and that he shouldn't let it bother him.

Before I left my house later that day, my dad came into my room to give me a hug. "Thanks Christopher..."

Well of course.
My family is silly.

March Recap!

Well more like... what's been going on lately with pictures.
OO March was good. This weekend is a Disneyland trip with my high school friends.
Hehe. love it.

Today I had lunch with my friend since middle school.
We ate at Florentine off Blossom. Cute and delicious. :D She always makes me smile. I love catching up!

Sunday: We played ROCK BAND! I love singing MY SherONA!!! And hiked the foothills. Ironically, Zto had problems climbing the tree even though he was the tallest.

Saturday Night: We went to Matt's 30th birthday. I don't know about you, but that's OLD!
Look at the alcohol stash, apparently 30 year olds don't play with Pov Pov or Smyrnoff.

Aww! My old roommate Will!

Saturday Evening: Omogari Korean Food. The mystery has been solved. Korean food is actually very delicous. Especially the waiter, I mean the noodle dish.

Saturday DAY: MoAny bought Sprinkles Cupcake mix so we had a delcious easter baking session with smoothies.

Friday: March Dragon . God was punishing me by preventing my hair from looking good and having any game. sigh. There's my favorite waitress from Denny's. If you're ever at the Denny's on Blossom, request Rebecca, SHE IS AMAZING! And me and Huan in front of a GO GO Dancer. I felt bad for him because people were touching all of his bits.

March 17: Badmitton. I really sucked. But I stilled tried at the San Jose State gym. I wanted to take a team picture, but I forgot, damn.
March 15: Adventures in the Eastbay. Pictures to come!

March 12: Thai Food with Jen!

March 7-9: SoCal Trip with My Boiz!
March 1: CPK. I like this group picture.

Good Friday.... Bad Boy.

God was punishing us Gays for partying on Good Friday. I was such the bad Catholic. I had a burger when I was supposed be avoiding meat. Damn.

Last time we went to Dragon we prepartied with Kerns and Tripled Distilled Smyrnoff. Anyone could have told us that was a bad idea. We though the THICK juice would better coat the harsh poison. Haha, such fools we are. Zto suggested Jack and Coke, unfortunately, it was also a bad idea. With one sniff of the whiskey, Mony was sick to his stomach and decorated the school we were by.... After witnessing this, I also felt nauseous and let my sour burp follow through. I guess, I had too much too fast. God, was trying to put a stop on our homo madness on his holy Friday.

When we entered, I reached in my back pocket to get a mint. And... I dropped all the Mentos on the floor. They bounced out of the box like fishes escaping from a boat. Great. No mints. Apparently, God was really angry at me. Zto and MoAny declared it to be the worse dragon ever probably because it was the weekend before spring break. Oops.

I... was focused on my goal: find cute boy, dance. On the dance floor I let loose. Oh yeah. I realized that I feed off good dancers, like Huan. He makes me dance crazy. He kept saying that I was failing to excite him, I responded, GOOD. I was there to dance, not to... um.. excite people. Zto made me laugh when he said, oh, That's my phone in my pocket! Oh yeah! Dial those digits; as I was backing it up. Oh yeah 6.... 9... Oh yeah. Haha!

In the middle of the dance floor while in my carbonated whiskey state, I found him: cute boy. I told MoAny and he agreed. I was basically staring at him and he saw me... (how could you miss my lazer eye gaze?) As he passed me by; I poked him and shouted, "this ONE!!!" He ignored me and quickly scurried away. Damn it all. Of all things to say!? But I was given another chance later in the night. On the same dance floor I saw him and I made my way over to the window. I crossed my arms and played it cool. He came towards me, but poked his head out the window. I made conversation.

"Where you from?"
"Cool, are you in school?"
"Yeah, I go to University of Washington."

After this he walked away. Maybe he was turned off by my Whiskey breath, OH WHY did I have to drop all those Mentos on the floor!? BAH. I decided he wasn't interested and went on with my night. Buzzed.. Danced... Buzzed. Woot. I found MoAny and Zto waiting for me on the bench, it was early, but they wanted to go. I told them to wait a second.

I found the boy and approached him one last time. I stumbled between him and his friend. "Hey, I'm going home now... but I wanted to tell you that I think you're cute..." I smiled and quickly walked away before he can reject me further. But I held his hand for a second and he squeezed it good bye... we let go with our fingertips being the last to touch... and I headed home with my boiz.

Afterward, at 3 in the morning, I made my boiz take me to Denny's by my house to visit my favorite waitress, Rebecca. I was still very buzzed and very obnoxious. I was thrilled when I discovered she was there. I asked her if she got the note I left her. She said no and handed me a notepad. I wrote her a drunk letter while she served our food.

Dear Rebecca,
You are the best waitress in the world. I hope yu had fun in Vietnam, but don't go again for too long because we will miss you! You are Het Xay!

She read it and was really touched. I love Rebecca because shes sweet and has a cute Vietnamese accent and calls me honey and cuts my hair and does my nails... JK. I asked her what she was up too and she said she was in Vietnam visiting family and that she has her sister here in the states with her and she really wants to go back and is trying to save up.

After our meal, we took a picture and she told us that she had something in her car for us. I was excited! She came back all sneaky and and put a skinny cylinder shaped thing on the table. "Don't open it yet honey, they are already looking." She was referring to her coworkers. OMG! What is it?!?! I touched and it felt like a glass bong. OMG was it a glass bong?

We tipped her $10 and she was really thankful. "Too much!" I told her to keep it. She told me to print out the picture and bring it to her next time we come and I agreed. She gave all three of us warm hugs.

When we left I unwrapped the gift and it was a ceramic Vietanamese doll that she probably bought from Vietnam on her trip. :D Awww.. I love Rebecca... It was a good friday.

Random Thoughts
I'm wearing this underwear that has loose elastic bands and sometimes I pop out, if you know what I mean. I hate when that happens

Is it bad that when my coworker leaves the office I fart a little. One time, I farted... and then the CEO walked in... I was like.. shit, please don't stink. PLEASE DON'T STINK!
The angels were listening.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Yes! After months, my blog is no longer searchable by my name!

What does that mean? Well, it means I can write more freely, post nude pictures, etc. (JK).
But I'm still hesitant about talking about work. Sigh, but that's all my life has come to!! Work work work work. Blah.Blah.Blah. But I'm getting more comfortable with the job after 7 months. Let's just say, I have some big decisions to make.

Tonight is Dragon and I'm really excited. I have decided to buy a new shirt to wear to Dragon every time we go. I think that's fairly reasonable. Woot. Oh, there's a myspace angle camera phone picture of me in my new shirt from urban outfitters. lol. And more importantly, my hair is doing interesting things. AND AND I just ordered this book from Amazon called "The Best Dance Moves in the World... EVER!" It has diagrams of how do to these sweet moves like: the hustle, the hand jive, YMCA, pop and lock! It's great, maybe I'll video blog about it.

When I came home, my parents started talking about what a scary world it is out there. My mom's friend's son was beat up at a gas station last night for his wallet. Makes me knock on wood that much more. I was like... uh.. I'm going to SF tonight, my mom was like... were you not listening!?! expect she said it in her head cuz I can read her mind. I'll just be that more careful.

My goal tonight: dance with a cute boy. But don't bring him home, because I go home with my Boiz: Zto and MoAny. Uh HUH!

This is what I'm gonna do on the dance floor:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obsessed with Efficiency

On Wednesday during my 30 minutes lunch I returned a movie, mailed a book I sold of and got a Chinese Chicken Salad from Jack in the Box.. it was efficient with the help of my Visa card. I was very proud of myself.

I was at work until 9:15pm. Well actually, we had a guest and we fed him dinner. I realized that after six, I can no longer concentrate on work. While he was talking to the group I keep thinking about this video clip and smiling to myself . What's wrong with me? I'm a hot mess.

I only have four weekends every month and as a result, I have been obessing and concerning myself with having MES (max efficiency Saturdays) rather than PPS (poorly planned Saturdays.) Weekends have become VERY precious to me.

On Friday, I watched The Prestige with MoAny. I hate period pieces. I hate Christian Bale because he has duck lips. He is the worst Batman ever because all I can focus on was his lips.. his ducky duck lips.

On Saturday I was invited to an East Bay outing with Danster, but for some reason I was indecisive about going even though I already agreed. I think it was because I had many things on my mind: the SoCal Trip I'm going to take with Ignia, my brother's club garage sale and missing out on seeing Michelle the night before even though I had the opportunity. I was so moody.

But I decided that I didn't want to regret not going so I headed out for an awesome adventure.

The sky was full of brilliant clouds and Danster had a list of 5 things to check out. Burmese for lunch, east bay beach, Love at First Bite cupcakes, Healthy Yogurt and the Campanille. We didn't finish our desserts so I gave it to a bum who put his hands out and said, "food!" He was a high class bum because he waiting outside a fancy bakery to get fed. Also, Danster is a great photographer. He manages to take brilliant photos with a basic snap digital camera. I must get tips! We also managed to visit JV for his birthday, but it was a quicky because I was on someone else's schedule.

And my hair! Dude, what's going on here. Seriously.

I reflected for one second: I really hate driving. Enough that I almost miss opportunities to hang out with people I care about. I think this was one of the things Tofu had a problem with, because I would never extend a visit to Vallejo. And when he was in town, he was shocked that I was willing to drive all over the bay for him. He mentioned that it was a great change and recently I've been very good about it. I mean, nowadays, it's just worth that extra mile to see someone.

I guess, I forgot about that this weekend when I realized that I hate driving back and forth... because well.. it's not efficient and I've been obsessed with MES. But making a couple of mistakes is a nice reminder of how ridiculous I am... and really how much growing up I need to do.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Not Enough Gel in the World to Keep My Hair Down

I have been having trouble styling my hair in the morning. It's too long to wear up, so I just push it down, either to the side or in the center to make a roof over my large forehead. MoAny says I look like Milou (my dog) when I wear my hair down. I think my struggles with my hair styling is caused by some sort of inner turmoil that I am dealing with.

I'm trying different products, using different tactics, like showering at night, blow drying my hair in order to mold my hair to something acceptable; something that matches my shirt and tie. And when I'm finished, everything is in place except for a chunk of hair in the back of my head that stands straight up like Alfalfa from Little Rascals. And I look, ridiculous, like a mess. Like I don't know how to style my hair even after years of obsession.

The last two haircuts that I've gotten weren't really haircuts, but rather hair trims. I was scared of drastic change... especially since I thought I found a cut that matches something I saw in a magazine... but not at all because... it's mine. And because my hair grows fast I can no longer imitate at style that I'm proud of so I do the next best thing: copy something else.

And now when I look in in pictures, I see a big mess on my head that no gel can tame. I just want to shave it off so that I can feel clean. But really, do I want to buzz my hair so that my hair can no longer be an object of my identity (like my girl Christine) or do I want to buzz it because yesterday I saw a cute boy at LaVics with buzzed hair and I wanted to emulate his style and then add it to my hairchive?

But whatever I do, I know that the hair in the back of my head will always stand up, but not like Alfalfa from Little Rascals because he uses gel. My alfalfa is caused by a cluster of three cowlicks that rebel against any product that I use to re-identify myself.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Who Sings this Song!?

I made a playlist.

The description:
White girls that make you want to sip coffee, pet your dog and cuddle with a good book.... you lonely lonely loser.

It's a great contrast from my other playlist titled: Saucy Black Girls that Make You Wanna Dance!

Friday, March 14, 2008

So Cal Trip!

Long story short:
I missed my best friend Aaron's birthday for the past 5 years, to make up for it I agreed to check out the Shakespearean play he was in. (I know right). I told my boiz and there was only one things to do: ROAD TRIP.. HEY!?!! HAHA

Zto took the reigns and planned a weekend packed full of surprises (most of which was eating).
Peruvian Chinese Cuisine in LA, GamEboi LA, Abbey's LA, Korea Plaza LA (Kid Robot), Sticky Pictures in San Gabriel, Guppies (shaved ice), Sprinkles (cupcakes) Yogurt Land, Boomers (Go Carts and batting cages). Let's see how many we managed to do!

Jose Antonio: Peruvian Chinese Food
Oh there's Joe and Zto representing the collision of two different cultures!

It was actually very delicious. The place was mainly Peruvian. Joe was pleased to hear some authentic Peruvian music for once. Apparently he was tired of hear that Mexican junk on the Radio. The owner (?) was awesome. We all thought he was drunk. The waitress was this SASSY girl who we thought was her niece. Look at her being Sassy, you work it girl!

Adventures on the Road
We needed cash back, but there was only a drive through ATM, so we posed in a car. I also brought our puppets to keep us entertained. LOL.. In LA we spotted this place that says, "Catholic Girls Guide to Losing Your Virginity." Oh man

WeHo (West Hollywood)
After running errands and parking our asses in a hotel we stumbled into WeHo. What a fantastic place. At GamEboi, we started the night with some Washington Apples. They were 11 each. WOW, LA kids must all have income to dispose. The old man giving wrist bands caressed MoAny's back,"take care of the bartender...." He must have saw MoAny's fuck me face.

We met up with Sandy and she was already making friends at the bar. Sandy of course knew a better place: the Cantina. Half off drinks! Our second round of drinks: Margaritas and Surfer on Acid shots from this hip joint.

Abbey Food & Bar
We only had one night to explore this hip, clean, younger socal version of he castro. We headed to Abbey's and picked up some more friends!

Round Three: Tokyo Tea. Zto didn't finish his so MoAny finished it. Ooo, he regretted that one.
At Abbey's Joe pointed out these hot guys. Sandy of course went up t them and tried to talk to them. To her surprise they were Italian. Communication was a problem. I introduced myself and the hot guy said something like.... Esponyol. I threw my hands up and pushed our Peruvian friend into the tracks. Italian and Spanish are of course very different. After we all departed after being very awkward. Joe explained that they could understand each other's language but could not speak the other's. Strange. Aww no pictures of the hot guys.

We decided that we wanted to end the night with some dancing so we headed to GamEboi before it close at 1:30, 2am?? Ridiculous, I guess because it's 18+

GamEboi LA
The guy below in the vest was dancing, we approached him and shouted, "YOU LOOK familiar!" He had no clue what we were talking about, but we took a picture anyway.

We ended the night with a round 4: LC shots. That was the stupidest choice of my life.
I went to the restroom and this boy stopped me to say, "didn't you lifeguard in South San Jose?" I was like. "WHAT!??!? YES!!" He explained that he used to go there. I was amazed he spotted me and I've been trying to find him since. To my memory he goes to Riverside, graduating in 08... Name sounds like Neil?

I spent the rest of the night search for random SoCal friends. I found this one boy that I really wanted to dance with, but instead he nibbled on my ear and left with his friends. BAH.

WeHo Shut Down
The club shut down and we all recovered on the street. MoAny bought us roses from a vendor on the street and we found shelter at this pizza place. We probably bought a whole pizza's worth, but just bought individual slices because we were well.. very drunk.

The Morning After
We were supposed to wake up for a fun full day of LA, but we were all damaged. Somehow we managed to get back to the hotel. Zto cleaned up the pot that was next to my bed, he said there was enough inside to make dinner! Oh goodness.

With hangovers, Pho seemed to be the only solution. Problem: We weren't in West Minister or San Jose. We checked out this place called Planet Noodle in Westwood. Gosh, the name should have been the first clue. I saw on the menu Yakisoba and ordered it immediately because it's one of my favorite dishes. To my disappointment they brought chow mien. BLAST! The Pho was gross. Period.

We managed to inadvertently catch the premiere of Horton Hears a who. Apparently Joe saw Jim Carey, but didn't tell any of us because we were walking head of him. Bah. We got some desserts to cool our burning stomachs.

Venice Beach
Wow. If weren't so sore we were going to rent bikes, but instead we just walked around until we saw enough freaks to last us the rest of the trip.

Riverside: My Original Destination
There's me and Aaron. He's sporting a new do that puts mine to shame. The boiz rested at Aaron's place while I watched his play and went to his cast party. Before his show, my dinner was left over planet noodle Yakisoba. But I didn't have a fork. So I sat there using my fingers like a Berkeley bum. Oh what my life has become.

Did I mention that I hate period pieces? Well, Aaron was awesome so it was worth it! The cast party was fun. I played Rummicub with some kids and drive Aarons butt home.

Buffalo Wild Wings
This is Aaron's favorite Wild Wing place. The Boiz liked it and I stole a menu by stuffing it into my shirt because Zto liked the design. Gosh, some of the wings were extra spicy!

Sticky Pictures in San Gabriel
Even though we were on a tight schedule we knew that we had to do more on our list! So we had some sticky picture fun at this over priced place called Cue! LOL! YAY! Our puppets came in handy.

Dessert Celebration
Next door was an Asian Dessert place. Oooo Healthy fruits. NO not us.. the dish we ordered!

Drive Home
MoAny was constantly popping sour candy to help with his car sickness and we managed to have a quick drive back up. Through out the ride I would shout, "do you guys want to play a game?!" I was sorely ignored. Finally they gave in and we played Contact. And yes, they all loved it. Haha. Bastards.

-Thanks to Joe's Tomtom we managed to keep our detours to a minimum.. we just took the motorway!
-Drive to and from LA was not stressful
-We managed to enjoy each other's company with out over doing it.. awww

-We left our Peruvian Cookies in the Hotel fridge.
-We didn't make it to a lot of things on our list
-Saturday was miserable because we were all sick
-LA traffic sucks balls

Yay more trips to come! Gay Camping anyone?