Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Where did October GO!!?

I closed my eyes, and it was gone. Here's a recap!

Oh.. btw, I nodded off doing sit ups at 24 Hour fitness. I really should get myself checked!

Saturday, Oct.13: Missed Theatre Rice, but Partied Anyway!
Good times with good people.

Sunday, Oct. 14: Feed me and Dress me up!
I told my boys that I wanted to eat at a place that's a "hole in the wall" and bam! Yummy's Chinese food! AND the lady spoke Mandarin, English, French AND Spanish! Amazing! Afterward, Monyrith taught me how to dress. Yes, it's a long process.

Thrusday, Oct. 18: MOVE!
So Seyron persuaded me to go and I had a great time! Ready with my camera... and to my disappointment, I forgot the memory card! But everyone still in school was there! I had a lot of sober fun. $10 AMF? No thank you.

Friday, Oct. 19: Campus Movie Fest
I wish I made a movie at Cal. My creative juices need release! But no worries, I was preoccupied during that time. Don't waste time people! Afterward, I hung out with Smyr's Teacher friends. Good crowd. I forgot what it felt like to be a minority. Still had a good time and it's nice to visit Smyr when he has time.

My boys took me out to see the bay! From Davis to Half Moon Bay, we went everywhere! And between our adventures was a LOT of food! A lot of Mexican food!
1. Jelly Bean Factory!

2. UC Davis Adventure! What is there to do? Table Hockey at the MU! And stalk the cute boy at the counter!

3. Sonic's: I've seen so many commercials! Finally! I get to experience it! And afterward was yogurt. After being disappointed by Green Tea from Yogurt Park we went across the street and they gave us a free sample! OMG! It was huge!

4. Last stop- Katie's Party! We brought Washington Apples, Jager Bombs, Peach stuff, and expensive Vodka! Around 2AM the gays got a hold of the music. Kelly Clarkson and Britney started to play and we freaked each other. Katie's friends from her conservative home looked over in dismay. "OMG! What are they doing?! Someone make them stop!" And they were dead serious. I got awkward and started to dance with Miwa. Oops. Monyrith had just met Katie that night and was already playing bartendar and giving her lap dances! I love it. Can you find Katie in the last picture? :D :D

1. PHO to start off! I ordered "Pho Tai Vien." Which is Pho with Meat balls. When she brought it out.. it was "Pho Tai, Bo Rieng" which is put the meat separately OMG. My Vietnamese is THAT horrible.

2. Pumpkins in Half Moon Bay! That's right! My pumpkin's better than yours, it's orange and came from the yard!

Friday, Oct. 26: Dragon
Okay. Two shots of Jager to preparty. AMF. Washington Apple. Liquid Cocaine, 151 Bacardi Bomb in Hypnotic. I was out of control and I don't remember anything. I was dancing up on a guy and left him for a friend. I shouted in his ear: I'm LETOPHO... find me online. Apparently, I finally met Darnell, pecked John on the lips, and bruised Seyron. What I DO remember is throwing up in a bag after Denny's. I used the bag that held the red party cups so you Mony got the full of effect as the tube bag got fuller as if I was playing Wild n Crazy Kids on Nickelodeon. Geez. No camera= no evidence.

Saturday, Oct.27: Terry's Halloween Party
At Dragon, I asked Peter if there was anything going on. He invited me to Terry's party. I messaged Terry to tell him that I was coming. (I hate party crashers!) I was having a bad hair day, my costume was lame and I was sick. So I just sat and people watched. Heh.

Sunday, Oct. 28: Union City
To add to our adventures in the bay we watched a Saw 4 in Union City! Horrible movie. Afterward we had Hawaiian food and damn, they gave a lot. What else do you do with your Boys? GO TO TARGET!

Sunday, Oct. 28: Neil's Pumpkin Carving Event
There's something wrong with my camera/memory card. Surprise. Never buy refurbished. I lost about 60 pictures from this event. Among them were pictures of my boys and our finished pumpkins and Szeto's pumpkin molesting the other pumpkins. It was a great night! I felt like a kid. After carving, we admired our unique pieces in the dark for 15 minutes and then threw Halloween Parachute men off Neil's loft balcony!

Black Rim Glasses

I'm trying to go for a new look.
Not for one second.

They're all worn by interesting people... and sorry guys, 6 of these hotties are straight. Can you guess which?

Feel free to submit more to this entry! :D