Monday, July 25, 2011

Day to Day

Sorry for the blog blitz.  Trying to catch up on life.

Discovered the Brooklyn Bagel factory down the street from my house.  mMmm. I could really taste the freshness of the bagel getting it directly from this factory. Soft bread.

Across the parking lot is a 24 hour laundromat with free wifi... OMG heaven.

Jimmy and I are still doing our burger adventure.  We tried out Golden State near Melrose/Fairfax.

It was very good! And comfortable.  We went on Sunday where we were able to find easy parking and an empty table.  Going on Saturday would have been chaos.  You learn what to do... like party on weekdays, eat on Sundays and walk as much as possible.  To the point of those who love NYC... visiting NYC is different than living there.  Just like visiting LA is different than living it.  You're in a different mindset and focused on just living. I guess I shouldn't be so quick to knock NYC and I may fall in love with it like I did with Los Angeles.

...and yes, we're still cooking.  Jimmy said, "I need to adjust my lifestyle and not go out to new places so often."  I told him, that I probably had something to do with that.  My eating ADD!  In May, we cooked when we could - Fajitas and Lemon Chicken! 

Still working out and dancing at Sweaty Sundays at least once a month.  Watch Sean do a modified death drop at :40 seconds.  For some reason, the classes have been getting a little bit harder for me and Jimmy.  Dunno if the moves got complicated, or we just don't have the capacity to learn anymore.  Either way... the class gets us sweaty.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vietnamese Food - Amazing

Banh Khot @ Brodard in Westminster.  Thought people come to this restaurant for the Nem Nuong, the Banh Khot is also an amazing treat that's both amazing to look at and consume.  Banh Khot is pretty rare, so if I see it on the menu, I order it.

Banh Xeo @ Noodle Guy in Alhambra.  It's made from the same mixture as the Banh Khot, that's why they are both yellow.  I love eating this "vietnamese crepe" cambodian style in a bowl mixed together or viet style where you wrap it in large lettace leaves.  MMM

Pho @ Noodle Guy in Alhambra.  Pho!?  Duh, except this time it is with kobe beef.  Not on the menu and recommended by Johnathan Gold.  Order it and you'll feel a little elitist.  The broth was amazing and the meat was probably the most tender I've ever had from pho.  Probably from all that massaging.

Art in the Streets

This exhibit was supposed to be in Brooklyn, but they didn't have the funds.  So it got transferred to The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA!

 This Cosmic room makes me want to go to a glow in the dark party.  Added to the list!

You can probably figure out what the exhibit was about based on the title.  It was huge!
Check out Cshimala's Flickr for some good shots. 

Birthday at Barragans!

My vision for my birthday dinner was to go somewhere cheap so that my friends wouldn't have to stress about covering an expensive dinner.

Barragan's was perfect because it is jamming on Wednesday and the margarita pitches were only 12 bucks... too bad we got about 5 pitchers.  Oops!  Sorry about that!  It was supposed to be a cheap event!  The boo covered meeee awwwww... :]

It was a school night so folks bounced before it really got popping.  But I was happy to be able to get folks out on a random Wednesday.  Yay... 26 years old.  Mid twenties.....

This is Ern and me trying to be straight with our duck faces.

Booty LA - With Captions

I love that Phil wanted to do something different for his birthday.  I already posted the club pictures here, but there were more from my camera.

Phil never had a boutineer, so I popped another cherry using flowers I found in the street and ribbon/saftey pins I found in my room.  It was basically craft night for me.

Soju + Calpico

Walk to the club.... walk through the club

Everyone was getting a ride from Jimmy that night.

So Bad, it's good

Bay to Breakers - 2011

Bay to Breakers is becoming a tradition!

First, food:

Top Left: Eggs Benedict @ Tangerine
Top Right: Vanilla Gelato, Fried coconut flakes with caramelized banana @ Mony (amazing)
Bottom Left: Indian fiesta!!! (Discovered Samosa Chaat) @ Chaat Cafe
Bottom Right: The WORST nachos of my life. I am ashamed of you San Francisco @ Too Drunk in The Mission at a nasty ass Mexican food in desperation to remember

Second, party pictures:

Toad Hall.
Know the words to the song, make funny face.  Thanks Chuck for hosting.  Love Toad Hall.

CClockwise - Group Shot, Storm was drunk on the street of course, when Indonesia meets Cambodia and Duck face matching Stripes :P
I was skeptical when the moved VICE, my favorite night at BAR on Church (BOC) back to LIME.  No more ropes to swing on?  No more sweet bartenders?  Lime is tiny!  How are you gonna fit all those Filipinos and their rice cookers in there... to my surprise.  It was pretty spectacular.


It started off a frustrating morning when I was convinced the party started later... when we stepped into the streets, NO ONE WAS THERE! Unlike last year where the crowds were still walking passed 5 blocks from Mony's house.  "Yeah, you missed it," said some folks walking passed - they looked over it.  Jimmy and I hopped on a bus, the RIGHT bus.  And found the party at the Panhandle.  We missed the parade, but was in time to drinkkkkk.

Next year: start early and listen to the boyfriend.  We down all of our alcohol in one gulp to catch up.

Alcohol is restricted on the 100 Anniversary of B2B?!?! Are you kidding?  Drinking in the streets of SF is the main highlight!  But it was true!!

1 million people vs. 5 cops and sometimes the cops won.  If you were unlucky enough to walk passed a cop holding a beer can, they would grab it from you and pour it out.  Good thing I had a camelback.  But it was so pointless, their efforts didn't do anything but annoy people and create extensive mass of buzz kill moments. 

Though for 5 bucks, I bought some shady alcohol from someone's house who ran in, quickly filled her red cup and handed me the goods.  The thrill of it all gave me an extra buzz.  Thank you San Francisco.

Lots of good customs - shit ton of Angry birds, grapes and the cast of Pixar's UP.  That house is way too crafty.

Black Swan double dutch while drinking

Saxophone playing - Careless Whispers from SNL

Lots of green
Look who I found:

 That's right. DINA!  WOOHOOO.

Check out my outfit with Jimmy here.


"Why don't LA people hang out in parks?"  I noticed this when I was in SF/NY that people hang in parks.  In LA, the parks are only frequented by joggers and quinceaneras.
"Um.. it's because people go to the BEACH in LA... the beach is the park."

Everything made sense, like watching the ending of Sixth Sense.


We were smart this year.  Instead of being rushed to leave B2B in our ridiculous costumes the day of, we all took Monday off and left at our leisure.  Called Charles, told him to wake up and picked him up for some Oakland BBQ @ Everett and Jones Barbeque:

Last year's Bay to Breakers.  I sense a pattern - Castro, Oakland, Costumes, Food, don't see Ernesto that much.  Can't wait until 2012!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New York Trip Part II

I was just about done and pressed POST when Blogspot logged me out.  It's 12:44AM and I want to go to sleep with Jimmy, but I have to finish this.

- Tenement Museum
- More pizza
- Shake Shack
- Karaoke in KStreet (not K town, it's not big enough.)
- A couple more bars

 It was great to catch up with an old coworker and to stay with Carl.  Carl's OCD scared me a little, but it trained me to be a good guest especially since he worked from home.  He found floss on the floor, but I'm gonna stand by my story and say that it was his roommates. 

 Ended the trip at Central Park:

I would never live in New York

The entire time I was there I felt insignificant.  I was a tiny seed in the big apple that wouldn't be missed if I was picked off.  I did not make a difference as so many people and buildings around me meant more to the big picture.  No one there seemed like they were from there, they were all just visiting.  The amount of tourist seemed to have out numbered the locals.  Nothing is yours... I talk about hidden LA, but I don't think there's a Hidden New York because somebody already discovered it, wrote about it... and there are 100 others wanting to experience it as well.

It's a great city, yes, but I was homesick.  I missed my affordable house and clique of gaysians.  I think LA food is better (except Pizza and Venezuelan food.)  I haven't found anything comparable to Caracas' Arapas. 

New York, you're okay.

New York Trip

"Once you visit New York, you'd want to move there!"

Eh, not so much.  Thought I'd give New York another shot because last time I visited was during the winter.  Plus I had some Jet Blue credit.  Woo hoo.

I connected with blogger friend Will who stopped writing since he's completely adjusted and now focuses on being a queer who drinks beer.

But, he gave me a great tour of the gay bars that he favors in the East Village.

- The Boiler Room had a great vibe, good music, young crowd and large dance floor
- Eastern Bloc was a small non pretentious dive bar with funny stools with labels like "Bottom."  Mony knew I would like this
- Urge Lounge was your stereotype gay club with raunchy boys

He explained that gays love fixer uppers.  So they went to Chelsea and fixed it up now they are in the East Village fixing it up.

I made Alysia tag along even though she was tired, but it was a compromise since we went to Max Brenner to get amazing Hot White Chocolate that was as viscous as puddy and check out a the Strand book store.  (Yawn.)

Started the night with some Basta Pasta (Japanese Italian) and we ended the night with some fries at Pomme Frites.

The day after, we spent in Brooklyn.

stacked cars
We had some Yemen food, hung out at the Brooklyn Park and went to the Transit Museum where I learned about the subway.

I thought it would a good idea to see how it was like to be a bus driver in Manhattan:

We were very strategic with our trip.  Alysia put all the places that we wanted to visit on MyMaps by google and then found an app that synchronized it.  I brought along my charger where ever I went because I relied on my iPhone.

All Alysia wanted to do was eat sugary things and visit museums.  Which was a balance from what I wanted to do which is drink until I vomited in the streets and stumble in the subway.

DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) was one of my favorite places:

Found another bookstore called Powerhouse Arena where they had a student gallery.  I found this installment interesting - a section of the bin for the homeless.

We ate a lot of pizza.  I almost had one pizza a day while I was there.

- Artichoke Pizza
- Joe's Pizza
- Patzeria Perfect Pizza

All were very good. Nom nom nom nom nom.

Saw two Broadway shows: Avenue Q which involved puppet sex which I was not ready for and Catch Me if You Can the Musical which was... just like the movie, except with singing and dancing.  Lots of money disappeared.

That night, ended up at three random places and partied with a good friend from work and Carl who was hosting me:

- Happy Endings which was a trashy Asian American club in China town with an amazing DJ

- La Caverna which was a trashing Jersey Shore club that was cave themed with faux stalactites hanging from the ceiling

- Some other place...

Carl over here could NOT hide his dismay at these clubs.  "Where do YOU want to go," said Jeremy... Carl's face expressed what he was feeling about trashy clubbing. I barfed in the streets of Manhattan.  Goal achieved.

Was not able to enjoy my overpriced brunch at Essex because of how hung over I was.  Waitress gave me some advil which helped.  

Alysia found this amazing 2 hour walking tour called The Village Sample Tour which I highly recommend.

This guy quit his job, read up on New York and created this tour that he manages on his own.  He showed us the following:

- Where/How Oreo was invented
- History of the High Line
- Where the Titanic would have docked
- Carrie Bradshaw's house
- Meat Packing district
Fitting in
- Where Stonewall Riot happened
- Where one of the presidents was supposedly shot/died
- History of the Chelsea market

He was pretty much amazing

I was walking with Carl and he grabs my arm in hysteria.  "OMG GROSS!!!!!"  A rat had passed our path.  Mmm.. it was probably garbage day where all of New York's trash covers the sidewalks.

I revisited Brooklyn, but this time in Williamsburg which is the hipster part of town.  I concluded that this is where I'd want to live if I ever live in New York.  My brain was about to explode at how much irony was sunbathing at this one park.  I also visited the Sunday market.  Got a little lonely while I was there.

Saw Sherry Vine perform at Barracuda.  She does a lot of Poop humor.

Hello Blogspot.  
Thanks for only saving half my entry.  FUCK YOU.  To be continued.....