Thursday, March 6, 2008

I am a Strong Woman of Color!!

I've been keeping a skin journal and it's helped me understand my "unique skin."
I draw little diagrams and write down detailed explanations of my skin related activities; it's cute, really.

These are my conclusions after a month and a half:
-ProActiv helps, but it isn't the solution because I stopped using it for 4 weeks and haven't suffered.
-Hydroquinone, the active ingredient in almost ALL Scar fading products, does nothing.
-Sulfur Mask + Other products = Intense break out
-Falling asleep without washing face = fatal facial consequences
-I am required to use some form or RetinA at night
-Moisturizer helps a lot!
-I think I may have sensitive skin

You may say, why don't I just take pictures of my skin? Well, I do... I compare pictures from my monthly gay clubbing outings at Dragon because it's in the same lighting and same time of day. It's brilliant really. My skin's been improving slightly, but I'm still scared. What's going on? I still have that heart on my cheek and the marks are just piling up! Is there no solution!?!

June 07, November 07, December 07, February 08

I've talked to a handful of friends whose skin have impressed me and discovered that they all use St Ives Apricot scrub. Ironically, the cheapest shit possible is the most popular among my friends who exhibit pure skin perfection. I used that shit throughout college and it was a bit harsh on my skin, but maybe because I was scrubbing it as if I was pissed at the world. Plus they have a new gentle formula. Hmm

My mom has been getting on my case to try Eskinol. It's a Pilipino product that her friend recommends. According to my mom, I need to buy over the counter Clindamycin capsules, break them open and mix it with the Eskinol. I can find this at Lion Plaza. I'm like HELL NO. But my mom keeps mentioning it. Sigh. Every day I start my morning with Hot water... isn't that enough?!

Mony and I found this new product line at Walgreens called AMBI.
Mony bought this fading cream with little hesitation and I did some Internet research at home and found that it's skincare for Women of COLOR!!

Provides Women of African, Latin, and South Heritage scientifically proven solutions to meet their unique skincare needs... wait a minute... THEY MISSPELLED SKINCARE! Hmm.. maybe this isn't such a great idea.

Anyway. Maybe that's my problem! I've been going to Supercuts when I should be going to Forever Cut 2, I've been drinking coffee when I should be drinking tea! I've been using white people skin care when I should be using Women of Color Skin Care! OMG!!!

AMBI® recognizes that women of African, Latin and South Asian heritage often face unique skincare challenges in keeping their skin clear and even toned due to the melanin in their skin. Melanin is a natural substance that gives color or pigment to skin and gives skin its rich, beautiful tone. However, melanin also may make skin more vulnerable to marks and uneven tone. Therefore, it is important for women with rich skin tones to have products that have been designed specifically to keep their skin clear and even toned.

The answers: right in front of me. I am a strong woman of color and I need to use skin products that meet my woman of color needs! Finally, a product that understands my unique lifestyle! Man, I'm ready to feel all sorts of powerful!

Wish me luck! I'll tell you if my skin becomes as clear and even as Cleopatra!!


sandy said...
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mich said...

I stopped using St Ives Apricot Face Wash because my skin is too dry and it sort of is too harsh for my face too.

dannie said...

you shouldn't use any exfoliant on your skin if you have any break can provoke more break outs. and be gentle to your skin, remember to pat dry..not rub dry lol.

hope that women of color stuff work for you.