Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Off to Indonesia

Written on the plane:

I’ve prepared myself for large pockets of down time by bringing my work laptop on my Indonesia trip 2013!  Though I told my boss 7 month advanced, the LA office is scrambling because other folks will be missing at the same time. At points there will be an out of office that will link to another out office until the client is frustrated and cancel our relationship. Since I brought my work laptop, I can still help out and peak in on my 50 accounts.  But the main reason for bringing such an inconvenience is to catch up on blogging between flights.

I have a list of events that I want to blog, but noticed that a lot of events happened in 2012 – the opportunity is gone; the stories are stale - thankfully I can "publish" the entry appropriately on the date the event happened; like filing a document in the right spot.  Below is what I've added!

Exploring San Francisco
Ignia 2012 Christmas Party
Bay to Breakers Part 2
I was a bit frustrated with Jimmy – everything felt last minute to me.  The vacation day approval, the ticket purchase, the plan; I was getting antsy.  But everything is working out.  A shared google document has kept me organized and calm, but the document also revealed how insane I am.  There’s a tab of points of interest with star rankings based on my personal interest level.  There’s a to-bring list tab, finance tab and contact info tab.  I am not a lazy traveler.  I can’t be when it happens only once a year at such a high cost.
I am already thinking about next year:  Europe.  Visit my cousin in Switzerland?  Visit romantic points of interest.  That should be very expensive, but worth the adventure.

This is the plan for today:
Jakarta for 5 days – hang out with Jimmy’s family, check out malls and attend Jimmy’s brother’s wedding as a guest.
Bali for 5 days – Have eat pray love moments;  I have to admit that I actually don’t know what that means.  Enjoy one night at a beach side 5 star hotel, enjoy two nights near gay clubs in Seminyak and enjoy one night in the jungles by rice terraces in Ubud.  Hopefully I am awakened by the dew of the morning.

This is what we have to see:
Tanah Lot.  Monkey forrest. Lake Temple. Bali Joe. Rice Terrace

And the rest of the time will be spent in a pool.  Definitely different from our Asia trip last year where we squeezed in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Beijing.

16 Hours later
The first leg of the flight wasn’t too bad.  Though Jimmy and I sat separately, I was able to get a solid 8 hours of sleep with the help of ear plugs.  My neighbors with this disgusting man that kept me awake with his banshee-like snores… though at some points I thought he was dying because it looked like he was gasping for air… yes, he was dying as well as transforming into a zombie from Walking Dead.  His morning breath laced the air.  I ran the service bell twice and pleaded for ear plugs.  To my rescue, I serviced 13 hours which included 2 fair meals.

The Taipei airport was fun – the themed waiting rooms gave us something to look at and Jimmy suggested that I force myself to use the restroom because we don’t know what the situation will be like in Jakarta at his cousin’s condo.  We’re going to squeeze and I’ll be sleeping on the floor.  After feeling well rested on the previous flight, I felt like I could sleep any where, but using a squat toilet was another questions.

I spent hours researching squat toilets.  It just doesn't make sense; I imagine pooping the back pocket of my pants, I think about falling in my own soil because I did not properly train myself growing up.  Do you take off your pants… does everything get wet?  I know squat pooping is good for you, but I couldn't figure out the mechanics even after watching a handful of youtube videos.  We shall see.

Taipei airport had free wi-fi, I took a glimpse at my work email and became anxious.  Shit is quickly hitting
the fan.  My poor backup has no historic knowledge of my 50 accounts and his task seems impossible.  I’m worried that I will be coming back to a disaster.  But I can’t think of that, I’m on vacation.

Most of the trip is planned except for transportation in Bali and the last hotel which we’ve decided will be in Kuta.  Hopefully something between 20-30 with breakfast, but without bed bugs.  We can plan that later, I should learn to take relaxed vacations.

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