Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Asian Glow - Blacklight - Some Stories

I bought 4 blacklight tubes, 4 black light bulbs, body art, highlighters, Red Bull, Tonic water and enough glow sticks to a light a stadium for a Glow party this past Saturday.  I probably spent at least $250 on various things while raiding my office's party pantry, but it did not go unnoticed.  Work drains me of creativity and it's through these ridiculous parties where I open my house to 50+ gaysians for an evening that I find happiness.

Me buying party decorations and photobooth props is equivalent to people who invest a lot on the lastest fashion.  The fashion that I'm wearing was a giraffe T turned workout shirt with large holes on the size to sexify my look during the party.  "Lick Me Now"  was written on my back with a highlighter in tasteful font.

As I shopped for these things I wondered... will I ever grow out of this?  As I drove from Michaels to Walmart to the Thai Costco in DTLA I thought to myself, "what is my obsession?"  It wasn't until Andrew surprised me with a giant barrel that he found off craiglist that he painted in neon yellow for his "Radioactive Photobooth" that I felt like I wasn't crazy.
Folks didn't leave until 2:30AM when I turned on the lights and told them to get tacos.  The neighbors didn't complain because the music was soft which was fine since guests were too distracted by the glow to need music to lighten the awkwardness of house parties.

Below are my instagram photos.  I asked my friends to hashtag #321GLOW, but it was so dark.

Charles was our bartender.  The drinks glowed with Tonic water.

Here is Jason trying to Hula hoop.  More will be posted later.

There were party crashers who I promptly scolded.  I heard the murmurs of my friends, "Who are those people?"  I quickly investigated and in a drunken stupor I put my arms around the shoulders of two guys, "who do you know here??  well I'm the host, I live here, my name is Chris and usually when people enter my house they introduce themselves to me... I'll let that simmer."  My condescending voice echoed through the halls.  They quickly left after finishing the drinks that they had swiped from my kitchen.

I learned later that the friendliest one, the one guy in the group that was trying to interact with the party was dating my friend.  Oops.  I later paraded around the room declaring that "I don't invite white people to my parties."  The drunk me, is racist.  Regardless, folks agreed with me actions.  I learned that my friend once had things stolen by party crashers.  This group of six strangers were NOT in neon, were NOT talking to other people.. they were just awkward and in the corner which fueled my rage.

We usually make out with handles of alcohol, but not this time.  Only a case of beer and some wine was left.  The new faces that were invited drank everything.  There were points in the evening where I would put random liquids in the punch bowl only to find it gone within 10 minutes.

A sneak peak from Jimmy's camera. I asked folks to dress neon or in white so that people could mark each other with highlighters. Those lasers is are actually lines of yarn strung across the walls and help together with push pins.  I bought 6 packs of glow in the dark stars and butterflies.

And now we have a lot of glow things that we are thinking of selling as a party kit on Craigslist.  I'm almost certain that someone from USC will buy it.

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thisisnotwriting said...

This sounded like a really fun (and witty) theme party. The drunk me is also terribly racist, especially when I'm hosting.