Monday, June 10, 2013

Race LA

For those who skim Groupon or LivingSocial as a part of their daily routine probably stumbled upon a city race.  Perhaps?  Essentially a scavenger hunt set in specific location for a certain amount of money.  Is it worth it?  Yes!  Only with the deal though.  I would only pay $15 a person for this because you're given a piece of paper and rules.  And I learned that they recycle the clues!

 We decided to unify ourselves with a color!  Thankfully we were all available on the LAST day of the groupon deal.  Our city: Pasadena. RaceLA - here we go!  There were 50 groups!  And an intimidating veteran who did 4 races already!

We ran around solving clues, looking for hints on line and used our brains.  It was tricky!  It was fun!  People stopped to asked what we were doing.  I enjoyed watching Jlo and Charles argue.  We had to stay together, but we broke up the tasks.  We finished everything with only a few iffy answers.

We ran back and the staff was surprised, "that was fast!"

But soon we learned that getting the answer right was more valuable than beating the clock!  Questions included who many instruments in the windowsill or when was the first Library built.  Questions that made us learn more about the city and be observant of our surroundings.

13th place!  We cringed when we got about 3 questions wrong!  ARG!  We should have taken our time!   But it was great fun.  What they didn't have was photo challenges, which surprised me.  But anyone can act silly - actually finding information is difficult! Check that off the list!

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