Saturday, March 30, 2013

Opening Ceremony

We had our first party of 2013 in March.  It was a mess of a theme because we couldn't agree on anything, but also because there was a lot going on.

Bien was leaving for New York.  It was Sam’s birthday.  And it was the first party of the year.
I wanted “Thrift Shop.”  It felt appropriate, Macklemore’s song was just getting popular and nothing is more fun than stopping by a thrift store to find something ridiculous to wear.
Charles wanted  something more dress to impress.
Jimmy wanted Vogue Echo Park.  His vision was to recreate fashion photo shoots.
Sam wanted an internet meme party and he would dress up as Grumpy Cat.

So finally we came up with “Opening Ceremony” as a tribute to the new year and the high end clothing store on Melrose.  Encouraged people to dress their best and wear interesting things… and it was up to their interpretation.

We set up a black photobooth with all the props I've collected through out the years.  I also set up a good bye Bien photo album station.

I was pretty impressed with people’s creativity.  But as the theme suggests, it was all over the place.  Regardless – the party achieved its intention – reconnect with old friends and introduce new say good bye to one and wish another a happy birthday… sort of.  Sam disappeared before the cake came out.  

And it was fun, gays always have random things in their closet that they've been hoping to wear.

Afterwards?  Taco Zone.  Dab's tongue likes it!

I procrastinated on this entry because we took so many pictures... like gigs worth.

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