Saturday, June 22, 2013

Chinatown Summer Nights

Chinatown Summer Nights by KCRW is always fun.

But what made this occasion particularly great was that everyone we cared about was there and the crows were low.  It was easy to get food from food trucks and walk around.

Finally, an evening get together with everyone that doesn't involve Weho.

Above are my favorites from Cindy's Flickr.  I love her film pics!

I ordered a Frito Pie, which is Southern street food which involves meat and cheese mixed with Fritos.  Too over priced and I felt very guilty afterwards.

The confetti canons come from Chinatown.  David bought about $20 worth which gets you  a lot.  Everyone got a canon and we released it all at once.  We used the left over tubes to do Tinikling - Philippine folk dance.  It attacked some dancers.  LOL  So random and wonderful  Channeling college culture show dance skills.

There were so many dancers out.  What Sean represent!

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