Sunday, December 23, 2012

2012 Ignia Christmas Party

I usually blog about the annual Ignia Christmas party, but I can’t figure out why I skipped 2012’s.  Maybe because it was a little off.  I took advantage of my 20 hour flight to Indonesia to really catch up on blogging, but this is so irrelevant that I wish I could just insert it where it belongs:  December of last year!  But I can't go on life without entering this event!

We tried something different: celebrate in the morning instead of the evening, but we were left with awkward down time after breakfast, games and presents… what do you do before dinner?  And you also can’t get too drunk.  But lesson learned I supposed.  Also Diana was missing and since the group is small, you can really feel it.

Caitlin’s dad hosts an amazing Christmas breakfast.  We usually head over the day after our evening Christmas party, but why not reverse?  That’s how the rearrangement happened, but we enjoyed a constitutional around Caitlin’s lovely neighborhood.

The gift exchange is traditional – Secret Santa, White Elephant and usually presents from someone’s travel – Sandy present scarves from Thailand… I think… it’s been so long.  This year, I got gifts from Indonesia, something small, but should be mildly fun.

The games were fun  - Reverse Charades is always entertaining.  Though I can’t remember what we’re trying to act out… CPR?  Aladdin? 

The question on the table is keeping the party exclusive vs. inviting other people, but as we get older we want to include significant others.  In 2012 Caitlin brought her boyfriend – which she recently married according to facebook the other day.  And Sandy’s man is always a sport when it comes to these hangouts.  I wonder if they’re still together.  It’ll be a challenge to bring Jimmy since he has his own family obligations, and I hope Alysia brings her OKcupid Boyfriend this year!  Let’s expand the family!  

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