Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bay to Breakers 2013 - Part 2 (Monopoly, Pringles, Clockwork Orange)

I was obsessed with this idea - top hat, monocle, shirt with tail. I was thrilled to find all the pieces for a reasonable price at various stores.  I was on the hunt!  And among the three of us, we created different characters for ourselves.

The morning of we got ready.  I was already up fearing that we have already missed everything.  But we came at a great time.  Szeto does some reading on the BART way there.

Upon arrival, we found our friends.  Szeto made monocles out of goofy plastic costume glasses from the dollar store and ribbon.  Wish I thought of that!  I spent way to much on that accessory.  We had enough to spare and eyeliner to draw mustaches and our group expanded!  One of girls missed the memo and came as a monopoly piece.  NOOOO Monopoly GUY!  Not Pieces!  But it worked!

What I love the most is creativity!  Especially when folks did it in groups.  From left to right, top to bottom: Dominoes, Pink People, Patriotic, Otter Pops, Loofahs, Cereal, Pippi Longstocking, Green and muscular and a Mario/Carrot Pyramid.

The sheer randomness of Bay to Breakers is so entertaining!

What else is entertaining is the amount of dudes willing to parade almost naked around town.  The guy on the left is a mutual friend, surprise SPEEDO!  Guy in the middle was climbing statues and shouting obnoxiousities on his megaphone and guy on the right is about to participate in a dance battle.

More confetti canons next year, the police keeping us safe, the crowd and I'm motorboating!

Jimmy's favorite part was this found waffle stand.  He was in love.

We left earlier than previous years, but we were rewarded a spot at Michelle's favorite breakfast joint in Height and Ashbury!

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