Saturday, August 31, 2013

Am I Vegan Now? And Eating Out June

Above is my animal rights coworker's necklace.  I was really amused so I took a picture.  But she has the last laugh now as my gastro problems keep increasing with age.  Can I not be a self proclaimed foodie and enjoy a healthy life?

I went to the doctor yesterday because the cramps were killer.  My frequent visits to the restroom come with terrible pain and the release wasn't satisfying.  What is wrong with me?  My doctor confirmed that the Taco Bell adventure immediately after my return from Indonesia was not a good idea and that I should stay on liquids for 24 hours and then ease myself back into American processed food using the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast.)

I knew I was not myself when I was looking at vegan options of gelato.  OMG.

Not fun - when I finally was able to eat today, I had Vegetarian Japanese Curry... arguing that it was on a bed of rice.  I'm always cheating.   Thankfully I'm still okay!

I do feel skinnier, but man I need my intestines to strengthen, NOT weaken.  But I have my lactaid pills from Costco ready!

In the mean time this is what I ate in June:

Manila Sunset - This is the Filipino bibingka - cheesey, coconutty dessert.  It was better the first time, but definitely try it out!  I really crave Filipino food except maybe adobo and tocino.... drool
Chaya Downtown LA - This pheasant was a part of their Summer Happy Hour and it was good but so $$$$.  And no one was here!  This joint is definitely for the weekday business person
Good Girl Dinette - Amazing Chicken pot pie.  Not Vietnamese food!
Coco Laurent DTLA - Terrible, dont go here
Starling Diner in Long Beach - Very saucy... i love saucy
Beverly Chicken - Excited for Mediterranean Chicken, but it just didn't meet expectations!  Others disagree, but I would make the treck to Zankou for something better!
Starling Diner in Long Beach - Met up with my family here, this place is so cute
Ktown City Center Food Court - There's a hidden food court that's pretty good and cheap!   I ordered from Terikiss, but I recommend the bimbinbap from its neighbor
Korean Hotdog - Dealth, but no worries - the place is closed down.  That sweet roll tho
Office - I used left over condiments from our burger bar to make guac.  Success!!
Korean Hotdog - So this place is closed down, but this was a bulgogi dog!  YUM!
BCD Tofu - Fried Dumpling was pretty good!  Especially when you're buzzed
Beer Belly - Grilled Cheese.  This was amazing!!!  The best white food in Ktown!

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Argento Smith said...

When I had gastroenteritis I went vegetarian for a while... ate a lot of rice and drank a load of water all the time, helped me a deal and my weight stayed put not that it was too much of a worry. A vegetarian diet is good for you, vegan maybe too extreme... good luck!