Saturday, May 18, 2013

Neighborhoods of San Francisco Unexplored

San Francisco is small, but there are still plenty of pockets that I have not explored.  Jimmy and I spent an entire $4 on two Greyhound tickets that we booked 3 weeks in advanced from DTLA to SF’s Financial district.  The Greyhound station reviews are hilarious and true: no one knows what’s going on, everyone looks shady and you might die.  There is only person who was shouting orders, “take a seat, take a seat!”  She was rude, but she had to be to handle the chaos of the crowd.  The best part was when she said the same thing in Spanish with the same sass.  But we had a pleasant ride once we managed to get on the bus with Wifi and Outlets?  Best 4 dollars of our lives.

We arrived early in SF and found ourselves in Washington Square where we had a quaint breakfast with coffee and pastries.  This area is pretty cute!

Jimmy took me to Koit Tower which I’ve never seen before.  We were caught being tourists.

 The hike was steep, but it was a great view.

We were craving Vietnamese sandwiches.  Apparently  San Francisco has its own Little Saigon.  Lankershim… I recognized the street name.. this is where the Asian section of SF Gay pride is.  It made too much sense.  Though we had to walk to tenderloin to get there, it was worth it because we ran into my middle school friends!  They had some time so we had lunch together and they showed us Hayes Valley. 

Hayes Valley is right behind City Hall.  Who thought of going there!  There's a cute park and got ice cream.  My friends showed me this area that used to be a freeway entrance before the big earthquake.  The farm has been renamed Gezi Garden.

Jimmy couldn't help but look modelesque along the way.  Nom nom!

After our exploration Jimmy and I headed to Oakland to hang out with Chris and Eric and prepare for Bay to Breakers.

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