Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lucha VaVoom!

Mexican wrestling has been on my to-do list!
Though the entire time I was like.  What am I watching??!? 

Lucha VaVOOM - The Home of Sexo Y Violencia

"Mexican Masked Wrestling + Burlesque + Comedy = Lucha VaVOOM It's good vs. evil, Lucha Libre exhibition-style matches."

This happens only thrice a year at The Mayan Theatre - a giant venue in downtown and I was lucky enough to finally catch it.  It was sold out with 2,000 spectators.

I always wondered why people were so interested in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and the fact is... it's entertaining.  But Lucha VaVoom throws in crazier costumes, little people and tittie tassels.  So many tassels.   I was also lucky enough to enjoy some homoerotic-ness.  It's only fair with every boobie was a man ass.

It was bromance to another level as two of the muscular wrestlers simulated 69, and kissed each other on the lips when the "won" the match.  There was also a pat on the ass to show sportsmanship... except the ass was exposed because his speedos were pulled down and it wasn't a pat but a long awkward grab.

The show also started off with a pony pogo stick striptease which blew my mind. The cowboy had like 5 thongs that he kept pulling off.

Caught one of the wrestlers during break
I also enjoyed the fact that everyone was into it.  A handful of folks dressed up and a cluster of people hung out by the bars pounding tequila.  Check out the mask I got.

I loved this performance.  Everything was a striptease!  Tittie tassels spun for 5 minutes!

 This guy has some mad hula hoop skills.  He came out dressed as a sun goddess, then stripped to expose his man chest and leather fetish all while spinning a hoop 'round his body.  BOO YAH.  It was mesmerizing.

This midget in a chicken costume jumped off a giant speaker into the audience right into the arms of security.  OMG. 

I had pretty good seats the whole night.  At first I was right against the ring in the back, but decided to  move because all I could see was ass.

Moved to the front and got real close and personal with the entertainers. I would come back fo sho'

Huffington Post described it as an unhinged circus with an increasingly rowdy crowd watching rudos (the "bad guy" wrestlers) take on the tecnicos (the "good" guys).

"Equal parts comedic jest and brilliantly choreographed feats of costumed athleticism." Well said. 

More Pics
Even More Pics
I pulled some of these pictures off their facebook page

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