Monday, April 25, 2011

Musique Boutique

Browsing the LA Weekly Calendar, Jimmy stumble upon Musique Boutique, the first monthly night at a salon in Silverlake.

By day - a posh salon.
By night - a lounge with a bar, DJ and art gallery.

Looks like we have some residual hipsters leftover from our themed party.

We were doing laps around the venue as if it was our cat walk. Charles was visiting and led the way. Walk walk fashion baby.

And yes, they were doing haircuts, manicures and eyebrow threading. Tommy got a bit too buzzed and forgot that he got his eyebrows threaded. I'm quite unsure how you can forget this. Ern was able to check threading his eyebrows off his list (never going back he says). As for me.. bushy all the way except for the center baby.

What did they do with all the salon equipment? Push it to the side!

Right when we left, Tommy got hit on AGAIN. No phone number, the dude merely said, "I'm sure I'll see you again..." Well Daym Tommy. Dayyyym

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