Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sometimes You Just Need to Leave

I took the bus home after clubbing because I was over it.

Assured my friends I would get home safe and found a route.  It was 1:30AM.  I reeked of open bar.

I talked to this kid that was sitting on the bench in a neon polo.  He just got off work from Yogurtland and was heading home to Van Nuys.  He told me it takes him three hours every time.

"Why don't you work closer to home?"
"Because there's no corporate."

I assumed he was a shift lead.  I asked him if he was in school and said nope, just work.  I looked in my wallet and only had a 5 dollar bill.

"you can run to CVS to get cash." he suggested.  I ran across the street, it was closed. I sat by down.

"Can I pay for both of us, do you have two dollars?" I asked him.  He handed me two dollars.  When we got on the bus, he used a tap card to pay for his fare.  He had voluntarily given me two dollars when he was already going to pay for himself.

I felt bad.  I planned to give him my other 5 to pay him back, but he had gotten off before I could offer it.

Each stop was a count down to home.  I didn't have keys, but I had rock and threw it at the window. 

I was let back into the house like a pet dog.


Gauss Jordan said...

Yeah, I've had nights like that before. This is why I almost always drive when I go out with friends, just so I have an escape route.

Gauss Jordan said...

Incidentally, I discovered a novel way to break into my house using a screwdriver and about 30 seconds of time. I've had to use that method twice now to get in.